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  1. Yaaaaaay. I also got a stock assigned email. EU, Order #23xxx, IGG, QWERTZ
  2. Wow - the phone is not even delayed yet and the comments are already starting to get really aggressive. I would suggest: calm down, go outside, enjoy the weather and take a deep breath. Fxtec is a small company with only a small staff. I would assume, they didn't hire someone for public relations. And since they are most probably very busy at the moment getting the phone ready for launch - they probably simply don't have the time right now to optimize communication. This might not be perfect - but it is quite understandable. Everybody knew when they payed the phone, that shipping is planned to START Mid-September. So even if they would start to ship this Friday, this most probably won't mean every pre-order will be delivered next week (just to keep some feet on the ground). Btw. I actually payed the first money for this project (respectively the Motorola keyboard mod) back in 2017 - and I am more than happy to wait two (or even four) more weeks and receive a well matured phone (although I cannot wait to finally hold a recent smartphone with a keyboard slider in my hands again). As long as the delay is reasonable, I think it is absolutely appropriate to give them the time to finish the final optimizations before release.
  3. I now also ordered the QWERTY version and used the form afterwards to change it to QWERTZ. My order number is already >23.900. I hope the QWERTZ orders will also get priority (like promised) when using the indiegogo-coupon :)
  4. I would also clearly prefer version 1 with seperate äöü keys. I really like this layout and think it's perfect for a slider phone. When will it be available for preorder?
  5. I would also like to know, if it is possible to preorder the qwertz layout with my coupon code. And will I also get the free pair of Limited Edition F(x)tec earphones & F(x)tec Pro1 case when preordering the qwertz layout? And how much time will it take more (than the qwerty-layout) to deliver the qwertz layout? Thank you very much
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