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  1. How did you get them to approve it? I tried the same thing this past week, and speaking to them yesterday, they basically confirmed it was denied. I really need some pointers here as I'm not sure if I missed anything... I absolutely don't want to spend money buying even a refurb to use as a SIM slave, the phone is already expensive enough.
  2. Update, got my tracking number this morning, estimated delivery Monday (27th).
  3. Stock assigned here, too, #16xxx, US QWERTY, order status has changed to "Completed". Hopefully we'll see tracking numbers this week.
  4. Given that Verizon is shutting off their lesser networks in about a year (unless they change their minds again) this is likely to be a moot point when the time comes. If memory serves, they won't actually be retiring the frequencies, just rolling them into LTE so it all works the same way, meaning if true, in theory, we should have the same level of voice and lower-level data access without IMEI. I could be wrong, of course.
  5. I hope this means we'll see a lot more tracking numbers assigned for delivery in time for Christmas, it'll be just what we need.
  6. In addition to the keyboard, seconding these: and will add to that what I would like to see: 1 or perhaps 2 assignable buttons on the slot side so you can activate whichever features you need without opening up the phone, along with perhaps dedicated buttons on the front to pick up and hang up calls. Doing that only via the touch screen seems ridiculous to me, even if over time I were to get used to it and be fine with it.
  7. I just checked my area, it looks like band 12 is mostly used in urban areas, but where I am (between 2 urban areas) seems to only be covered by 66 and 71, meaning I can't use the Pro1 on LTE here. I may be stuck on Verizon for that.
  8. What DAC is in the Pro1? I've actually been meaning to ask this for a while now, in case it's something special, but only now actually remembered to post about it.
  9. I hate to have my expectations set too high, if they are, but will it be an option to ship the phone with Sailfish on it when it enters mass production? I know what's already said about it indicates that it'll ship with Android and the user can install Sailfish on it themselves, but avoiding that extra step on the user end would be nice if it's possible, even if it costs a bit more to do it.
  10. Makes sense, I'm not aware of any overseas version of it. Still, while the phone is small, and the screen stays flat when the keyboard is out, it's a really nice keyboard, it's basically the only reason I've used it for so long.
  11. I've not had experience with anything mentioned here, which actually makes me a bit shocked that nobody else has mentioned what I do have, that being a Samsung Brightside. It runs a proprietary build of Symbian (very odd choice for Samsung), which I can't bring myself to appreciate, and it doesn't have a 4G radio of any kind, but the overall hardware itself has mostly done me fine since mid-2012. I say "mostly" because lately the camera button only works half the time, the screen is a little TOO sensitive sometimes (I'll be holding it but not actually touching it and it'll, say, turn on Blueto
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