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  1. If I were in their shoes, I also would focus very very heavily on delivering all these devices so that I would be able to start selling to the general customer. Because at this point, all these unfulfilled orders have already "paid" and are they aren't making any money unless they sell and deliver for general availability. I'm unaware what their "break even" point is but hopefully its not too high a bar where they can continue to make devices like Pro2 or even a Pro3. My other guess is they aren't big enough to produce high capacities and don't have enough demand to do so either. Higher production capacities increases costs thus I would also guess that they wouldn't stay afloat if they met this pre-order demand at any higher rates. Unfortunately this means we have to wait but it also means that they won't go out of business and screw us all over. I've followed other "kickstarter" or "indiegogo" campaigns where their poor financial management and over promising resulted in them folding and failing to deliver the product. Hardware is hard and as long as they are afloat then they can deliver. Even if it takes more time. And its better that at least we'll eventually get a phone rather than them going bankrupt from excessive expenses to ramp up production.
  2. FYI, As a Moto Mod Indiegogo backer, with a preorder number of 1008X, and having paid immediately on July 31st, I emailed [email protected] for an update. Was advised that I am not part of the first batch (small batch was emphasized), and that my "batch" is expected to be ready mid November, but won't arrive in my hands until December. Patience.
  3. I wouldn't consider Fed Ex, UPS, USPS to be fulfillment centers. They handle shipping but they definitely aren't fulfillment "partners". I used to work in supply chain and usually fulfillment partners are actual warehouse companies that effectively store product until they're given and order to ship. The would then acquire a tracking ID and apply it to given order and ship the product at that time. In this case, with all the preorders, they will literally acquire product from freight and move to shipping it immediately. These fulfillment partners are all over the globe and are used as they are more familiar with local regulations and processes. They also enable companies to have a better regional footprint and thus deliver quicker when orders are made. Unfortunately for us, they aren't "stocked" yet as the freight is enroute it seems thus why some of us don't have tracking IDs yet. I didn't catch it but did the folks who got their tracking ID mention their regions? Usually fulfillment centers are broken down to Americas, EMEA(Europe), APAC(Asia Pacific). My guess is their Hong Kong batch is the APAC and given the distance of Hong Kong from China, I would take it that APAC would fulfill first. edit: Another note is that Fedex would track the package across the globe and would have already provided a tracking ID. I think this is more likely that Fxtec might have misworded fulfillment center or mistakened Fedex's business as a fulfillment partner. They are likely using a 3rd party fulfillment model: Reason for this assumption is the cost of building out fulfillment centers across the globe is too costly for this company size. They certainly aren't going with self fulfillment because we'd otherwise all have tracking IDs coming directly from China and it would indeed be Fedex doing shipment and they would be able to provide all tracking IDs. This however has significant costs as well given Fedex is more a last mile delivery business and that costs a lot.
  4. To be honest, no expectations haha. Having expectations for any hardware is a key to disappointment. With a background in Project management and running businesses myself, I just know its hard so I assume the worst and take any updates as happily. As long as there are some few updates here and there and their commitment is still there then I will continue onward. If they disappear or actually say they're going to not do what they committed then that is when I come back with a pitchfork. Otherwise, its just a suggestion since someone suggested a thread lock.
  5. Motorola Droid 4. I really really wanted the Droid 5 rumored. And then there was the Moto Mod QWERTY... I'm actually rather glad now they didn't make the mod because the Moto Z3 and Z4 were terrible subpar and the lack of a Force device just showed Moto has fallen.
  6. Too many of us are having FOMO and tracking ID envy so I think we're trying to count the number of devices shipped, batch size, order number, and somehow tell our fortunes. Thus we post and crowd this thread. They should make an official thread that is locked to FXTEC just for updates. This thread can be the discussion thread. Thus no one would have to read it for an update but folks are free to discuss.
  7. @EskeRahn, Why did you merge my thread "Post here only when you have a tracking number" when it was clearly different, provide different value, and intended to address a need in the community? I appreciate you intent to keep the forum clean but merging these threads was not helpful. For your reference.
  8. wow, I'm loving this order count analysis going on here.
  9. "ouch". This wait is gonna be awhile then. I'm cheering you folks ahead on and thanks for chiming in! Do share if you get a tracking number! (wow, 30k orders)
  10. if order numbers are sequential, given that mine was 1008X, and the refund screenshot page 19/20 was 3XXXX, this means they l possibly have 20k+ preorders. Good for them and yet also provides us a perspective that we might be waiting for awhile this month for our preorders. Hopefully they'll get through the preorders as planned this month. I assumed they started order numbers at 10000 in their system for "formatting purposes" but If there were 10000 orders before me then ... yea its gonna take awhile.
  11. Anyone get tracking yet? Not me. For reference: United States Backed the IGG Moto Mod Preordered in March, based on the number, probably one of the first 100 orders. Paid for the order on 7/31 within 20 minutes of receiving the email. Based on the earlier messages, we're probably waiting for the devices to get to a US distribution center which will then do the actual "shipment tracking" work. A question for Erik or Liangchen, how did you guys resolve the whole "tariff issue"?
  12. I marked that post as spam. Is there a button to report the user for ban?
  13. I also think it's funny to watch these keyboard warriors freak out. Hardware is Hard. It is very hard. Communication is also hard despite its simplicity. Too much communication increases risk. Apparently with the update 9 hours ago, it got a bunch of folks to freak out and assume every worst possibility. I'm not saying that those possibilities are wrong either given the "challenges" with trade but the reaction is amusing. Stuck at "China Export" is the only part I'm concerned with given... trade tensions, etc. but on the bright side, at least its coming! Remember when the keyboard mod couldn't be built because of the lack of "parts" available and terrible Moto support and software/hardware approval? This is free of that. The device exists, they're making it and they just need to jump through the hurdles of delivery logistics. Logistics that challenged Tesla. Logistics that enable Amazon to be king. But that should actually tell us how hard it is. So relax, this is the endgame. 😀
  14. Folks complaining about the price are funny. These guys need to make some income if they're going to remain in business. Those of us who paid early are helping keep them in business and if you don't then I suppose you missed it. I still it's worth it anyways because there is no alternative. I mean, there's no DIY to get ourselves a QWERTY device so it's definitely a "shut up and take my money" thing.
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