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  1. I've paired my pro1 with 2 speakers set, 3 computers and my car. All connections workiking flawless and there is even obex ftp protocol wich I haven't saw since symbian days. :)
  2. Try to wipe cache and data of the Updater app.
  3. Lightning Launcher is best for me
  4. Thank you so much for your answers! :) Well, in fact I'm affraid of factory reset. I spent whole month on this phone and now everything is working superb, just as I want. I've even manage to deal with sound cracklings and speakers channels swap already. Except for the minor issuses with keyboard.
  5. Is there any place where I can find your keyboard driver and install it manualy?
  6. Sorry to bother you. Please be so kind and share information: is there any way to manualy instal keyboard fix? I've modified my /system partition and so now can't install OTA. I can live with it very well and I don't care about gapps (honestly, I've removed them all), safetynet or even security updates but I would love get this keyboard fix. Thank you for your time.
  7. Yes, I know the scan code, it is 119 but in the .kl file this number is related to BREAK, not FUNCTION.
  8. So I've finally tried to manually install ota with my "modified" /system partition and it turns out to be impossible... :( Eventually I can live with that but I would like to try new keyboard drivers, can someone extract them for me?
  9. Speaking about Mame4Droid, I didn't updated the latest OTA but for me there was always problem with inputs in this emulator. Everytime I've mapped keys, next time after reboot keys have different numbers, for example: before reboot: 5:SPACE, after reboot 6:SPACE for the very same button. Do you also have issue of this kind? PS I'm afraid there is no good alternative fo Mame4Droid... 😞
  10. This is what I'm afraid of, it will eventually lead me to lose everything because when I flash stock system.img I will have to wipe /data partition because of forced encryption...
  11. Hmm, I think that update package is to small to contain apps from /system partition, it is only 69mb...
  12. Is it make ane difference? After all, OTA app is downloading update package to SD, am I right? Mainly I've uninstalled many apps from /system.
  13. So where are the differences...?
  14. Well, after reading this I'm affraid I'm screwed -I've modified my /system partition... Is there any other way to install update?
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