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Found 2 results

  1. You got Magisk installed? Awesome! But wait, there is more! 🙂 This thread is meant for the exchange of everyone's experience with Riru and Xposed modules running with EdXposed. The installation is pretty simple: 1) In Magisk, install "Riru - Core", reboot, 2) install "Riru - EdXposed" (SandHook), reboot, 3) install "EdXposed Manager" (github.com/ElderDrivers/EdXposedManager/releases). Once everything is set up, install Xposed modules like crazy ... and prepare yourself for a hell of crashes and boot halts 🥰. Since we do not have TWRP with data decryption yet, you have to be prepared for those boot halts. Therefore, install only one Xposed module at a time, reboot and check if everything is working. If Android does not boot, you can fix your phone using two methods: Recovering from a boot halt - Method 1 The most obvious way to get around a boot hang is to 1) flash the original boot.img, 2) boot into the UI and uninstall the Xposed module causing the boot halt, and 3) flash "magisk_patched.img" and re-install Magisk from within the Magisk Manager ("Direct install"). SU might stop working if you forget to re-install Magisk (not the Magisk Manager). The only possible downside is that Magisk and Xposed modules, like XPrivacyLUA, will be inactive during step 2). However, potential privacy/usability issues are less painful than not being able too boot up Android 😁. Recovering from a boot halt - Method 2 If you do not want to disable Magisk and Xposed, flashing the "magisk_patched.img" may make Android boot into the UI ... and give you 10 to 20 seconds before crashing. As a precaution, before you install Xposed modules, 1) remove PIN/password log-on and 2) place a shortcut to the EdXposed Manager and Magisk Manager onto a convenient spot on your desktop. For both managers, you can place a link directly to the Modules tab (at least with Nova launcher). If things go well, you have 10 to 20 seconds to open the EdXposed Manager and disable the module causing the boot process to fail. If the boot process gets stuck again, even though you flashed "magisk_patched.img", you might succeed by flashing the "magisk_patched.img" several times before rebooting. Even removing the SIM or SD-card may make Android boot up. If/when you succeed to disable the Xposed module that blocks the boot process, you have to re-install Magisk from within the Magisk Manager ("Direct install"). Otherwise, SU might stop working for you. Here are Xposed modules that prevent your Pro1 from booting into Pie: MyAndroidToolsXposed (surely) DisableFlagSecure (probably) Screenshot Delay Remover - Mod (probably) Working fine are: GravityBox XPrivacyLUA AFWall+ Scoop App Locale 2 InstallerOpt (doesn't crash but doesn't seem to work either) FakeGApps
  2. A few days ago, I flashed a patched boot image to boot_a. I used the image from here and patched it with the Magisk app. It worked wonderfully, I had root and the phone would pass safety net checks. After flashing the patched boot image, I backed up boot_b. Today I got the OTA notification and switched to slot b using fastboot --set-active=b and then rebooted and tried installing the OTA, I got the following error message: Install fail Reason: 20 Magisk is not active on slot b, so why can't I install the update?
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