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  1. In case anyone is wondering, yes, it is possible to scrub down the Pro1 keyboard with 70% isopropyl alcohol without causing any damage. No prizes will be awarded for guessing how I know this.
  2. The update is great. The "multiple keys at once" fix has vastly increased my typing speed. Before I couldn't break 40 WPM before I stopped getting dropped keys; now I am 50-60 WPM on a good day. Thank you f(x)tec for fixing this! Before the fix, it was a great phone; now it is stellar.
  3. This happened to me too and I reported it in the Known Bugs thread. For me, it mysteriously started working again after firmly squeezing the phone shut, and it has worked since. I don't know if it was a hardware or a software problem because it hasn't happened since....
  4. Hi, I'm making this thread to store some of the tricks I've found when using the Pro1. I'll edit the first post with additions and corrections as they come up. To force Portrait when keyboard is stored and Landscape when keyboard is deployed In "Slider Settings" make sure that "Landscape Orientation Lock" is on. Install "Lock Screen Rotation": <https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.ale32thebest.lockscreenrotation> and select "Landscape Mode". Contrary to what you may expect, this works! Apps are now forcibly confined to portrait/landscape mode depending on keyboard state. I have never seen an app that can escape this restriction, but note that apps that really wanted to be laid out the "other" way may not work well. (If anyone finds a free/open-source alternative to this rotation app which works, please contact me.) To use Shift to type punctuation such as [email protected]# Install FinQwerty, <https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fi.onse.qwerty.finnish> and select the layout "FinQwerty F(x)Tec Pro1, U.S. for physical US QWERTY". Obviously this exact advice is just for U.S. phones; if you have another model you will need to select a different layout. Now you can use either Shift or YellowArrow for most punctuation. You only need YellowArrow for the keys where Shift already does something else: on my phone these keys are /?~ Useful built-in key shortcuts Shift-Arrows :: select Ctrl-Arrows :: jump a word at a time Alt-Arrows :: jump to top/bottom of page or start/end of line YellowArrow-Arrows :: PgUp/PgDn/Home/End (if you have FinQwerty) Ctrl-Bksp :: delete previous word Alt-Del or Alt-Bksp :: delete line Double-tap the switcher button:: previous app (this takes effect if you disable the "home button" swipe gestures). Suggested shortcuts for Key/Button Mapper <https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.github.sds100.keymapper> It is possible to define key combinations to trigger a shortcut. So you can use the f(x)Tec "F" key as a sort of "modifier" key to get more shortcuts. Here are the binds I've set up. F-L :: power button F-Tab :: app switcher (Arrows to select, F-Tab to switch to selected app, Del to kill selected app) F-Space :: volume menu F-Ctrl :: power menu F-Up/Dn :: brightness
  5. I think you are looking for Ctrl-Backspace. It works in most apps, but not in these forums for some reason... in those circumstances I fall back to Ctrl-Shift-Left (to select previous word) and then backspace to delete. Note also Alt-Backspace to delete the whole line.
  6. That's smart: I hadn't realized the stock Google app also searches one's installed apps. I probably won't do this (because I don't like the prospect of sending all these keystrokes to Google) but I will bear it in mind as a fallback. The best I've found so far to pair with Keyboard/Button Mapper is an app called "Search Based Launcher" on F-Droid. I'll try some of the others mentioned in this thread. Thanks!
  7. Hi, Does anyone know of a key shortcut for the Apps drawer? (The one you get when you swipe downwards on the Home screen). Ideally I would hit a key and then start typing the name of the app to launch, without interacting with the touchscreen. Do I need to download a custom launcher to do this?
  8. Thanks for the suggestion Slion. I bought the same one. Here is the Amazon U.S.A. listing that I used. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DFP6P35 I used an Exacto knife to trim away the plastic rim that holds the phone. Very easy and now I have access to the ports. I have been using this case for a couple of days and I am very satisfied.
  9. I have the same issue where the right side of the screen does not contact the standoff/bumper, meaning it rattles if the phone is moved around with the slider opened. It does not sit firmly on the bumper like @david's. I'm glad others have seen it and it isn't just me. @altwoussplease let us know what you hear from support!
  10. Hello! Loving the Pro1, but has anyone found that when talking on the phone, the speaker cuts out unless the phone is held firmly closed? If it "falls open" even a little bit, the audio turns off! To work around this, I often use speakerphone, which does not have the same problem. EDIT: This doesn't happen 100% of the time. I have observed the ear speaker working when the keyboard slider is open.
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