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  1. Distortions is probably the wrong word. Better words are crackling noise or interference. I never asked the person on the other end of the call about the call quality, since I only make "ordinary" phone calls to/with people i don't know . The interference can be so disturbing that I barely understand the other person, but since they never complained, I guess they don't hear it. I know this kind of interference from audio amplifiers and am sure this is what happens in the Pro1. It is only audible on the Pro1 loudspeaker. Lowering the volume is not possible unfortunately because the ca
  2. Well, one argument I get to hear way too often is "Too many options/settings confuse most users!". It might be as simple as that. In addition, even settings that exist and work on LOS or AOSP might not be easily accessible because it would be too much work to add them to the settings UI (for just a few power users). Having said that, I don't know why the AICP does not add all these settings to LOS and maybe hide them in an "advanced" tab. Apparently, AICP also contains additional software, not just easy access to settings through the UI.
  3. AICP has an impressive list of features: https://github.com/AICP/vendor_aicp/blob/q10.0/docs/features.md It looks like they implemented features from GravityBox and other customisation apps and Xposed modules. @tdm Will AICP be maintained like LOS, or is there a chance development for AICP will stop sometime in the future? I don't have a clue about how much work is involved in maintaining two or three Android varieties instead of just one.
  4. Yes, the handsfree mode could be fixed in software by using the other (upper) speaker. When I have my Pro1 lying on a surface, or when my finger is close to the bottom of the phone, where the loudspeaker and microphone are, then people hear an echo. I am afraid that the distortions when doing a "normal" phone call (not a Wi-Fi call) cannot be fixed. These distortions seem to be the modem signals getting picked up by the audio amplifier for the upper loudspeaker.
  5. Yes, she confirmed that she had Android 9 on her phone when she bought it. I am very interested in 17.1, but rather wait for a few days/weeks for a stable release. Without TWRP, experiments seem dangerous 😁 Wow, it is incredible to see how well you care for our beloved Pro1. Thank you (and Nolen)! 😊
  6. Wow, that would be highly appreciated! Would it break stuff for other applications? Open source generally sounds like the better way to go 🙂 My sister just told me that her phone doesn't get hot any more from a video call. Good for her ... bad for us? Anyways, she owns a Xiaomi Note 10 Pro running MIUI 12.0.1. She bought it half a year ago and complained aboit it getting hot during video calls. But she doesn't know what Android/MIUI she had on her phone initially.
  7. Ever since I switched to LOS, Signal video calls heat up my Pro1 like crazy. "Crazy" as in it hits 50 deg.C and starts thermal throttling. I don't think that it is a specific LOS issue, as my sister experiences the same heat issue on her Xiaomi. The only suspicious thing I found in my logcat are thousands of these: I mm-camera: <STATS_AEC >< INFO> 1983: aec_port_send_aec_update: output_index(1): sg:15.712061, et:0.033335, iso:1571, lc:2531 E QCamera : <HAL><ERROR> handleMetadataWithLock: 4288: result.num_output_buffers:1 E QCamera : <HAL><ERROR> orc
  8. WaveUp is behaving strangely on the Pro1. On the Moto Z Play, "waving" is registered and the screen is switched on immediately. On the Pro1, the reaction depends on the distance to the sensor. Waving my finger 1-2 cm above the sensor, the screen switches on ... eventually. There is a delay of 1-3 seconds. However, when a wave my finger just 1 mm above the sensor, nothing happens. I replicated the experiment with a piece of paper, to exclude that the touchscreen is interfering. Again, when I wave the piece of paper too close to the sensor, the screen won't turn on.
  9. Haha, I just had the opposite problem with the screen not turning on quickly enough. At the end of my previous post, I estimated the screen timeout to be 2-3s. I made a call (with "Simple Mobile Tools Dialer") and was greeted by a calling machine that expected me to press some numbers on the dial pad. In one instance I failed to make an input in time, because the screen stayed off indefinitely. Otherwise, it took between 3-5s for the screen to switch on and allow me to press a number on the dial pad. No idea if this was caused by the dialler app I use, or if it is a general problem. Do ot
  10. Since i got my Pro1, the proximity sensor (light sensor) is one of my biggest sources of irritation. Both on the original Android and on LOS, it prevents me from making phone calls without inadvertently hanging up or changing the screen brightness. The proximity sensor does not always register my ear pressed to the loudspeaker, the screen switches on, and the touchscreen registers touches from my earlobe and cheek. This happens with the phone app as well as with the Signal messenger, but it might be worse with Signal. With the app DevCheck, I found that the proximity sensor (TXC PA22A) on
  11. Too bad, I really despise the way Google slowly turns Android into iOS @tdm Is vold prone to (frequent) important changes? I am thinking of compiling vold with a modified PublicVolume.cpp and replacing the binary with a Magisk module (like vold-posix).and Also: Thank you very much for providing LOS. The ROM works better than the original Pro1 Android
  12. Sorry for the late reply. Many apps do use the Android way to gain write access to a certain folder on the external SD-card through the documents UI. But there are still some apps that have their own file browser or where you type in a specific path. These apps get write access denied by Android. ScummVM is one of those apps, if you want to see for yourselves. My reasoning for having direct write access to the external SD-card is that apps that have not been updated to the newest Android API, and that might never get an update because they have been abandoned, will never be able to write
  13. @tdm Would you be interested in enabling write access to the external SD-card? Apparently this can be done easily by editing PublicVolume.cpp: https://www.reddit.com/r/LineageOS/comments/gr8ubl/how_about_patching_in_sdcard_write_access/ There are quite a few apps for power-users that would benefit greatly from write access.
