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  1. Basically it seems to be a problem with ribbon cable of the screen itself. I suspect if the screen is not glued well or glue releases and the bottom part of the screen can move in relation to its frame, then ribbon cable worns out (looses continuity) causing ghost touches or other screen issues. That is a wide ribbon cable which is part of the display module.
  2. Basically Pro1 had a very loud speaker with limited effectiveness of volume setting. That was improved in a later firmware I think or maybe in LineageOS... Otherwise, microphone is a bit silent compared to other phones. I don't have problems with calling, signal strength / capability is not stunning but usable (my Motorola G6 was a bit worse but it was not stunning either), however, I think my service provider has not enabled VoLTE for me, at least it does not work... It also had a speaker miswiring where left and right speakers were swapped. It was also corrected (in software
  3. It may happen that antenna design of Pro1X is worse than Pro1's design (I don't know) but this problem sounds like most likely the SoC's firmware also has problems which should be independent of F(x)tec... or other manufacturers are actively doing workarounds on poorly written software of the main component of the phone? ...or other manufacturers are receiving firmware updates from Qualcomm to address SoC-related issues but F(x)tec does not? ...or something happens which triggers an issue what does not happen on other phones? ...
  4. Is it under stock OS or Lineage? My Pro1 became highly better after switching to LineageOS...
  5. Basically you should think about keyboard scan codes. So every keys on a real keyboard generate a code which represents the physical key pressed. Then you have keyboard layouts, which assigns physical keypresses (scan codes) as an actual letter. Looking from the other end: In the past, there was an US keyboard layout. Later, national keyboard layouts are also appeared which were practically the very same keyboard what US layout was, simply the prints of actual keys were different. So OS should know which layout was printed on keyboard, then it can generate the same keys wh
  6. Right and I understand there are only a few phones exist with keyboard support, but that is not a negligible request...
  7. If I understand well, that is a really good solution as sticky shift caused troubles for me but not when it was sticky for only one character. Thanks. I wonder why.
  8. I don't know how phone manufacturing works as a small company, so if you only have an option to be in contract with a company to do the full manufacturing (even Covid may reduced other possibilities), but if we are speaking of much smaller part of the whole, PCB manufacturing and assembly (which may also be separated to only PCB manufacturing, then only assembly), that works a bit differently... ...so, these companies may have an option to pre-order necessary components, which they will use for manufacturing... or a bigger company who does full manufacturing may have an option to pre-orde
  9. Absolutely wrong. Funding was basically needed for further manufacturing of Pro1... ...slight modification is one thing, but that was only included some change in BOM list and nothing else, so nothing what needs PCB design, certification, external testings, SoC-related developments, anything. SoC change became a problem long after Pro1-X campaign was started. So Pro1-X was intended to earn some money of the project but financially became a close-to null-profit or even a loss project... so it is a really sad story. Maybe if software could be improved, they may continue manufa
  10. Right, that was one very important part of the story. Another point was timing (I don't know if Unihertz had better luck regarding this)... I mean it may happen that only a few weeks have caused a huge difference regarding re-branded Pro1 vs. the long journey of Pro1X.
  11. If I remember well, I had a problem of remapping it as FN key like it was in stock Android but I have not checked actual keyboard driver's functionality or source code. Sorry if I am a bit unclear, I have just arrived home and it is nearly 3AM and left home a bit after 7AM in connection with a project coming deadline. I hope I will have a bit more time to check it and also some time for Pro1X... a bit later...
  12. When I have first tried the phone, as far as I remember well, I had a Telekom Hungary card inserted. I had both problems - problem on receiving and initiating calls, but first call worked after restart (maybe modem standby issue). I haven't checked it since a while and currently it also has a Telenor Hungary card inserted which also had similar problem but in dual-SIM configuration. I may also check it using Telekom/Telenor/Vodafone Hungary if that matters (in one-SIM configuration) but as far as I remember well, they use similar frequency bands.
  13. I have a Pro1 as daily driver but I have also received my Pro1X as an IGG backer. When I have tried Pro1X, I also had issues initiating call and also accepting call - sometimes it worked but mostly does not. I am in the EU / Hungary and tested using Telekom service provider - I may also test is using another service provider but I have also thought it is a very common problem as I read a lot about it here. So it is not limited to US region but also happen in Europe, maybe related to specific bands.
  14. It was an initial problem which was improved in later firmware. Maybe LineageOS has also improved it a bit or at least now I don't have this problem. Fortunately, I don't have problems with my car BT handsfree but there may be difference regarding protocols. Anyway, it also works together using standalone Bluetooth handsfree unit and I have also tried it using Samsung Gear S3 Frontier where handsfree mode worked. Maybe you ran into a compatibility issue...
  15. I think most of your problems with Pro1 were caused by the fact you live in the USA and telephony systems generally work a bit different way there. I am using my Pro1 as a daily driver together with LineageOS and it works well for me. However, network coverage is relatively good here. Network coverage is basically in par with my Motorola G6 (which was my previous phone), however, that also could has been a bit better... but nothing huge problems for me. WiFi works well but it is true it sometimes drops connection then reconnects... LTE works well, GPS works well (much better th
  16. Right, under Windows, drivers can cause a lot of troubles and "plug and play" driver installation may also cause issues. However, if I understood well, @Milky_Pimmshas tried it under Linux where driver-related problems do not apply.
  17. I think if you unplug your keyboard and mouse, you will have a completely free USB2 line. You may plug them into another USB ports but then check it again if they really connected to another bus so that connector is not also connected to BUS 005. ...then you may try to connect your phone to the USB connector where your keyboard or mouse is currently connected. It worth a try.
  18. For me, I had call initiating/receiving problem from the very first time I have turned it on. (Basially it worked mostly once after restart...) However, I had a feeling it is a modem problem and not necessarily reception, so I am waiting for a software upgrade which potentially improving very bad modem problems - and I hope updating its firmware is possible... I did not have enough time to follow its progress anyway but I hope they will find a solution.
  19. Basically there are more USB connections on a PC than physical USB endpoints at hardware side. So there are internal HUBs connected and also there are usually internal USB hardware in the machine which are also connected somewhere. So more USB devices share the same bus. These USB devices are communicating with PC, so they may generate interrupts, so hardware is also handling their communication while the flashing method needs strict timing, so that may result the process does not arrive in time for data sending. That is the background. Usually there is at least one USB c
  20. Compared using their stock systems? Pro1 runs much smoother using LineageOS, however, Pro1X may also have some benefit of LineageOS once it becomes fully functional.
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