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  1. Got my tracking number and it is estimated to arrive in the philly area in a week from now
  2. Stock assigned. Usa qwerty 15xxx non igg paid once option available for pre-order on Aug 2 pre-order may 29
  3. I got stock assigned at 15xxx email. I paid right away once the option was available for pre-order though
  4. How many are in each box? I count 30 boxes
  5. Chen told me that they should still be on track for mid September at the nyc event. I was the one collecting most of the answers in netmans document.
  6. I'd be surprised if the first one you posted didn't work. Seems like a perfect fit at long as it's not metal or hard plastic.
  7. I'll be going to New York. No plans to shoot video myself but I'll try to answer detailed questions about the device.
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