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  1. Therefore, my 554xx number should be due in October(batch) or November (batch) at the latest? Which lines up with the 10-12 week estimation 🙂
  2. So no answer on a true wait time (not the 10-12 weeks) ? I placed my order on June 12 2020 (Qwerty) for the USA.
  3. Its the 7th. Anyone get anything in the mail? I ordered June 12
  4. So their size disqualifies them as retailers? Forgive me for not understanding and discussing what seems reasonable. Retailers were prioritzed over IGG backers. "First come, first served" is a basic rule of business. More so in this situation. No one has displayed any envy. Just pointing out the lack of good business practices. Which as a customer, I think is legitimate. First time companies make mistakes. It would help if they took responsibility, apologized and said this will not happen again moving forward. I love this tech. This is an opportunity for them.
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