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  1. I may have forgotten to mention there's a toggle in the settings that ensures display changes with a reboot. On my Pro1, this setting wasn't necessary, as the display changes took place almost instantly.
  2. I like the originality! However, I myself haven't been able to do proper touch typing on the QWERTY variant, with the keys being so small, meaning that every so often, I look back at the keyboard to check whether I'm about to press the right key. That's going to be extremely difficult if you can't check to see which key is which. Furthermore, getting the feel for a new keyboard layout always starts out slowly, so I wonder if you could even learn the positions of the keys you decide to map manually at all, with such a tough start. Also, you'd lose the backlight.
  3. Can I just ask... why? 😂 it looks insane to me, in a way. Are these the new Pokémon cards, that will be worth a lot in the future, you reckon?
  4. @EskeRahn don't forget to also account for how intimidating a bundle of nerds is to non-nerds, thus causing them to stay as far away from these forums as possible, too!
  5. The poll should speak for itself. I'm really wondering how many of us aren't computer nerds 🤓
  6. I'm still figuring out when I want to use the physical keyboard (for now, mostly for fun or when browsing the web), other times I simply use Google Keyboard which is much faster for me with suggestions on, to text friends and such. I personally want my F(x)tec Pro1 to feel like any other smartphone in portrait mode, with apps and in-app buttons being quite large, and be able to switch to the physical keyboard when I want more of a laptop/productivity feel for the device, with the display size and fonts being much smaller, and getting the full desktop sites in Chrome. This guide is mainly
  7. Here's my small collection of sliders; Nokia N900 on the left, and Xperia Play on the right. I haven't found a cheap E7 yet to score once again. I've always dreamed of the Nokia N950 though. The developer-only phone with - what seemed to be - a decent camera (back when I thought that was entirely dependent on the number of megapixels, and the ability to autofocus). I'm just glad the F(x)tec Pro1 exists to fill the gap in this era.
  8. I myself could never get used to my brother's ole' HTC Desire Z, simply because the screen didn't tilt up. I fell in love with the Nokia E7 as well when I was about 15 years old (time flies, but also, I'm still pretty young). I remember selling it to some older man, who gave me a confused look and said: "why does someone like you have a device like this?", clearly indicating that keyboards on Symbian phones are for grown men only. To which I replied: "I... collect phones?". Still true, to this day. But I think it's pretty hilarious to think of a 15 year old boy saving up to buy his next cheap,
  9. If you are like me, you're an Android enthusiast and you love how the keyboard on the F(x)tec Pro1 makes it feel like a miniature laptop. However, you must have also noticed that most of Android isn't built for landscape use. I've thought about it for a bit, and I decided to make a Tasker profile that seamlessly changes DPI when the keyboard is opened. Assuming your close-up eyesight is fine, this allows much more information to be displayed on the screen in landscape mode, and gives Chrome desktop-like tabs at the top (basically a tablet mode). Since I am loving it so much, I bet there's at l
  10. Hoping to balance the negativity in this thread, my F(x)tec Pro1 running LineageOS does not seem to have any camera issues regarding focus (see the attached sample I took today). Running LineageOS 18.1 (unofficial; 20210105), using a Google Camera version (though I forgot exactly which one).
  11. Hoping to revive this thread, quite some time has passed and there's been some progress in Google Camera (GCam) apps. I recently got this phone and I've been trying many GCam versions, only to notice the majority of versions all have an upside down viewfinder. If it weren't for this, these versions would make the camera function exceptionally well on the F(x)tec Pro1. The most promising version seems to be MGC_8.1.101, given that it is the latest version of the Google Camera combined with the fact that it has a wide range of (developer) settings inside. However, I have not been able to find an
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