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    My Pro1 died?

    It is definitively seems to be some sort of hardware problem. USB PCB may has some electronics but it is very unlikely the main power supply is located there. However, it may has components related to USB power which may also has communication with SoC which may fail to start if this communication is absent (IC is not present or communication line has stalled) - but this is only a guess.
  2. VaZso

    My Pro1 died?

    Interesting. However, I assume your device was also not communicating over USB which may worth a check I think. (I really hope what I have experienced with a Pro1 is very rare, it was definitively a flash problem forcing it to go to EDL mode after 10 minutes and failing to write flash via Factory Restore Tool.) Anyway, I am curious what may be the problem with USB panel... theoretically, it can be forced to boot into EDL mode using a Type-C connection which may cause a similar symptom (but not after several minutes) - it would look exactly what you currently see and over usb, it wo
  3. VaZso

    My Pro1 died?

    No, it will only turn on if the software can load to a stage it drives the LED. It is not directly driven by hardware (own experience). Correct, LED will light up this case. If software can reach a state it starts to display F(x)tec logo, then it should display something. The simplest is to check if it comes up as an USB device when connecting a cable. Also UFS-dead Pro1 came up this way and from this state, an initial reprogramming may be started as next step (which may or most likely may not help)... Checking with another cable is a good idea, also pressing p
  4. VaZso

    My Pro1 died?

