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  1. I wouldn't say that if someone said it's gonna take a while to fix my car to mean four weeks though it could mean that. I definitely wouldn't take it to mean 1 second. I would need more information or clarification on the matter to make a reasonable determination. In the case of the phone and earbuds it would be reasonable to assume that as long as it's still in pre-order, that a while could reasonably be extending until ready to start mass production or at a specific date mentioned later by Waxberry or an official source which never was posted until months after the June 24th date passed. Even if we go by what it supposedly said on the site on June 18 about extending it a week, June 24 fell short of that posted info as well. My request for refund is in. If it's really that important to them and other forum members to defend these decisions to keep the $20 earbuds then on principle I'm choosing to keep my $700+ now. I guess the days of good customer service are over because at this point, I feel it should have been part of the order just because they clearly stated orders would be handled by payment date which turned out to not be true for the US base or just the delays in general really. I don't even have a ship date to look forward to anymore. With all that has happened in the last 7 months since paying, even if out of their control, it's still the little things that could keep customers happy instead of losing the sale. I'm just one voice among many but this is how I feel now so maybe me canceling will help future customers to be treated with a little more respect. And for the record, I had the order page tab open on my computer for weeks before I had the money to order so it's entirely possible that I was not wrong and still did see the ALL pre-orders message on a page not refreshed. Just trying to give the benefit of the doubt but that still doesn't change the fact that they backpedaled on that offer to begin with.
  2. A while doesn't mean 1 second by anyone's reasonable definition of the word. However, at that point, saying we've decided to extend it for a while, it is reasonable to assume the offer still stands until they decide to end it which at particular point in time, he left it open. No other info about when it actually stopped until months later when Erik posted with a June 24th date. So yes, what I saw on the site on July 12 lines up with what Waxberry said on June 19 and you can't prove otherwise with any dated pics of the site so believe what you want. Edit:. FYI this conversation actually turned me off of the whole experience. They can keep the cheap earbuds, I'm gonna keep my money and request a refund. Peace.
  3. Even if that information by a forum member and not an official source is accurate, Waxberry superceded that info by saying that they've decided to extend it for a while period. We all know that the site has been before and still inaccurate but when the guy running the company makes a direct statement we should believe that correct? The exact date of the cut ended up being June 24th but that wasn't stated until months later by Erik. So no, saying they decided to extend it for a while on June 19th and then making the cut later on to 5 days later still seems shady though I suppose we could debate what Waxberry meant by a while but if he was just clear or updated us after that point there would be no debate. That's just how this company operates. They put out one thing on the site, say something different in the forums, give even different answers in emails and then sometimes end up doing things that didn't match any of the provided info.
  4. Because Waxberry is an official source and if he says it's extended for a while on June 19 and I order July 12 then I fall under that bracket and qualify for earbuds unless another official statement after June 19 but before July 12 says otherwise.
  5. Oh remember 100% but I have no proof so no sense in arguing it. No proof on the other side of the argument either except a forum post. Agree to disagree. Edit:. And for the record, there's plenty more to complain about that I can prove such as my order saying shipping is included and now people are paying more shipping to get it to themselves. Also, you just proved with your link that Waxberry extended it for a while as of June 19th. Show me where and when they changed their minds again after that.
  6. Thought about it and at one point sent an email to cancel but it was taking too long to get back to me so I cancelled my request and am gonna try to get money back through a resale to someone looking maybe or keep it as a messing around phone with rooting. Money has been out of my account for close to a year, so I already wrote it off. Just recently picked up OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren from T-Mobile and it's a beast with no problems at all for slightly more than what I paid for Pro1. *Shrug*. Love keyboards but it is what it is.
  7. Well even if I didn't see what I remember, the last post in that Headphones thread by Waxberry who is official FX said on June 19th, that they decided to extend the offer for a while. How long is a while? Nothing official or unofficial after that and my order was July 12th. So again too much unclear communication throughout the thread and website since this all started. I mean if you go to order right now, it STILL says orders will be fulfilled in 4-6 weeks. How can they still be making that promise when people who paid in August might not even see it that fast. Just be honest with new customers. Update to say "as of now, with the Corona virus, we don't know blah blah blah"
  8. I don't think they ever said they would honor it. I think Eske said maybe they would or something but nothing from an official FX source. Doesn't matter to me anymore really, just annoyed at all the flip-flopping and mis-information put out by these guys. Have a new phone with no KB now. Lesson learned and over $700 wasted on a product that is getting more outdated by the day before delivery and with too many reported problems for how many are actually in the wild. Pro1 is DOA and there won't be a pro2 in my opinion.
  9. I'm telling the day I ordered, it said ALL. It was the reason I pre-ordered and I was not involved with the forum or newsletters at that time. I pre-ordered in July thinking they were starting to ship in July like the site said. Yes that screen shot is an older dump and not mine. It was however what was on the site when I ordered and the only reason I pre-ordered. I don't really care anymore. I'll probably never get this phone shipped anyway at this point.
  10. This was on the website when I ordered. No idea where this supposed "limited time" message was but I only pre-ordered instead of waiting because of the case and headphones cause it's not usually a good idea to pre-order new product being that there are frequently problems on the first run
  11. I didn't choose to ignore anything. At the time I ordered on July 12, the website still said ALL pre-orders would receive. Since it was already mentioned before that they only changed the website twice, the first being in July after I ordered, that is a complete fabrication that there was notice in June unless it was buried on the forum somewhere and not clearly stated on the main order site.
