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  1. Currently using a curved glass screen protector so can confirm they do exist (s10+). Bit of a process to install but definitely wish there was one for the pro1 before I decided to smash mine on a rock.
  2. Yes, using stock I also have this issue...it doesnt happen with google remote desktop but I do prefer the Teamviewer app more.
  3. I have tried many and unfortunately they all behave similarly - fine picture quality with poor audio. The noise reduction is seemingly only set for voicecalls when the phone is next to your ear. Perhaps someone can correct me but I assume noise reduction would behave differently or switch to different settings when on speakerphone or any other form of mic use. For the time being the phone is unable to record sounds in an ambient setting, and keeps switching between nearby/further sounds, resulting in random clicks, silence, faint and intermittent sounds. By all means I still f
  4. I have been stalking these forums hoping for a fix for the audio recording but seemingly no signs of interest - when recording video it can't seem to handle a room with both background music and people talking. It's becoming too difficult to overlook family videos and Zoom meetings that don't sound like static with intermittent screeching. It breaks my heart because of this, poor volume control, and the earpiece easily losing physical connection, I am looking for a new phone now. On the other hand, everything else about the phone has been great...except everything audio related...for a
  5. Doubly confirmed, no snap sound but thankfully still worked. Cheers
  6. Immediately upon phone restart I can hear Whatsapp voice messages through the earpiece, granted I haven't had time to test extensively for actual voice calls. Not sure if this is related but whenever I wake the phone from sleep I often see a 'checking for system update' and 'phone updating' notification icons. Glad I'm not the only one with this problem but...not being able to hear phone calls is kind of a deal breaker for a phone...
  7. I just started having this problem yesterday! Was there some background update that affected this?
  8. I would add: - audio quality during video recording needs a lot of work
  9. I don't see the noise cancelling/mic gain fluctuation issue in the spreadsheet. Audio recording has really been my only gripe about an otherwise excellent experience.
  10. Or could the noise cancelling be reversed with the phone mic and rear mic. It makes sense to have more aggressive noise cancelling when talking on the phone.
  11. Rear mic is not obstructed. This issue has existed before I had a case and I made sure there was space to accommodate with the case. When recording video with the rear camera, the audio sounds like there is a very drastic drop off between myself holding the phone and sounds a little further away from me, much more so than any other recording device. People a meter or 2 away are barely audible unless I crank the volume.
  12. Enjoying the phone very much just one last quirk that I hope gets addressed in the future: I noticed that the rear camera audio is very weak, I can barely hear anything in recorded videos and video chats people can barely hear me. Front camera audio is fine, however, as is visual quality for both cameras. Wondering if this has anything to do with the high call volume? Is the mic gain switched for the mics or something? I tried searching forums but nothing specifically referring to this. Cheers
  13. Hello all IGG supporter from Canada, just received the pro1 and all things considered it was worth the wait, the only issue I would consider reporting is the tinting effect that has been mentioned elsewhere in the forum. The default colour temperature is already cooler than I prefer, (thankfully this can be adjusted to taste via apps) however about 1/3 down the brightness slider the colours appear to suddenly get pulled even cooler (bluer?). It is noticeable when the auto brightness slides around. Other than that, fantastic device I'm glad Fx team put in the effort to build such a devic
  14. Fellow Canadian just recieved the call to pay for customs fee today...Also considering just paying it and see if there is anything I can do about it later. I am an IGG supporter and my moto z play is starting to fail...just want to get it in my hands at this point.
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