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  1. It's very nice, bright and vivid.
  2. I would love to have an ability to backup just /system and /data partitions.
  3. I'm using Satechi ST-CMAM, working very well.
  4. And what about stock Android? Will it be possible to fully backup?
  5. I wish GameKeyboard works on Android Pie...
  6. Did Asphalt allow to map hardware buttons on the keyboard?
  7. On Droid 4 I was using app GameKeyboard and it was perfect for gaming. On Pro1 service for this app just can't start...
  8. Laska

    Factory Restore Tool

    Unfortunately no. Even with root /vendor partition is unaccessible.
  9. Laska

    Factory Restore Tool

    I'm rooted with magisk. Maybe there is some module for this task? Magisk can access this folder with mirror.
  10. Laska

    Factory Restore Tool

    Is there any way to disable data partition encryption permanently?
  11. Laska

    Factory Restore Tool

    I want to update system but I've made changes to system partition and so I can't use ota updater. My goal is to flash update without losing access to data partition. Last time when I've flashed only /system via fastboot my data partition was locked with password and I have to format it.
  12. Laska

    Factory Restore Tool

    Hello @tdm, Can I use this tool to update my modified rom without losing data?
  13. I've paired my pro1 with 2 speakers set, 3 computers and my car. All connections workiking flawless and there is even obex ftp protocol wich I haven't saw since symbian days. :)
  14. Try to wipe cache and data of the Updater app.
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