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  1. I might get a 3D printer soon. Then I could try to design and print a case by myself
  2. ZTE Blade -> Samsung Galaxy S3 -> LG/Google Nexus 5 -> Xiaomi Mi5 -> Honor 8 -> OnePlus 5T (current phone) -> F(x)Tec Pro1 (hopefully soon) Yes, all my phones were slabs. Don't judge me.
  3. I'd definitely get one too. But I don't really see where you'd put a D-pad since the keyboard isn't ortholinear. It's either gonna be very narrow, very wide or asymmetric which might be a little awkward to use.
  4. I totally agree. I'm at the lower end of the 18 - 24 spectrum and never used a keyboard phone before (except trying out some Blackberries in stores). I always used slabs. I always wanted a keyboard phone but never got one. I was to young when there were any and later they kinda disappeared. At first I wanted to get the Priv but then I decided against it because of some bad reviews. The KeyOne/2 was never an option because of it's weird aspect ratio. So when I heard of the Pro1, I pre-ordered it within a few days. Most people I showed it to thought it was really cool but they wouldn't buy it because it's too expensive or they just didn't care.
  5. Interesting idea but I honestly can't see a reason to make certain threads non-visible to everyone.
  6. Well, no need to be butthurt or to make fun of me. Fact is, they started shipping even if your region won't get the device first. Btw, technically they started shipping a few months ago when you count prototypes. 😉
  7. I honestly don't see any reason to be disappointed or upset. They said they start shipping the first batch on the 29th. They already started shipping. I don't know why people are saying there's a delay.
  8. it depends on how fast you paid. it doesn't matter when you pre-ordered
  9. I guess it's time to spam my F5 key on the order page again 🙂
  10. Any news or is still everything going as planned?
  11. when you just stare at the order page to see if it's shipped already, this is what you need
  12. i can't really see where a dpad would fit on the pro1 it would be amazing if it was possible though
  13. well, since idk how the case looks like and if it's usable, i ordered this: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07XHN46H1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 someone already posted this somewhere but idk where exactly
  14. Definitly an interesting idea. I'm not sure how comfortable it will be to press keys closer to the edge.
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