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  1. OMG ME TOO! preorder 1008x (with MotoMod IGG Coupon) QWERTY to USA.
  2. US Fedex better not F this up.
  3. thanks for gather all the updates folks! whether it be 70% will be fulfilled in the next batch or that they'll be dispatched on the 20th are both good things to hear!
  4. They might be behind on their emails. I've gotten responses avg from 1-5 business days.
  5. given all the back and forth on this thread that now seems almost philosophical... A video just for you 😄
  6. hmm.. its a good thing I'm ambidextrous. wow.. pg 113... 150 here we come! (everyone on this thread should get a prize if we hit 150 pages)
  7. As I read this thread, a saying comes to mind. The foolish think they're smart and know everything. On the contrary, the wise know they are lacking. 🙂 Anyways, I hope things go well and we'll all get our devices and suddenly this thread is a ghost town since no one needs to check it anymore. I wonder if we'll hit 150 pages.....
  8. fyi I checked with support and they think my US IGG backer order will ship by early January (1/12) but told me no promises and to expect end of month.
  9. Happy New Year 2020! Did anyone in the US get their device or tracking?
  10. I'd appreciate a "perfect" phone but am quite disappointed by the latest delay. I was hoping that our Christmas present would come in time. 😞 Another month I suppose. US Indiegogo backer, 1008X, paid for in July
  11. Thanks for creating this thread. I was thinking about doing so as well since I was wondering if any of the other folks in USA have gotten the device due to the whole customs issue. I think some people have so I guess that gives me some more hope.
  12. So Mule activation is essentially moving a sim card from an existing phone over to the Pro1? If thats the case, whenever it is I get my stock assigned, and then delivered... I can test that for Verizon. ☚ī¸
  13. Since its December now and we're all waiting for this phone... It felt proper to say "All I want for Christmas is You" Fxtec Pro1!
  14. As a US order 1008X, I'm sad US customs is making life hard on us. Just to check though... our phones weren't on that sunken ship right? Minus the fact its tragic some people died on the ship, our phones are hopefully on a different freight? https://mustsharenews.com/taobao-ship-sinks/
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