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  1. I am also interested in this. I tried to get a replacement from the IGG campaign but it seems that it will never be delivered.
  2. This has probably been covered before but what is there information about when the other perks than phones will be shipped? I ordered backed just a spare battery and would like to get it as the original battery in my original Pro1 is starting to show symptoms of dying.
  3. Strange. I tested the usual fixes (restart phone, clear data, clear cache, reinstall Swiftkey...). I tried one more time removing and reinstalling Swiftkey and now it started working again.
  4. I have a strange problem when using Swiftkey as virtual keyboard and Chrome as browser. If I try to write to a Chrome browser text input field (like this one in the forum) with Pro1 physical keyboard and have Swiftkey as a virtual keyboard the whole browser window goes blank (all content disappears) and it cant be reloaded or recovered. Anyone else experiensing this? Started happening about a week ago so probably there has been a Swiftkey or Chrome update that broke something. Currently I am using Gboard but would like to get Swiftkey back, I like it more.
  5. Is it possible to somehow check if SMS sent from Pro 1 has been delivered? I have turned on the "SMS delivery information" (or whatever it is called in English) setting in Messages app but when I long press a message and select "Open information" I only get the following data: Type of message, Recipient number and Sending time. No information if the message was received. I know that the information comes to phone because if the last message in SMS conversation is from me there is a notice "delivered" under the message. However, I am interested to check also older messages and if they have been
  6. Is the ARcore certification still in the Pro1 feature roadmap?
  7. I also installed one GCam port (don't remember anymore which one, probably Pocohone). The image quality is definately better than with the Snapdragon camera, especially in low light condition. I use the phone camera also to take a lot of video clips. Also for the video the GCam creates superior image quality. However, I noticed a couple of more bugs. For example the framerate options don't work (if the video is set to 60 frames per second the final video is 30 frames per second) and the slow motion setting does not work (video ends up to be normal 30 frames per second also in this case).
  8. I tested VLC with this hub: https://www.kingston.com/en/memory-card-readers/nucleum-usb-type-c-hub and can confirm that VLC plays video full screen in 16:9 TV.
  9. Is it possible to charge the phone when using the HDMI by connecting a charger to this hub? Or are the usb-ports working (for example memory sticks)?
  10. Was the requested info ever given to the @Hyrum so that the planning of a GameGripper for Pro1 could proceed?
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