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  1. Play in the hinge and a stuck pixel in my display. Riding out this NCOV shit before sending it back.
  2. Good reminder I still need to send in my Pro1 for service, i'll mail Fxtec now.
  3. The best analogy for the Pro1 is: it's a phone with a keyboard bolted on, Android is not built for keyboard phones at all. Meanwhile, something like the N900 and Maemo is built from the ground up for use with a keyboard.
  4. >MediaTek fucking DROPPED No possibility to boot Maemo-Leste, no buy.
  5. Firefox, because I use Waterfox on my desktops/laptops.
  6. I'd like to know too, my Pro1 is really rattly.
  7. Software is really unstable though, I managed to crash and reboot my Pro1 just by playing with the slider
  8. Hell yeah the keyboard feels miles better now. Good job Fxtec!
  9. @ahunter But I don't want to disable my on screen keyboard, I just want input lag to be gone. Oh, and N-key rollover would be awesome too.
  10. Kinda meta, using a hwkb phone with a BT keyboard but I digress: I'm using a Trust bluetooth keyboard with my Pro1 but i'm having massive input lag issues, to the point my inputs are basically ignored because i'm that much of a fast typer.
  11. EDIT: well shit, I forgot I already had a thread like this.
  12. Filmed with Open Camera, and I found a quirk: opening/closing the keyboard stops recording.
  13. No autofocus, no shutter sound, and whoever came up with the idea of swiping to open the camaera settings should be thrown into that W918 while it's spinning at max RPM lynched. At least Open Camera seems to be sane compared to Snapdragon Camera, i'll try to catch the rinses of that W918 later tonight. Also, side note: the Pro1's camera is really, really sensitive to PWM dimming of LED lighting, as you can see.
  14. Wow, this already is miles better than the awful Snapdragon Camera. Thanks @netman!
  15. I was filming my new washing machine today but the Pro1 camera app decided to do all sorts of random shit while recording, which pissed me off greatly. With that comes my question: is there a sane camera app for the Pro1?
  16. EskeRahn posted a NVRAM variable here, but how do I set it in fastboot?
  17. FinQwerty bug report: the Sym key does not turn the keyboard backlight back on when unlocking the Pro1.
  18. I know jack about coding, might need to nag one of the devs on tmo for Rockbox on SFOS.
  19. No Rockbox which means it's automatically trash /s jk, never tried it. whats SFOS like?
  20. Still using my N900 because Android is a garbage OS compared to Maemo. The Maemo-Leste port for the Pro1 can't come soon enough!
  21. Winnie the Flu made me fucking LOL.
  22. Meanwhile i'm here with my Pro1, boxed up again and waiting for Maemo-Leste to be ported to it.
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