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  1. @EvilDragon take a look at this comment and the video I uploaded in the comment after it - I think it may be similar to what you say you're experiencing? This was purely a hardware issue with that particular screen replacement - the next one I got was much better.
  2. I've had this problem at a friend's home network recently, haven't had a chance yet to work out what's happening but I'll take a look at the different bands (2.4/5Ghz). On any other network I've connected to (private and public) I've had no issues.
  3. You're just rubbing it in now! 😒😂
  4. OK, so I received my third display recently after a reversing of the decision by support to only send out a display after me taking a video of the second display with the light bleed. I am happy to say that this display is much better performing than the first two, however it still appears there are some, albeit small, dead zones at each side of the display. It does mean though that it is usable and I think that's the best I can hope for - would be interesting to see if other people who don't have a problem with their display notice any kind of dead zone on theirs? For reference, I'v
  5. Well out of the blue today all of the updates started coming through and I'm now on the latest. So if anybody else runs into this issue it ended up taking five days to resolve by itself and a little patience!
  6. I know there are a lot of hardware issues @Slion and it's not that which is the problem - it's the insinuation that I'm essentially lying in order to get another display..
  7. So I've now had an email from support which is basically insinuating that the engineers don't believe the video and that some software has been applied to cause the touches from the edge to not respond. This is pretty insulting and not a good look. I will be refitting the replacement display and taking a video of the device to show the light bleed too as that is apparently what is required to convince F(x)tec that the display is faulty. @Erik @Waxberry As a backer for your IndieGoGo campaign and therefore a loyal follower of your company up to this point, I think you need to address
  8. Have tried a restart and also done a factory reset as well (so for now I've installed only the essential apps!) and no luck. Attempted to connect over WiFi and Mobile but to no avail. I've also force stopped the Wireless Update apps to try and get it to start over, no bueno. Is there a way to flash the latest version manually? I could try flashing the original again, not sure if it'd work..
  9. I've had to reinstall the version that Chen posted as part of the flashing back to stock after trying out Ubuntu Touch for a day (it looks promising, but still needs to mature somewhat). Unfortunately now when I check for updates it states that there are no updates available beyond the September 2019 security update, current version: QX1000_EEA_05500.19Q401_20191111-1505 Anybody with any ideas on how to update to the latest version?
  10. Just to add as well - I've also got light bleed around all four edges which I noticed last night once it was dark. Definitely going to be requesting another replacement, and going to put the original back on for now as it's more useable.. See attached video for a demonstration of the "dead" zones with new display. 20200613_115821.mp4
  11. OK so I've replaced the screen - thanks @pistikem for the references. I did film it but not sure it's worth uploading as the guides above are of much better quality. Unfortunately, it appears the screen I've been sent has problems. While it's solved my initial issue, I've now got two "dead" zones running down each edge of the display, left and right. The reason I use the quotations is that it registers touch if I drag out from the middle of the display, but doesn't register a direct touch or dragging in from the edge of the display, which is most peculiar. I replaced it again with th
  12. Just to update everyone - I have received a new screen through the post this morning. When I get a chance I will attempt to replace it and video it for reference.
  13. @pistikem could you confirm when you requested a new screen part from Fxtec? I've yet to receive mine and have been waiting since 16 March..
  14. @hka I'm still waiting for delivery of the screen replacement, I've just chased this up with support. I am no longer experiencing the original issue of multiple registered touches - it has now evolved into simply being a dead part of the screen, approximately 8mm in height, so I am just working around that (useful to have a keyboard!)
  15. @ahunter a very similar problem to the one I am experiencing - although initially mine was causing multiple inputs it is now simply a dead part of the digitizer around 8mm in height - see Digitizer Input Without Touch - Bug Reports - F(x)tec Community (not sure how to quote a topic..) I've also been in contact with support about a replacement but this was some weeks ago, they provided a rough date but based on previous experience I'm not holding my breath, particularly given the current situation. If you could keep this thread updated when you get any confirmation of the replacement being
  16. It is definitely persistent so I've contacted support, they will be sending out a replacement screen with instructions on how to replace it. I had the option of sending it the phone off to a centre in London but decided I'd give it a go myself instead (I like a little tinkering). Will update this post when it's replaced to advise on the outcome.
  17. Thanks @david @[email protected] did you get your issue resolved?
  18. OK, so not sure if this is actually a bug or not, but need to see if anybody else is experiencing this issue. Note: my device has never been dropped, and this behaviour started yesterday evening. Multiple reboots have not resolved the issue. Essentially, whenever I'm using my device, it intermittently registers multiple touches along a single line of the digitizer, causing completely unanticipated behaviour which as you can imagine, is very frustrating and makes the device very difficult to use - I even had difficulty recording it! (but I managed). Please see the linked video file, w
  19. I understand what you're saying but my previous phone, a Lumia 950, also has an AMOLED display and is far better at producing these deep greys, so it can't just be that.
  20. Has anybody else noticed the poor performance of the display when attempting to display different black levels? I've tried to use this tool https://www.drycreekphoto.com/Learn/Calibration/monitor_black.htm and there's a massive jump from (3,3,3) to (4,4,4). The display is unable to properly show these deep blacks.
  21. Thanks, installed but can't open - "This device is not supported by the app."
  22. It appears that I am not able to locate the Netflix app through the Play Store - is there some setting that needs to be changed to bring this up, or are other people able to find it? Any other apps that have a similar issue?
  23. It is very disappointing to see that @Waxberry and others have not taken on board previous constructive criticism regarding communicating clearly and accurately. I think most would understand the reasons for partnering with retailers alongside the pre-orders with the incentive of a reduced price being enough, but that should've been made clear. With that said, you can see from my first post that I have had plenty of false communication and frustration but now have the device - I know it is hard to wait (and easier for me to say now!) but I think (and hope) everyone will get their dev
  24. Just to update that I received the phone on Tuesday, and am happily playing about with it. So far works as expected!
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