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  1. I loved the potential of this phone but one day it just randomly rebooted and bricked and I lost everything on it. That was around February 2020. I got more help from this forum than any support. With all the lack of support and problems, I got a Pixel and I haven't had any issues since. I mostly used the keyboard for remote desktop but now that I'm WFH I never need the keyboard. Plus the curved edge screens drove me mad. I'd end up touching the screen and tapping when trying to press the number keys and I swear I have small hands. I really wanted to like this phone but yea... its just
  2. The email said we get a 10 minute early bird notice at 1:50pm but didn't say what time zone?
  3. @tdm, can you please add that after installing the winusb via zadiag, the device should be rebooted into EDL otherwise it will result in an "Unknown Error" Another note, if anyone gets "Cannot open device", it means you haven't "Resintalled" the driver via zadiag. otherwise, it worked!!!
  4. SOLVED I used the factory restore tool. It worked. Note that you must reboot after installing the winusb driver if using windows. =====ORIGINAL POST====== I received my Pro1 in January and in April, I pulled out my phone and found it was in fastboot. Stuck in fastboot and Start would not start the device. I tried to follow the instructions to restore stock firmware but I've encounter the error "Flashing Unlock is not Allowed". Is there anyway to force the unlock or flash the device any other way? Flash instructions followed: My bricked ph
  5. thanks for sharing @hook damn, I wonder if theres any way to get the data off before doing the wipe. hopefully most of my stuff is backed up but still..
  6. welp, it seems like the partition has gone bad? Help?
  7. tried plugging in, got minimal adb and ran "fastboot reboot". went straight back to the fastboot screen. Not even sure how I got here.
  8. Pulled the phone out of my pocket 10 minutes ago and it was stuck in fastboot mode. Its been working great since January so I have no idea how it ended up here. I've tried all the options and nothing seems to allow me to proceed. Anyone have any ideas? I'm guessing I need to connect to a computer to get it past this point now. Video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/zWtBsQRNVpMViZ5d8 Picture of the screen I'm stuck at:
  9. try a different cable. I had this issue with some other phones being extremely sensitive to what cable I used. My Pro1 works with 4 different heatunits I've tested on. Edit: I should also note that the usb-c port is a bit loose so in some cases, bumps will cause the cable to disconnect android auto. It could also be the cable at fault but it is my observation.
  10. comparing influenza vs corona virus is like arguing about black lives matter vs all lives matter. Both are deadly and we shouldn't discount either. Influenza at the least we have yearly vaccines to attempt to get ahead of while also having a better understanding in regards to how it operates. The coronavirus seems to be quite deadly with the global reaction to shut down ports, transit, etc appears to be effectively working to prevent the spread. We don't need any more viral outbreaks beyond influenza so the reaction I'd say is reasonably warranted. Both are bad. Focusing on Coronaviru
  11. just posting to saying that I also have a problem with the fingerprint scanner being too easily triggered by my palm. Specifically, trying to put the phone into my pocket usually results in 1-2 triggers from palm or other fingers due to location of the scanner as well as the shape/design. Previously was using the Pixel 3 and even before than the Moto Z2, the back side scanner is simply more accurate while the indentation prevents unintended scans. I'd even say a case would solve this but I can't find a case that fits well. I went and got a silicon case made for the HTC Pro and it was terrib
  12. I usually go caseless and keep this phone in my right pocket so this fingerprint scanner gets triggered while holding it in my right palm. Essentially the fingerprint scanner useless when I pull it out of right pocket for this reason.
  13. Probably lunar New year. Try following up again and wait another week.
  14. Welcome to the club! I ordered back in April 2019 and finally received it this Monday! I'm sure production after lunar New year will start up again soon and they'll fulfill your order as they've gotten thru a bulk of the orders in the last month. I can't speak for them but my gut tells me you'll have to wait 1-2 months but if you reply to your order email, they'll give you a more solid estimate.
  15. I usually go case-less for all my phones but the difficulty of sliding out the keyboard due to slipperiness and curved edge has me looking for a case. If I read enough of this thread, it seems we were promised a case and we all got sleeves? 😞 nonetheless, something minimal is my goal. So far all I see is a 3d print, a handful of leather cases (waay too bulky), and I guess we're all triggering the fingerprint scanner simply by taking it out of our pockets or holding it in our palms 😮 Did I miss anything? Are there actual cases being made for our devices or are we all using HTC cases for
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