  12. No they won't even honor the ear buds they promised to all pre-orders lol. Definitely won't be any compensation.
  13. Yeah I'm sticking it out cause I waited this long... The phone I was using was horrible and wasn't even receiving texts so I had to get a phone as FX wasn't delivering and ended up with a OnePlus 7T pro 5G McLaren. It's a really nice phone and no complaints but I'm still a KB guy so hopefully mine arrives some time this year. And for the record, if you read my earlier posts I was very patient and supportive of FX but at some point I got annoyed at all the false info they give. If they had just said orders were being handled by pre-order date instead of payment date my demeanor would be different right now but I feel like they said payment date just to get us to pay quickly so they actually had the funds to start production.
  14. Not upset as I already purchased a new phone that I'm very happy with. Not gonna stand by and roll over either without asking questions and demanding truthful answers when someone I don't know has $800 of my money. I work hard outside on the railroad for my money. And unfortunately the "just wait a few more weeks" answer has been going on for 6 months so who knows at this point if I'll have the phone or another reason to wait a few more weeks in a few more weeks.
  15. In crowded China, the safest place for FX workers to be is at the factory right now. What do they have like 5 people working there? *going by earlier posted picks of their assembly line*
  16. That would seem to follow the pattern of order date and not actual paid date. Thank you for posting.
  17. While your feedback was nothing more than a smarta** reply, I have an answer for you. It was not just me, but more than a few from the US already that have reported ithe same scenario here on the forums. Considering that not that many phones are being manufactured and certainly not all from the US, this is a little disturbing because it means they probably didn't just "make a mistake" although they've done plenty of that already, and may be using a different criteria to ship, such as pre-order date and not payment date like we were told. Maybe you have a phone already and my order doesn't mean anything to you, that's great. However, I still don't have mine, the goal post has been moved many times, "ALL pre-orders receiving earphones" at the time I ordered was changed later, shipping paid on orders doesn't actually take care of shipping and now a response that doesn't answer my question. So while your unhelpful response was more than likely to get a few high fives from those who have product, I'm just a concerned customer that shelled out close to $800 of my hard earned money for a product half a year ago and instead of product, I have received a whole list of excuses and reasons why I don't have product and am still looking for realistic answers about when I might see mine. Or since we want to make jokes about it how about..... "Sorry you haven't received a phone but two people in the factory are are out sick this week so production was literally cut in half"
  18. Got this email from FX today. It still doesn't explain why customers in the US that paid after other customers in the US would be receiving their phones first unless they are Indigo backers. That is unless however, they are referring to "placed an order" as the pre-order date and not date paid. Support Team (FX Technology Limited) 4 Feb, 13:21 GMT Dear Anthony, Thanks for your email. I am glad to hear you've changed your mind and wish to continue waiting for your order. We are doing our best to deliver your order ASAP. There are only 2 occasions in which an order placed after yours would get fulfilled: 1. It was an Indiegogo compensation order. We prioritise orders referred by Indiegogo as those customers have waited for more than a year. 2. The formula which assigns stock on a country basis. This is used to keep stock allocation as fair as possible so that no country is left last, even if it upsets some of our customers who placed an order before them. Although those cases can be quite irritating, in reality, they are a very small percentage, we are speaking of 5-10 devices. Even of those countries were left out to fulfil an earlier order from a popular for us country such as the US, it is unlikely that the small number of devices left would have been enough to fulfil your order. Again, we are doing our very vest to get your order as quickly as possible. More news to follows. Feel free to let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. Kind regards, F(x)tec Support
  19. Same exact boat for me as well. Paid August 2nd and people that paid in Sept received theirs already. That made me so mad I sent an email to cancel my order. I ended up changing my mind and decided to ride it out but don't have faith in seeing this phone any time soon anymore. I actually ended up going to a T-Mobile store this past weekend and picked up the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition. What a beautiful feature packed phone but no kb obviously. When/if my pro1 ever arrives, I may sell it or just root it and keep it as a fun phone. I think it's hilarious though that FX still won't change the website and is misleading new customers into thinking they will receive a phone in 4-6 weeks when people that paid in August probably won't receive that soon and people still defend that nonsense.
  20. With root access you may also look into Tasker. Can do just about anything with that and it's plugins though there is a learning curve. Chances are though that someone has already tried to do what your asking and may be able to google and find out what steps they took with the app. Edit: Had name of the app wrong. Here's someone on Reddit asking the same thing for another phone and someone replying with how to do it with Trigger. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/tasker/comments/2qa3vh/request_disable_led_notification_light_while This one has a time profile attached also but it's possible with Tasker.
  21. I think light flow works best and has more options for rooted users from what I remember.
  22. Maybe that's because they paid later is what I'm saying. Did these people with low order numbers pay the day they got the email? There were problems with people not getting payments through and cards denying payment to FX early on also from what I remember. I personally think they are going by pre-order date first and then looking at payment dates for early pre-orders second. Nothing else really makes sense. I've personally never had a payment I've made take anywhere close to a month to go through for any payment ever and I've ordered from multiple countries including UK, China and Japan.
  23. Or it could just be the simplest answer that FX is not using payment date at all but something else like pre-order date.... Edit:. To add to that theory, person a few posts back paid in Sept but pre-ordered in April while I paid in August but pre-ordered in July.
  24. Don't think that's true in my case. I paid on August 2nd and got order received email that day. Money came off credit card on August 4th. Still don't think people paying in September would get there faster. Whatever though, refund is requested. I hung in there patiently when they moved the goal post several times. I hung in there after it was stated all pre-orders would come with case and earphones and then changed their minds. I hung in there after I paid for shipping on the order (including VAT is what my order states) and now people have to pay for ahipping again to get orders. This however was the last straw because it was stated many times that orders would be handled by payment date. Honestly, the multiple issues people are experiencing with phones is a turn off as well. With the limited quanity being produced and how long it takes, quality should be there at the very least. Good luck with your phones everyone. Wish this worked out as I had been waiting for years for someone to make another horizontal slider with 5 row qwerty.
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