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  1. You guys might be interested in similar work done over on the XDA Blackberry forums and Hackaday.
  2. I think my Pro1X just did this a few minutes ago. Suddenly appeared powered-off and unresponsive, had to try holding the power button a couple times before it woke back up. I checked dmesg and saw a huge number of these lines: [ 2836.383934] mas_ioctl: cmd=0x80044d22 [ 2836.383941] mas_ioctl: end. [ 2836.394128] mas_ioctl: cmd=0x80044d22 [ 2836.394137] mas_ioctl: end. [ 2836.404314] mas_ioctl: cmd=0x80044d22 [ 2836.404323] mas_ioctl: end. [ 2836.414717] mas_ioctl: cmd=0x80044d22 [ 2836.414726] mas_ioctl: end. I have no idea what this is referring to.
  3. I've had my Pro1X since Aug 1, and noticed today that the fingerprint scanner had separated from the case. It still works; the electrical connection is on the other end of it. I've taped it down with a bit of electrical tape for now. What's the best way to stick it down permanently? Should I disable it until it's been fixed? I don't use it anyway.
  4. A Blackberry Priv first, then when I managed to break my phone last December I transferred it to my old LG VS890. No issues with either transfer.
  5. I popped my Verizon SIM into my Pro1X today and it's working just fine. HD calls and fast internet, etc. I'm in the northern US East Coast.
  6. My phone was already delivered when I woke up today! I've spent the last few hours configuring things. So far the only snag I've hit is accessing accented characters through the physical keyboard, but the thread on setting up the QWERTZ layout helped:
  7. I never got one. I just assumed I had to be in batch 1 when I got the tracking number.
  8. The shipping email was from FedEx on Tuesday (July 26). I knew it was the phone because the reference number was FX Store-[my fxtec order #]. Someone in the Pro1X State of Production thread said that people who ordered through the website are being given priority over people who backed them on IGG. It has something to do with customer protection laws? I'm not entirely sure. The phone has left Alaska now. I'm on the US East Coast, so it looks like it's on track to get to me sometime on Monday.
  9. Looks like they're doing better this time around: I just got the notification that my phone has landed in Alaska. EDIT: And it's just left Alaska---presumably for the continental US.
  10. I ordered on 06 Aug 2021 through the fxtec website, and my phone just landed in Alaska:
  11. I'm in batch 1, and it looks like my package is currently crossing the pacific (HK International is in Lantau). I'm surprised that I'm in the first batch; I ordered off the fxtec website on 06 August 2021.
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