    I don't think the issue is about the USB board... @adidas88 wrote it worked the day before but it did not turn on next mornig. So my question would be if the phone was turned off last night and if so, about what percentage of charge it had. So if I understood well, it still had charge but it did not turn on the next morning. I would check if there is some charging current or if it comes up as an USB device and what is its device identifier. As there were some devices which had faulty UFS flash and same symthomps, this can also be a similar issue but I would check the cha
  5. I think adb push would be an option for that but it may also need adb root - I don't really know. Also, it is a good question if sideloading a .zip file containing the appropriate keymap file will work - I have no experience regarding this but it may worth a try...
  6. Right, pick up of a file is the simplest but working solution, a full-featured GUI is a more complicated but much better solution. A custom keymap generator is a very good idea, especially if it also has an import/export function, that would be the non plus ultra. 🙂 Also you are right about the different QWERTY variation Pro1-X will have. Although it could be differentiated based on device names (Pro1 and Pro1-X), it is really a much better solution if related codes of these devices could be the same, so if there is a GUI generator where user may pick the real physical keymap (s)he ha
  7. Theoretically, the driver was designed in a way it should reflect the written texts of the QWERTZ unit (also for non-standard places), so I would think it should basically work out of the box when you also select German layout in Android. However, to activate custom keymap function of GUI, you should place your custom keymap file here: /data/system/keyboard/keymap It has a format of 0:0000:0000 1:0024:1024 2:0031:1032 ...etc... The first part is the physical position of a key (reflect to physical wiring), the second part is the normal function of it and the third part is
  8. Thank you - I didn't have chance for it to test (on other device) before but now (as part of the last update) it was installed on my daily driver. Naturally, it works. 🙂 Maybe one option what would be good to have is a setting to pick a custom layout file then copy it to its appropriate folder, that would eliminate the need of any kind of root mechanisms. However, it is an Android programming question and not kernel-related.
  9. Thanks. I have two kinds of similar HUBs and I think I have only tried them under stock OS... However, my USB connection of Pro1 is not really good, I am having trouble also using my thermal camera but I have just realized the problem is coming from the connector of my Pro1 and not at the micro USB --> Type-C convesion of the camera... I would need to replace the USB board. 😞 However, HDMI worked for me maybe a week ago when I have tried it (but very haphazardly thanks to my Type-C connector) while it did not work on an early version of LineageOS 18.1
  10. True. I have bought some spare screens and I have only found one which is acceptable and another one which has only a really minor fault, so it is practically perfect. The worst had a big black spot away from the edges which was practically unusable. The rest has relatively small but noticeable issues at one or two corners. So yes, these are not perfect displays what F(x)tec probably wants to get. I have only used two - one which had some problems at a corner and the curent has the same problem at another corner and its colour temperature at low brightness is different
  11. Additionally, they may be in contact directly with manufacturer and Aliexpress has a lot of not really controled resellers. Moreover, they may need to order high quantity and I think a better price (mass order) and finally, they need to also add display frame ad internal PCB which they may also need to manufacture in mass... As far as I know, F(x)tec has never sold displays directly but a complete outer part of display frame.
  12. How? Haven't you tried to check it using a magnetized screwdriver? It seems the magnet at display side is really close, so there should be a hall effect sensor relatively close to that spring.
  13. Right, that seems to be a small spring. There is a screw which locks it to the base and it is curved similarly like some battery connections of older phones. It is definitively not a switch, the "switch" is a hall effect sensor combined with a magnet at the opposite part.
  14. Right, I would have also bought some for spare - then I will see how easy is the USB connector to obtain and replace... if it is practically possible, I would also repair old board and use it as a spare... Also, they have designed Pro1(x) this way because of longer lifespan and easy replacement, so I think they will be available soon and I hope they will. These parts should not even expensive anyway. One of the mean reason of it is on a relatively simple PCB may be the USB problems of N900 in the past and that device was an inspiration for Pro1. I am a bit afraid of the long-ter
  15. I took a big breath and just upgraded my LOS 18.1 to latest version by OTA. Everything seems to work, root was maintained and I thought it will took longer than in reality. Tested TV out and it also works, including sound transfer. Anyway, my USB connector is not really good... since a while I can only charge in one direction and data transfer practicaly only works if I hold it in the "right way" (stretched in one direction)... it would be good to obtain a replacement USB board sooner or later... So OTA update works well and HDMI output also works.
  16. Anyway, does its RJ45 work under Android? When I have tried my similar HUBs, there were no driver in the system for it but I think it was under stock OS.
  17. Thanks, so it works for you using latest update of LOS. I would like to update my system soon, so it is worth testing it.
  18. Be aware brushing connectors using fiberglass brush is not always a good idea. If connector (or PCB) has golden plating then you will remove this thin layer and the problem will reappear much sooner. The same applies for connectors of PC RAM for example. To remove oxidized parts, it is much better to use a piece of paper similarly like a sandpaper which also removes oxids but not as destructive as fiberglass brush.
  19. Thanks, so it does something similar like what it does on mine (I think it produced a watchdog-like reboot for me). Anyway, it worked for me on stock OS on the same device(s). I have a bad feeling this function does not work on LOS and the chance to get it working is practically non-existent. 😞
  20. I see a changelog about "Fix extended audio features" and there is a remark there: - Also disable HDMI Passthrough, as it won't build on OSS builds. I don't know if video out of Pro1 works under LineageOS or not, currently it does not work on my Pro1 running an old release (it does not display image but reboots when going into specific setting). Does it work on your phone(s)? If it does, is sound also works? Looking at the remark above, I am afraid something is not complete there especially if some part(s) does not build on OSS builds what is sad...
  21. My original screen became having ghost touches after nearly a year, so I have replaced it but only used double-sided tape for fixing which were too narrow letting the bottom part to start moving a bit by time. At bottom part, there is a ribbon cable coming from the display itself to the back side. So my second screen became also faulty after a few months but in a bit different way. There touch function was not affected but sometimes my display has started became brighter and brighter to white colour, but turning the display on and off has helped. Later, it has occasionally started dev
  22. Hmm, same for me... anyway, if you have two SIMs installed, you have two separate places for these SIMs. Also, only one SIM has LTE availability and there is no such settings for the other - that may be the reason it does not find it. However, in Setings, under Network / Internet, there is a Mobile networks menu item and here are the two SIMs (sorry for incorrect naming). One of them may have VoLTE activation checkbox. Additionally, now I have VoLTE enabled for my company SIM, so I may have to check if it is working... I don't know when it was activated but I have used the other
  23. Just curious... have you tried to check if VoLTE is enabled? You should have a switch in Android settings and also service provider can switch it off. For me (when I have tried), enabling VoLTE allows me to initiate a call but phone doesn't ringing althought it rings for the caller. Here the system is a bit old version of LineageOS 18.1
  24. That is 18.1-20210816-NIGHTLY.pro1 "Unfortunately", a lot of things have changed since that date...
  25. It is 18.x but I didn't dare updating it since I have installed it... however, I will update it to the latest version soon... It is an official 210805 build...
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