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  1. Laska

    Spare Parts

    Where keyboard overlay and the botton of a case can be bought?
  2. According to my previous question, how can I make audio recordings on Pro1 not so horrible and cut-off?
  3. We all shall to thank you. As I wrote before, Android 9 is last OS without major compromises. I like your website very much, it have some ineresting readings. Yes, I was suprised that without log-in one can not view this forum. Maybe XDA is the place?
  4. Hello, Did someone maybe found solution or fix for this issue with cut off frequencies?
  5. So after some struggle I've returned to stock. After degoogle it's not bad, it's very fast and clean. And I can confirm now: time resets not happening on stock, even without SIM or any data connection. I've also checked it with my LG V50 -same thing, time and date is always correct. The one problem with stock rom is audio recording, no matter if it's on video ir in only voice in dictaphone app, the sound have cutted higher frequencies. Is there any fix for this? I'm ofcourse rooted.
  6. Yes, I'm rooted with Magisk so I think I can put scrpt in post-fs or service.d folder. But I don't understand content of this file -this is not lookng like .kl type file and I don't know how to remap keyboard with those codes.
  7. Thank you all for your replies, especially @claude0001! :) This is the first time I see android phone resets time without SIM. I have Motorola from which I don't use daily but sometimes powers on without SIM or WiFi and time is correct, exept for situation when it loose all it's power. Well, I have to live with it. I have two more question according to this rom: 1. How can I customize keyboard layout? On stock I've just edited .kl file but I don't see this one in /system/usr/keylayout in Lineage. 2. Did someone of you have Radio FM apk from stock rom? The one from Lineage i
  8. Yes, I know but often I don't have data service on this device (I'm, using it without SIM card). But why does it even happening? Of course battery is fully charged. I've never met this kind of issue on a stock rom.
  9. I've faced one major issue with this ROM: everytime I reboot my device date and time is resetted to time and date of rom's compilation. How can I prevent this?
  10. Thank you very much for your work. Clean Android 9 is the last one I can tolerate and use without repulsion.
  11. Laska

    Duplicated keys

    Could this new driver be installed on stock?
  12. Laska

    Duplicated keys

    I think it is temperature related: on a hot, sunny day I get almost every key doubled. And it never happen with software keyboard input which shoud have same processing priority.
  13. Have you granted root permision to flashing tool? Was there any os updates since last flash?
  14. It's not that hard but you have to be VERY careful with fingerprint reader connection ribbon.
  15. I think the connection with mainboard is deattached. It happen to me after I've dropped my phone. You have to disassembly back cover and reattach it.
  16. Thanks, but the most important thin is I don't want to erase data for the second time. The strange thing is that no password known to me was working to unlock it.
  17. But there is a disk encryption and if you flash fresh system partition it asks for password. In my case no password work. I don't know why...
  18. I'm using GravityBox for customizing led color. But true thing is that this led cannot provide whole spectrum of colors.
  19. Yes, I've done it twice already. It's not that hard as it seems. Now if you look at my phone, even very close, you can't say the screen was swaped. Also I've installed small difusor for the notification led so now light is in one solid color.
  20. Maybe you're right... Displays from ebay look slightly different inside than the original one.
  21. After second screen replacement I'm beginning to think that it is not phone memory need to be flashed but the display's chip itself...
  22. I think it is because the ebay displays are lot cheaper than the one that fxtec are selling so maybe there is a conflict of interest...
  23. Where one can download lineage 16.1?
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