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  1. I've just found that oddsolutions build supports exFAT, i.e. you can use new SD cards without formatting it to FAT of EXT4. It's really great!
  2. First of all this build has full set of Google apps and services already included and google pay is available out of the box. If you don't like Google you probably don't need this build. Additionally, for me it looks more stable than LOS20. I had to reboot LOS20 (Nolen's build too) time to time because of issues with launcher and fingerprint reader. Using this build for a week without reboots. Pin entry screen with keyboard open is fixed. Finally, Android 14 has some new features that I like, such as indication of running applications in system notifications.
  3. Jan 22 build works like a charm. Much better than LOS20
  4. The battery itself looks good to them
  5. Something is broken in charging cirquit. Power management chip was replaced two times. After first replacement the phone was working two weeks and died in process of charging. After second replacement it died in process of first test charge. Guys in service workshop say they cannot do more without the diagram.
  6. Hi. I'm looking for a live Pro1 (QX1000) system board. Perhaps someone has a phone with a broken screen or a damaged case for sale. Please contact in DM.
  7. My Google account is protected by the USB/NFC U2F tokens. When I turned on new Pro1x for the first time, it asked me to tap the token but there was no reaction on it. I had to confirm login on the other phone. Later I found that credit card reader app is able to read NFC cards, but Yubikey 5 and Google Titan keys are unreadable. I also cannot use yubico authenticator, even with OTG USB dongle.
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