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  1. @EskeRahn okay, good news - easy fix - slipup on my part when rebasing on the newest common kernel - https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/android_kernel_fxtec_msm8998/+/355481 - pulled the broken build - sorry for your pain! Next weeks will work fine.
  2. Looking into it, there was a kernel rebase recently.
  3. Official lineageos builds roll on Thursday!
  4. https://review.lineageos.org/c/LineageOS/android_device_fxtec_pro1/+/315360 - this was merged - we missed one conversion from 44 -> 2c, the value mismatch caused the powerhal to crash. Issue is remediated.
  5. QCOM isn't at fault here - they're probably entirely unaware of any of this given they haven't supported the SD835 for years. It's IdeaLite, the ODM that went back on their word.
  6. It is required - system mounts are handled differently, ROM will probably flash but GApps won't -- just use 17.1 recovery lol. And yeah, we moved all button settings to, well, button settings haha.
  7. In Recovery Menu: Advanced -> Enable ADB - it's supposed to be secure by default 🙂 I have no clue where you're seeing `fastboot flash lineage.img` - that's no where on there. And yes, you're temporarily flashing a custom recovery - flash to boot, then boot to recovery - it will be overwritten by the install of the ROM. And again, it is an A/B device - not suer where the confusion lies here. Yeah, like I said, that's the correct syntax. Stop worrying about slots - we handle it all. Just follow the guide, flash recovery, boot to recovery, flash the ROM, form
  8. Someone please test Call muting via the built in Dialer app and let me know if it works.
  9. Yeah, sorry, we have to adhere to LineageOS's charter - and Wi-Fi dropouts definitely violate that - the good news here is that with our findings today, I'm confident we can ship ETA Soon^TM. And good to hear 🙂 I tried like 10 different values and picked the one that was least intrusive to other users, and allowed those of us with early prototypes to interact with that area as well. Additionally, from a UX perspective - it doesn't warp test as badly on the curve now in landscape, so that's something. Untitled-1.psd OT: On the fingerprint image, if anyone has recomme
  10. I suppose whatever compilation of data between the app you screenshotted and greenify that provides: - percentage drain over time - Suspend time - Wake-locks - And anything else you think might be of pertitnence
  11. Additionally, can we get your greenify stats?
  12. I understand - I want to get it working - I'm asking purely for testing purposes. If you can't I likely can try some stuff today.
  13. This screenshot makes me think you have a persistent VPN (blockada or similar?) can you try without that? Recent QCACLD merge may be the issue - I've heard of issues with persistent VPN's after that.
  14. So, interesting test, can you make your wpa_supplicant_overlay.conf match this? https://github.com/LineageOS/android_device_motorola_nash/blob/lineage-17.1/wifi/wpa_supplicant_overlay.conf See if that helps anything.
  15. So, we add to $PATH, as our bug report system and most debugging relies on it being installed -- no point in expecting it to be in local dir/explicitly called by path each time. I'll make sure to do end-to-end tests of the install instructions and get the wiki up to par as needed - I work on Lineage's Wiki too pretty frequently. Also OT: Am the guy TDM is talking about above. Stoked to help out with the device.
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