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  1. 7 hours ago, EskeRahn said:

    Interesting, Unfortunately It seems to only record in the left hand channel from the right hand microphone when selected... 😖

    Hit another bug:

    It split my goddamn recording in five even though I explicitly disabled it in settings!

  2. Sigh. If I can't get the mic to work properly i'm just going back to my N900's camera. I did manage to film in 4k this time around though, it was a setting uncovered by enabling Camera2 API.

  3. On 7/28/2020 at 4:14 PM, tdm said:

    Lots of posts in the last few hours so I'm going to do a bulk reply. here...


    @Wasmachineman_NL @DieBruine the Pro1 has not licensed aptX and the required aptX libraries should not be installed.  Therefore aptX should not work.  I am not familiar with the meaning of "HD audio" as it relates to BT.  Perhaps someone can enlighten me?


    @EskeRahn @FlyingAntero the new build is larger because Nolen added "firmware" to the build.  I'll have to look into this to see exactly what was added and where.  Also, the changelog does not update exactly in sync with the builds.  I'm not sure why changes for other devices would be included, as I never looked at the code to generate the changelogs.  And lineageoslog.com is not an official Lineage site.


    @marmistrz the update instructions from test builds to official builds are exactly the same as the install instructions that you can find on either my lineage page or the official wiki.  Start by booting into the official lineage recovery, sideload the official lineage build, reboot into recovery, sideload gapps and su, and reboot.  The only real difference is that you do not need to wipe as you would if you were coming from stock.


    @TeZtdevice you should not uninstall system apps in Android.  I would recommend re-flashing Lineage to fix it.


    Ya know what's strange? N900 as music player, Pro1 for phone and the PXC 550 as headset connected to both over BT works, almost seamlessly too!

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  4. 10 minutes ago, Craig said:

    It's a 21 minute long video, what exactly are we supposed to be looking for? 

    Sound being borderline unhearable. I installed LineageOS and very briefly tried the camera: WOW WTF, it's miles ahead of the factory camera!

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  5. Look at this shit:

    I paid nearly €700 for this thing and I have to put up with broken as hell software with problems like not being able to record with proper sound or spontaneous reboots. Shame on you Fxtec! Software QA needs to become much better if you really want to break through because most people won't tolerate bugs like this.

  6. Just now, tdm said:

    Better is subjective. But there are many fixes and features.


    Not sure what your issue is with the camera.


    EdgeNull is not needed, I added my own solution. Don't know what Audipo is.


    If you are interested, give it a try. You should not expect people here to give you a sales pitch.


    Audipo is a music player with pitch changing option on the paid version. My issue with the camera is that the Pro1's camera software (and software in general) is garbage.

  7. 2 hours ago, tdm said:




    Google makes Android and publishes the sources.  The LineageOS team takes those sources and fixes bugs, adds features, etc.


    Of course it is more complicated in practice and I left out all of the history.  But that is the takeaway.


    How better is it compared to stock Android? Does it unfuck the camera? Do things like EdgeNull and Audipo work?

  8. So I guess there's no fix for this and the Pro1 is just a broken POS software wise? Good thing I never retired my N900 because even that thing is far less buggy than the Pro1.

  9. 5 hours ago, EskeRahn said:

    Can't you just push away the stickers from the back? And the middle hole does not seem to have a sticker on mine (either).

    My guess would be that their repair plan is to replace the stickers after service, so they could be more 'brutal' removing them, than we would prefer to be. I definitely would try that before messing with the hinge, if/when I need to open one.... 😇

    Good reminder I still need to send in my Pro1 for service, i'll mail Fxtec now.

  10. On 4/6/2020 at 9:20 PM, NukaNegan said:

    Unfortunately, I am just having too many issues to continue using this device as my daily driver.

    Really, the only good thing is the keyboard but even that has bugs. I've had issues with just about everything else, including the paint on the back starting to run off in less than a month.

    My NFC is still broken after their last mistake update, and I am tired of waiting for a fix.

    It is really important, especially now with this COVID-19 virus, to have a contact-less payment option working.

    I am going back to a google device. At least then I get everything I want minus the keyboard.

    Good luck all, I hope it goes better for you than it did for me. I really regret my purchase.

    The best analogy for the Pro1 is: it's a phone with a keyboard bolted on, Android is not built for keyboard phones at all. Meanwhile, something like the N900 and Maemo is built from the ground up for use with a keyboard.

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