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  1. I just recently installed AICP on my Pro1 and, in another thread, I was asked how I went about getting root and Safetynet working, including Google Pay working. It was pretty straight-forward really, but I had to dig around a bit to figure it out. Here are the exact steps, as best I recollect them. This may not be the best or only way, but it worked for me. And thanks to a number of developers/contributors and forum posts which I consulted while figuring out this process. - Wipe phone, fastboot flash Lineage recovery, then adb sideload AICP and NikGapps ZIPs. Checked phone boots into Andr
  2. Hello, How do I obtain root permissions on my Fxtec Pro1, using only stock OS and no custom recovery? I saw the "Got my Pro1, any ideas on root access?" thread already. It doesn't help me because I don't want to flash anything with fastboot until I have backups of my stock recovery and stock android image. Getting those backups seems to require root access: https://android.stackexchange.com/a/220324 https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/how-do-i-backup-my-stock-recovery.2798853/post-53770286 In the aforementioned thread, `Linkandzelda` seemed to have similar end-goals to
  3. A few days ago, I flashed a patched boot image to boot_a. I used the image from here and patched it with the Magisk app. It worked wonderfully, I had root and the phone would pass safety net checks. After flashing the patched boot image, I backed up boot_b. Today I got the OTA notification and switched to slot b using fastboot --set-active=b and then rebooted and tried installing the OTA, I got the following error message: Install fail Reason: 20 Magisk is not active on slot b, so why can't I install the update?
  4. Are we able to choose the root password for our phones, for the default installation you provide? In my case, I want to install something like sudo and then remove root password just like I do in my PC.
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