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  1. Yes, I wanted to say yellow arrow. 🙂 ...and yes, it was blue on my N900. 😄
  2. Yes, it is better to handle the situation like this.
  3. Anyway, it seems there are also users who have not received stock assigned e-mails but received tracking information from FedEx, so we will see it...
  4. Just some more info - I have received a standard attachment from FedEx which I should send back. In one of the papers, I have an option to choose "DDP" (Delivered Duty Paid) and @Erik agreed I should choose it as I am in the EU. I have not seen it mentioned elsewhere so I put it here, maybe it also helps for others.
  5. He has also received a tracking number from FedEx today.
  6. I wrote about that person who has received an assignment mail in the same country and has order number of 49XX and also a QWERTZ order. Yesterday afternoon, I have asked him and he has not received tracking number yet anyway, but it may have changed since that. I also know he has also moved from original QWERTY to QWERTZ the same as me with IGG coupon, because the time we made pre-order, QWERTZ option was still not available - that option came later. So I don't think it has changed anything in queue. Anyway, at very early stage, they told QWERTZ orders are a minority so they may be even produced and shipped earlier. It seems it became not the case anyway so I don't know finally how they handle QWERTZ orders. Maybe your order was pushed back because of the last statement how pre-orders are handled but it is also interesting that someone stated they sent an e-mail to being part of a shipment in February but we still don't know if he asked support directly. So, currently it is unknown if all orders will receive an update e-mail or only those which have stock assigned. I think it would be the best if they could sent an e-mail also for those who were included in this batch to not leave them in doubt.
  7. I am also using Firefox with my Pro1 but I am not usually keep it open, so 1 hour of continuous browsing is not typical for me. Maybe I have also experienced this anyway, I just remember closing the app and open it again but I did not really care of it. I have experienced to have a dark (maybe gray) screen in some circumstances in Firefox where I should press back button to current web page to show up, maybe it happens after I download something.
  8. As I wrote earlier, I have received a tracking number from FedEx and they are requesting some information about Customs. In last update of @Erik, I see the following statement: By looking at documents FedEx attached, there is an option of DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) which I can tick instead of the casual way of paying these fees. If I understand the situation well, regarding the quote above, I should use DDP option in order to everything go right. However, I have not seen mentioning DDP anywhere here so I am not sure if I should choose this option or not, I am also don't know what should I write on dotted line after this statement. I would like to ask if @Erik or @Waxberry could clarify it. I am going to call FedEx in the morning (maybe around 9 hours from now) and try to ask them of possible options and what kind of documents should I send them in case DDP is the right option but it would be good to hear some official suggestions regarding how to handle these documents - for me, currently it seems DDP may be the right and desired option.
  9. VaZso


    Basically it is an application but it adds these layouts to system and the system will use that layout directly and not through the application.
  10. Just a question... as far as I remember well, maybe @Erik wrote they will pay customs... does it mean I have to check "DDP" option with courier? It says TAX + VAT, etc. is to be payed by seller and there is a dotted line after this statement... ...that case what should i write on dotted line?
  11. VaZso


    That app adds the possibility to include layouts other than those which exist in stock system. So, basically you can use a better layout for yourself if you are not convenient with those built into the system. In other words, not the app which actively does this feature but it gives the possibility to add it to let the system do it. 🙂
  12. Hungary also received tracking number. 🙂 ...however, they also would like to request permission for customs clearance... Doesn't they (at F(x)tec side) told they have customs pre-paid? Don't I remember well? It would be not very good to pay the same thing twice...
  13. Hi, I am basically satisfied with camera itself but Snapdragon Camera is really not the best. Also it seems sometimes it does not take photos (maybe because I have configured it to use SD Card) but then it does again. Also a but noisy in dark environment. I have found myself using OpenCamera and currently trying Footej Camera which looks to be good. Maybe they are better in darker environment but where I user camera, I think it performs well. Basically I can make sharp macro photos - much better than with my Moto G6 - also inside using room light. Outside photos are also look to be good. So I think its camera is not bad at all, however, some improvement of Snapdragon Camera would be still good.
  14. I think it is a bit more complicated than if somebody ordered QWERTY or QWERTZ device because as far as I know, QWERTZ devices were sold only to Europe destinations. For me, I would have been bought a non-shifted QWERTY instead, but as it was not available, I have bought QWERTZ one. However, I use a mixed layout on it which basically has standard QWERTY layout while accent characters are reachable by using FN (blue arrow). Basically my layout looks like QWERTY more than like QWERTZ but definitively not like shifted QWERTY - which wanted to be a useful idea but for me, it would be inconvenient to use it especially if I would like to also use national layout. So for a Poll, I may be curious for these options: - I have ordered a shifted QWERTY because I think it fits well - I have ordered a QWERTZ one because I think it fits well - I would have ordered one with national layout but went for QWERTY - I would have ordered one with national layout but went for QWERTZ because it fits better - I would have ordered standard QWERTY but went for QWERTZ because standard QWERTY is not available - I would have ordered standard QWERTY but QWERTZ was also not available here so I went for a shifted one - I have not ordered yet because I would like to have a non-shifted QWERTY layout - I have not ordered yet because I would like to have a national layout - I have not ordered yet because of other reasons
  15. I think if you are IGG backer then you should have a stock assigned mail sooner or later this batch. Maybe they have not finished sending out mails yet or it may have landed in spam folder of your inbox.
  16. What I can tell you that an order number of #49XX from Hungary of QWERTZ device without IGG coupon has received stock assignment the same time as me with IGG coupon (12:43 CET). It was also payed in 31th July maybe within an hour of request arrived. As it seems there is at least one user who received an e-mail also about not being in this batch, it may happen you will also receive stock assignment e-mail later - maybe tomorrow.
  17. I have heard about another stock assigned e-mail for QWERTZ, EU, without IGG coupon and order number 49xx.
  18. Hehe, same for me also. 🙂 However, PinePhone's courier told usual shipping time as 10-14 days and I think F(x)tec uses a more expensive shipping company with pre-paid TAX, so Pro1 should arrive earlier I think. 🙂 However, if you expect both of them early February then it will be a real race. 🙂 Anyway, two different phones to play with takes much more free time. 😄
  19. Right. I would be interested in at least two - so maybe four or five. ...in black colour, if possible please.
  20. Right. Also it may worth looking at Spam folder as service providers are not really like to receive mass e-mails spread on their user accounts (and that is one reason that F(x)tec is not sending all e-mails at the same time).
  21. What was written in your e-mail and what is your location / keyboard layout / order number approximately?
  22. Also just got a stock assigned e-mail - IGG order, EU, QWERTZ.
  23. It would be good if someone could manufacture a similar case in a factory-like environment. Anyway, thank you for sharing .stl files.
  24. I have just filed a pull request on GitHub for Hungarian layout of Pro1 as it seems @Anssi Hannula is not actively checking this forum. I hope it will be included soon. I put both QWERTZ and QWERTY versions there but I don't know how usable it is on shifted QWERTY layout.
  25. I think a better solution would be to only turn on the backlight in the event of slider opening or any key pressed. That way if keyboard remains open, one may need to press a key to light up the keyboard (maybe it needs the modification of the low level driver). The best solution would be if a counter would exists (initial value is ideally set by user) and any keystroke would reset that counter. That way keyboard light would be turned off after a certain time and is able to be turned on also if slider remained open when the phone went to standby. Also, it seems the system keeps landscape orientation lock so the most simple solution may be to set last state based on its value on wakeup. Currently, I use fn+F6 to turn backlight on in case of it remained off after wake up and I feel it is relatively convenient as at least I don't have to close and open the slider to get it work.
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