  14. Is you lens clean? Also under the lens protector? I have condensation fogging the lens from carrying the phone in the pocket of my trousers :-( I will remove the lens protection when I find the time, and see what can be done against moisture. The Pro1 is my first phone that has trouble with moisture getting into the camera compartment ...
  15. For me it was the complete opposite. My phone was working well with my fibre router and WiFi from a second Android phone used as a hotspot. Some days ago I got mobile broadband installed and therefore I got a new router. The new router is just another common Zyxel device. And it made my phone reboot so fast, it was difficult to disable WiFi quickly enough to prevent further reboots. Well, well ... I finally made the transition to LineageOS. F(x)tec really blew it with their craptacular flavour of Android 😡
  16. You might want to investigate 3rd party camera apps first I cannot recommend any, since I rarely record video and the issue is not urgent to me. But others in the forum surely can help you with suggestions
  17. Oh my, the battery temperature should never ever reach 50°C. Actually, you want the battery to stay far away from 50°C, if you want it to last for a while. I always put my phones on a metal surface for cooling, when charging the battery. The fridge might be a little too cold though. If the battery itself drops below 5°C, you risk an internal short while charging. When a safety protection kicks in from charging the battery, regardless of the current capacity, something is wrong. Either the charging circuit was designed by someone who doesn't know anything about lithium batteries, or t
  18. Here's my list of essential apps: X-plore File Manager (a desktop-like file explorer with two panes, root, versatile file viewer and archiver, ... the app is so good, I donated a few bucks ), Automate by LlamaLab (the better Tasker with graphical flowchart editor), all of the Simple Mobile Tools, AFWall+, MAT or My Android Tools (to analyse and deactivate other app's activities, receivers, services and file providers), XPrivacyLua Pro (working well with Riru Core and Riru EdXposed), aCalender+ (awesome calendar widget), Nova Launcher (Folders on the desktop and the drawer are synchronised
  19. Add another $200 for not being Google and getting a huge discount for selling millions of devices
  20. Am I guessing correctly when I point to noise reduction? Some days ago I recorded a video on a construction site. The noise reduction converted most of the "background noise" to silence. Sometimes it "failed" and actually recorded sound as well. The result was a video that barely had audible sound, even at high volume, and intermittent bursts of eardrum piercing noise. The snapdragon camera is the worst camera app I have seen in my life
  21. Here is my dog, Magne, the son of Tor and Jernsaksa (Thor and Iron Dagger) 🥰 And yes, he is as fierce a worrier as his name suggests. The only thing that frightens him is his own shadow.
  22. There are a lot of interesting files in /sys/class/power_supply/, which either show battery and USB data, or can be written to in order to control the charging process. I had an Automate (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.llamalab.automate) script, that would stop charging at 90 % on my MotoZ Play. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to make a script for the Pro1. If you are willing to wait for a few months, I might post a script here ...
  23. There's not a whole lot of information out there on BaseUs. Here is one review that seems legitimate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmHqG-uKGHs In my experience with a MotoZ Play and our Pro1, fast charging is quite detrimential to batteries due to the waste heat being generated. A QI charger will make things worse, when it is in close vicinity to the battery it is charging. I also suspect that cheap, or cheapish, third party solutions use low switching frequencies and less efficient voltage converters. Both, the QI sender and receiver, will produce a lot of waste heat, which adds to th
  24. I'd be careful playing with QI: DiodeGoneWild: Wireless Qi Charger (sets your phone on fire)
  25. I experienced a lot of reboots since the 202006 update. Today I tried to use OsmAnd for navigation, and my phone lasted no more than a few minutes until it decided to reboot again. Very frustrating ... Unfortunately I was not able to pinpoint the problem 😞
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