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  1. By the way: i had to unplug the reader due to a defect (it was getting very hot ...) but the settings-menu is still available.
  2. After a Whatsapp-update the window with the selectable emojis seems to be handled in a different way. When i switch to landscape view by opening the keyboard the emoji-window is now reduced to a small range as you can see in the attached picture. With closed keyboard everthing works fine. I use the stock-android 20200707225313. Has anyone an idea how i can fix this ?
  3. #33xxx QWERTZ, Germany: got my allocation-mail today for dispatching within this week. So you should just be a little bit more patient.
  4. Yes, i used the contact form on the website. In the meantime i cancelled my order because i dont see a chance to complete the ordering process. :-( So this case is closed.
  5. Same thing happpened to me. Technical questions seemed to be answered quite fast but questions regarding the ordering process seemed to be ignored.
  6. German QWERTZ-layout makes not so much sense up to now because it is not easy to buy the phone from germany. Disappointed pre-orderer like me had to learn that the only payment way is to use a credit card, which is not so popular in germany. Questions for other payment ways are ignored, so there is a device desgined for use in germany but only a few people in germany can buy it.
  7. This seems to be true. I asked for an alternative payment method last week and up to now i received no answer. People like me without a credit card are probably out of the game. Maybe we will have to wait for other distribution ways (Amazon, ebay).
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