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  1. Thanks for all the Lineage work that is being done. Is this work, in the end, going towards the indiegogo 'pro1x with lineage' phone? I am still patiently waiting for one since my pledge there, quite a few moons ago. Thanks again for all the work.
  2. I fully understand it would not be your priority. Thanks for engaging the idea though. When a user stumbles upon a longread, user goes into menu and activates autoscroll function, maybe in a tickbox. This opens a box where a speed may be entered ( 1 - 10, 1=slow) and saved. This starts the auto-scroll on the page. It is still possible to swipe up or down on page. Autoscroll turns off automatically when user leaves page. That would maybe be the simplest way? Although, since we are talking about the Pro1 here... Maybe hitting Space could pause/resume autoscroll. Maybe the Left bu
  3. Hello Slion, Thanks for working on this browser. I like how you are trying to make it function well on the Pro1. I have been using it for a week now and happy so far! I obviously like the wide screen on the Pro1 and it makes longreads easier on a phone. I read longer articles for my work and for hobby projects. Pressing the cursor down button is a way to scroll down the the page and through the text. It got me wondering about an auto-scroll function. I have tried seperate apps and addons-in-firefox, but they dont seem to work. Hence my question: is it possible to add a simple auto-s
  4. PROBLEM SOLVED (i searched the forum for wake OR waking) ITS THE ESC-KEY Hello, I have my pro1 sitting open on my desk. Is it possible to switch it on / power on through the keyboard? Or maybe assign a key that does that? So maybe press [space], and then enter the swipecode on screen and off you go...? (I have searched the forum, but could not find the answer...)
  5. Hello, First week into the Pro1. Is splitscreen an option on this phone? Lets say: message app and youtube open next to eachother on landscape homescreen? If so: how can this be done? Thanks, ED
  6. Hello EskeRahn, many thanks for all the testwork you have been doing on the cases. You talked about the "Huawei P20 Pro" soft shell being a good option. This would only protect the bottom half of the device though, and not the screen? Or are you proposing two? One also for the top/screen side also? Although the screen is thinner... Or fixing the softshell on a leather flip case?
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