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  1. It's basically the same like every soft case. There's a small lip that holds onto the gap between keyboard and display. There's no tape or anything and both parts didn't slip of yet so it holds on pretty good. The sides on the front part are pretty thin and fiddly though.
  2. Sorry, I don't. I wouldn't even know if it would be a good idea to turn my model into a mold anyways. The measurements were all taken with a basic ruler or were estimated so it won't be that accurate.
  3. The back turned out quite good thought. You all can do with those files whatever you want. CASEBOT6.stl
  4. The front part is definitely not perfect yet. It even covers the notification LED. CASETOP1.STL
  5. No problem with opening and closing. It's pretty ugly but it seems to do its job. Iused with TPU. I don't think a hard material will work but I haven't tried it.
  6. I did make one but i don't think it's perfect yet, especially the front part
  7. Just wanna give an update as fast as possible. I just received a confirmation email of my refund a few minutes ago. Sorry to make a scene guys
  8. Well, still nothing and I didn't reply back since my first post in this thread... (which was a week ago)
  9. Well, @silversolver, you are probably gonna hate what I'm about to say. The reason why I want a refund is that I already own it. I'm writing this on the Pro1 and I'm very happy with it. I got it on DragonBox. I kinda feel bad for skipping in queue but I also absolutely love the device. I'm just worried because I got a very fast answer when I first contacted suppot and now it's silent.
  10. Similar situation here. I emailed support on Dec 18th and was asking for a refund. They asked me 2 times if I'm really sure until holidays began. They promised that they'll give me a refund if i really want it. I confirmed both times that I want it. They responded within 24h both times. I waited during holidays but now they're dead silent. I opened a new ticket on Tuesday if the first ticket got lost somehow. No response. The support has always been reliable for me but what is happening right now is quite bad and disappointing.
  11. I might get a 3D printer soon. Then I could try to design and print a case by myself
  12. ZTE Blade -> Samsung Galaxy S3 -> LG/Google Nexus 5 -> Xiaomi Mi5 -> Honor 8 -> OnePlus 5T (current phone) -> F(x)Tec Pro1 (hopefully soon) Yes, all my phones were slabs. Don't judge me.
  13. I'd definitely get one too. But I don't really see where you'd put a D-pad since the keyboard isn't ortholinear. It's either gonna be very narrow, very wide or asymmetric which might be a little awkward to use.
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