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  1. 22 hours ago, EskeRahn said:

    You need to have usb debugging enabled, and ADB installed.

    Then we can execute

    fastboot oem off-mode-charge 1

    EDIT: from fastboot mode, see Craig's correction below.


    18 hours ago, Craig said:

    The main part of this is you have to boot to bootloader before executing this command.  From android, you can execute adb reboot bootloader; I think you're sfos, so you're stuck using the voldown+power method to get there which always works.

    Thank you both, it worked.

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  2. On 12/21/2019 at 8:29 AM, anonim001 said:

    Agreed about the software, for me it's bad enough to go back to my old Galaxy S7 (also if it wasn't faulty) as my daily driver and Pro1 stay with me as a toy to play with (and get used to that looong keyboard) in free time until some updates come out, for example for the keyboard.

    ^this is the reason I put my Pro1 back in it's box and only use it whenever i'm on the go: Android is fuarrrking garbage compared to Maemo, ergonomics, apps and bugs wise.

    Speaking of the screen, I still need to nag Chen into sending me a replacement display because of a stuck green pixel on my Pro1.

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  3. On 12/19/2019 at 10:52 PM, netman said:

    This is the android pie replacement for what was called the navigation cluster, it's very annoying but luckily you can turn it off. Go to settings->system->gestures->"swipe up on home button" and turn the only setting there off, then it will be normal :). I have no clue what they were thinking at google, but they made that and now almost every modern phone is like that by default.

    Thanks, that cluster replacement is fuarrrking trash, glad I got the three buttons back now.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Noob said:

    I put mine on really badly, but still all but about 3 or 4 air bubbles disappeared over a few days.  But as soon as I did it I was pretty annoyed with myself and bought some replacements straight away.  I found these specifically for the Pro1, if anyone's interested (they also have an eBay store).  If only I had waited a few days; they just emailed me with 15% for Black Friday (if anyone's interested, use the code BLACK15).  That page also has a very detailed instruction video (if only I saw it beforehand there wouldn't be dust particles trapped inside).

    As far as using Windex or harsh cleaners, I thought that was bad for any anti-glare coating on the screen?  Or is that just for old LCD screens?

    I tried brotect once on my N900, it's garbage, my touchscreen stopped working correctly after applying.

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  5. 1 hour ago, epninety said:

    Ericsson EH237 (ETACS Analogue)
    Siemens S6 (DCS1800) --> Siemens S10 --> Siemens S25 --> Siemens C25 --> Siemens C26 --> Siemens S55
    Nokia 8110 --> Nokia 8210
    Palm Treo 600 --> Palm Treo 650 --> Palm Treo 680
    Benefon ESC (First phone with a GPS!)
    HTC Tytn II (Utter PoS -threw it at a wall)
    Nokia N900 --> Jolla 1 --> Jolla C --> XperiaX (SFOS) --> Gemini (SFOS)(Briefly!)

    That turned into quite a long list, and I may have forgotten one or two along the way. I've usually had 2 phones on the go at any one time.

    All the Siemens phones except the S55 were prototypes or preproduction units - I was part of the hardware design team. I still have all of them.

    N900 was the longest serving by a huge margin, and the only one for which I bought an identical spare 'just in case'.

    Siemens FTW! I still have a few Mseries phones laying around in a box. I also have a SXG75 that still works.

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  6. As some of you might know, i'm a die-hard Nokia N900 user, and going from that to the Pro1 has been a culture shock. Android instead of Maemo, a radically different keyboard layout, the much faster sd835 CPU and so on.

    But, there are things I miss, like:

    • Being able to unlock the device without using the lockscreen, like pressing the power button twice
    • Not being able to unlock the device by touching the display after it autolocks
    • No proper Notes app like osso-notes on the N900
    • No sticky modifier keys like sticky Left Shift
    • Worst part of it all: NO ROCKBOX /s
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