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  1. Still no stock assigned, nothing for qwerz eu 😕
  2. #85xx and no stock confirmation here either 😪
  3. Really hoping to get mine in the second batch, fingers crossed 🤞
  4. With a small company, job descriptions rarely match what you actually do. I do hope that Erik continues to post here, and gives updates regarding progress to the best of his knowledge. That said, it's a dangerous place to be posting as something might be delayed/changed that is out of his control. Anyway, hope to get an email soon, fingers crossed 🤞
  5. Sure hope so, if not it should be added and enabled.
  6. Your not the only one... Really hope the reason they skipped the email was that the update email will be "we're shipping!"
  7. Yey for the new forum 🙂
  8. https://tulli.fi/en/businesses/import/import-vat Importing from outside EU would mean any imported products need to have VAT paid. Mobile phones are except of customs fees when importing from outside of EU to Finland. I think you can request tax excemption from the UK but as the product is already paid not sure how it would go. Guess this would be least of our problems if Brexit happens :) https://tulli.fi/tullilaskuri?current=region&goods-id=74&region-id=3&currency-id=1 (In Finnish tho) Btw, missed Eriks response earlier, thnx @EskeRahn. But if there's a hard brexit, then
  9. Shipment in case of a hard brexit would mean a 24% addition of VAT and add an additional 155€ to the price of the phone. Hope it doesn't come to that, but it would really suck.Well we have less than a month now to find out how things go.
  10. Layout looks good, as long as Danish/Norwegian keys are selectable via software. They don't have to light up or anything imho. Only wish it would have been a preorder option :) Hope to switch the layout later on myself. Personally i would switch $ and € signs but that's it.
  11. Absolutely amazing! This is the first app that will be installed once the actual phone arrives :)
  12. Will it be possible to change the keyboard layout later on, meaning if the preoder is with qwertz? Would much prefert he scandi layout and tbh, wouldn't even mind waiting for the phone a few more weeks.
  13. Jerryrigeverything buys his review units from retail stores. Think he has mentioned it a few times.
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