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Spontaneous reboots - discssion on possible causes

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6 hours ago, Chibz said:

Is there any fix for the WCDMA reboots?

Other than switching to LineageOS (17.1), probably not.

The software f(x)tec provides is disappointing ... in so many ways. Unfortunately, some bugs got carried over to LOS, probably because f(x)tec doesn't provide enough information about drivers and hardware 😞

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Yesterday I had two spontaneous reboots while having a call. I was working on my garage, and had working gloves on. First time I really thought that the device rebooted spontaneously, and the second t

Alright, so I just had my first random reboot. For me, this has never been an issue until today, when I connected to GF's new wireless router. I remarked that I found the signal strength a bit lacking

I believe my Pro1 reboots sometimes. I reported long time (like 2 months) ago, that the Pro1 queries pin code sometimes. I was thinking that it only loses network. I even replaced my sim card, to make

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my phone reboots almost every time in selected locations with 3g mode activated. if 2f or 4g mode is forced - works perfectly. unfortunately no voice-over-lte is supported, so i should choose - either calls or data.

seems to me as buggy modem driver - no "user" app should crash kernel

i've "almost the same" problem with my blackberry priv - it reboots "on it's own". the only difference - it's reboots "back to normal" - no "unlock password" required

and yes. assuming no updates since aug 2020 - seems it's already dead.

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