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  1. Yep same, got the confirmation too. Looking forward to it!
  2. I would say this, with the pro1 I find i dont need to bring my laptop with me anymore and only keep the laptop to be able to work from different rooms at home. The pro1 for me when traveling meets the minimum of what i need, in terms of maintaining ssh access if necessary, or emails and docs. I keep jumping between the idea of having a separate phone for phone pursposes since I might be in the middle of something on the phone and need to take a call and sometimes it distracts from the work. But then I realize that headphones or bluetooth ear pieces suffice and allow me to keep working while on
  3. From MintMobile compatibility site with my Pro1 IMEI. So the Pro1x seems very promising
  4. I personally cannot say yes to that but when I got the new sim, the AT&T rep put it into his phone to make sure it worked, so I presume it did. But with the Sony Xperia 10 which is supposedly supported by AT&T also did not get activated and the rep insisted that device is not supported.
  5. This causes me to ask, when Nokia was the powerhouse in the 2000s they had supply chains around the world on phone production, right? I recall phones manufactured in the region they would be consumed, i.e. i thought if I recall phones made in almost each continent, is that correct?
  6. I did and there was no way to get it back, they insisted on chat, in the store and on chat again that the device was only 3G it was a useless battle to convince them otherwise despite sending them the spec sheet numerous times. I had no ability to make voice calls for over a week and when they swapped the sim card for a new one i then lost data too and they said I would lose texting after.
  7. successfully moved to t-mobile and have a functioning device again. Only odd thing is tmobile's site correctly identifies my device by imei but when logged into my account it says my device is an iphone x. Also T-mobile and wifi-calling works on LineageOS where as it did not on ATT.
  8. Yep, in fact that is when I lost Data and they have insisted the phone will not be supported, it will take going to high level tech support to get them to consider it, at least that is what the person in the ATT store said to me.
  9. Ok update and not good news on the ATT front. As i was having trouble decided to go to the store to try to regain my service. No luck, the Pro1 is in their system as a 3G phone and will not let me use it anymore. Secondly I have a Sony Xperia 10 which supposed to be supported but that also would not work. So this leaves me with not much of a choice but to move to T-mobile, which does list as the pro1 as supported.
  10. Thanks for the help on this, but this seems to be entirely on ATT and not with the device, they opened a case for me but I have feeling it might be the old sim, as I have had it for about 5 years. But we will see. To be clear my settings are the same as @KingOfTerrible but making calls on both the FXtec pro1 and on Sony Xperia 10 (which is supported by ATT) also fails to make any calls or receive any either. edit for more context.
  11. One issue though is that i have a device that ATT says is supported the Sony Xperia 10 but when I put the sim in there it does the same thing, no voice but i do get text. I was on tech support and they said they had a software update to send my device in 24 hours that should resolve it, but i have no idea what that is in terms of using lineageos
  12. OK this might be a fluke, but anyone with AT&T have issues today making calls?
  13. Mine is still working too in Boston. As for the device, there was one time when it was identified as an iphone, which made me laugh, but they know the actual device as they have the imei when you log in, it just says 'device'
  14. So far service continues to work without issue, even tested it with a friend with a different device on ATT that they said would not work after Feb 22, but so far so good. I do think this is on activating a new device, I think they are grandfathering in and it seems they are not targeting any specific IMEIs to disable. My hunches at least for the moment, but good to know about T-mobile if the need to switch happens. p.s. Sprint is now T-mobile
  15. Similar boat, so far calls and text are working, though the announcement does say starting Feb 22 so who know when that 'ends' but we will see. The challenge will actually be on activating a new device so when the pro1x arrives that will be the real test is my guess.
  16. T-Mobile seems to be the route they will most likely go is my guess, it is currently listed as supported device for pre or post paid.
  17. This is very exciting, as much as I want to be back on SFOS this would be a close second in terms of interface and integration
  18. There are instructions on installing it, I have since moved back to LOS as I will wait for 4G to be developed first since my carrier is restricting more and more
  19. It is a nice os but I think someone needs to do the community build seems their resources are tight. Would be nice though cause of the nextcloud integration.
  20. Hey all for those on LineageOS 18.1 wondering two things, one how to get the FXtec key to work through settings, not sure if that is achieved in FX Service. FX service related at least and this is on me a game specifically Asphalt 9 with FX service installed the keyboard is not fully functional curious if there is a way to disable it or if someone knows a workaround? thanks!
  21. Related to this, in not such an easy way, the key thing that i gathered from a lengthy call with At&t when trying to add the Xperia 10 ii (returned it cause At&t insisted it will not work) is that and impacts my current Xperia 10 (which they said it likely won't but were less insistent). The key thing is they are doing a full court press (basketball) whenever a new device hits a 3G tower, which was the case with the Xperia 10 ii, for some reason on data it would not go 4G, so they immediately disabled it. However when calling them and getting to the advance tech support, they will ok
  22. tldr; might require us to speak to AT&T tech support numerous times Partly cause I am not currently running FXtec as my daily driver, but on an unrelated issue, specifically with the Sony Xperia 10 ii, which AT&T by default said was not supported despite having the same LTE features as the Sony Xperia 10 (which I am currently using) after going through the first level of support I was able to get to a higher level tech support person who agreed that the features are the same and it shold be supported, so he opened a case (as of this writing still waiting to hear) but he did say th
  23. I was receiving texts saying they wanted me to get a new phone that they would send to me, they went as far as sending it and I refused delivery and that prevented them from activating the replacement and the messages from AT&T have stopped coming to me. Curious though what regions of the US they are hitting first, I am in the Boston area.
  24. Maybe it depends on the city, I am in Boston and the device has been fine. When I spoke to AT&T about it they just said as long as it supports 4G they will not take any action to shut the device down. One little trick i found was switching cellular off and then resetting it from the SIM info and then reenabe cellular. Then my connection worked. Maybe that helps. Also I am AT&T contract post-paid account.
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