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How to customize the keyboard layout on LineageOS 18.1?

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I recently migrated to LineageOS from stock, where I was a happy FinQWERTY user. After seeing it was broken and finding out in the forums that FinQWERTY is expected not to work, I've been crawling all threads related to keyboard layouts and adjustments and nothing I did worked.

(In my case -- I'd like to type Portuguese, so I want combining ` ' ~ ^ and ç; none of the built-in options really seem to be comfortable for typing. There's a few alt combinations that are really hard to reach for a couple of them, but not all...)

I tried tweaking a KCM as described in

but the changes don't seem to be applied.

I also found out about /data/system/keyboard/keymap (see https://github.com/LineageOS/android_device_fxtec_pro1/blob/2bfa41a3f649e1c97b588dc08ee7ff09d7bd1447/devicesettings/src/org/lineageos/settings/device/Constants.java#L27 ) but I don't really understand the format, since it's different from the kcms.

Has anyone managed to customize the keyboard on LineageOS? It'd be a big shame if I needed to go back to stock just so I could type comfortably 😕

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