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  1. I just tried it - it doesn't seem to let you turn off the LED when it's charging, just control the lights for different app notifications. Guess I'll have to go back to keeping the phone face-down when it's charging overnight...
  2. Clacker has arrived! Ordered on March 3rd, #7XXX, Toronto, scheduled for delivery tomorrow 29 Jan but arrived today. Phew! Have applied all the updates and just getting used to the keyboard now. So far so good. But terrified of dropping it! Must figure out a case asap...
  3. Just got a call from FedEx to pay customs for my delivery (to my home) in Canada. As Canadian orders didn't have customs charges prepaid unlike the US (I think) I am not surprised. No paperwork from them though yet, just a voicemail. Have sent an email to Fxtec support for further direction but I figure I'll just be paying the fee. But I'm wondering whether any other Canadians have also been contacted about or paid the customs fee?
  4. Just got my tracking number issued by FedEx, expected delivery in Toronto on 29 Jan. Will have to revive the Canada clacker room 🙂
  5. Same, stock assigned this morning. Looking like lots of people have! US model (Canada), QWERTY, #7XXX, non-IGG. Order status still saying "Processing" though, hope this changes soon...
  6. Here's another (related) review - audio review/1st impressions from Steve Litchfield's and Ted Salmon's Phone Show Chat Ep. 533 (discussion of the Pro1 starts around 42'40"): https://ia801408.us.archive.org/30/items/psc533/psc533.mp3 I was pleasantly surprised at how complimentary Ted Salmon's comments were overall. He's definitely persuaded me to not cancel my order yet 🙂
  7. That, and reviews like the one by Steve Litchfield from the Phones Show are what are making me willing to persevere. And the fact that there are so many fans on this forum 🙂 Really hoping this is the real big batch of deliveries this time...
  8. One shouldn't have to be hunting through the various forum posts to find out this information. It's not the wait so much as the promised deadlines repeatedly getting pushed back with only very hazy communications that are really making me lose patience and confidence. Seriously trying to talk myself out of cancelling my order right now...
  9. That's exactly what I was counting on. Since the N97 I have also used the Samsung Relay and while it served me well for a couple of years (I still have it actually) I really missed the angled screen pop-out. These last few comments are really helping me stay patient as I wait for my order... Thanks guys!
  10. This. THIS!!! This is just about the #1 concern I have. When I had a Nokia N97, it became second-nature for me to flip it open one-handed, and I would be very disappointed if I couldn't so the same with the Pro1. Sounds like that concern is unjustified - which gives my patience a boost as I wait for my unit to arrive, one day 🙂
  11. Well that Android Authority review is pretty disappointing - almost makes me wanna cancel my order... but it also doesn't really seem to fit with the xda video - based on that the phone totally looks like what I am hoping for/expecting... I figure the performance issues that AA noted might well just come down to software optimization and can be fixed. Heck, by Pixel OG with a SD821 and 4 Gb RAM is still pretty useable, I have no doubt the SD835/6 Gb combo will be fine. But the complaints about the hinge had me worried until I looked at the xda video.
  12. BUT WHERE'S MINE???? ARGH!!! It's true that seeing people actually receive their phones and enjoy them has helped with this wait. But I placed my preorder in March (#72XX) and paid on Jul 31st... just a long damn wait is all I'm saying. Then again, why should I be special? 🙂
  13. I was hoping to avoid going down this road and I'm trying to be patient, but every day that goes by without receiving a stock assigned or tracking code makes me consider asking for a refund more and more. It's getting hard to keep the faith...
  14. I can only hope our Canadian orders will not be routed through the US...
  15. Ditto, waiting for mine in Canada, eh? 😆
  16. Thanks for the answers. The unlockable bootloader and the company working with devs for custom roms is definitely one of the things that made me comfortable with placing a pre-order. That said I'm always curious about the levels of official Android support companies promise... and then deliver :-)
  17. Any discussion anywhere of how many future versions of Android (Q, R...) this phone will support? Maybe it's been discussed elsewhere but I haven't see it...
  18. I'm not sure if it's the built-in behaviour or just something provided by my 3rd party app, but when my Pixel (OG) is in landscape mode, the swipe gestures rotate with the screen, so that swiping physically down (but sideways relative to the phone's usual orientation) still pulls the shade down rather than activating the usual "back" gesture I have mapped onto the sideways swipe. Admittedly, this would be pretty awkward to execute on the Pro1 with the keyboard slid out. That's not a good use case for fingerprint sensor gestures, I'm only concerned/curious about them when the phone is closed
  19. I agree, with the sensor on the side it might be impractical to do anything other than unlock the phone with it. On the Pixel it's placed on the back, which is probably optimal for gestures. Out of the box you can swipe up & down to move the notification shade but you can customize it with 3rd party apps. I've become so used to it that's it's almost a deal breaker for me when a phone doesn't have it, especially when it's big. But I'm expecting a different UI experience with the Pro1 anyway so I'm not really expecting it, just curious :-) To enable 3rd party apps that support swipes on t
  20. I'm wondering whether the phone will support the Google fingerprint API, so that the fingerprint sensor can be used to map fingerprint gestures (swipes in particular, not just taps) to UI actions, like on the Pixel.
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