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  1. If the screen is scrolling while shutting the keyboard, this seems to be factor as well
  2. Seems to be happening when entering text, from chrome browser, even as I am typing in here. Also happens from messenger. Not all the time though.
  3. strangely no at this moment. I have been playing full screen you tube for my son a fair bit. I will try take note of what is open when it happens.
  4. The Fx count down timer does not display properly sometimes. When shutting screen. No cancel button displayed and the dialogue window seems to be stretched and attached to the right hand frame of the screen.
  5. Great work @Slion Just having my screen wake up when opening is great. just need to mount a magnet now.
  6. This will be great to share on shapeways once you have refined it. That way we can order and print in any matierial of our choosing. https://www.shapeways.com/?utm_campaign=search_branded_desktop&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=%2Bshapeways&gclid=Cj0KCQiAwP3yBRCkARIsAABGiPrft4iy12F44thmg4yTuAhKiBLDt6ZL_fVAG2iG7Po4MkfUo3UOXEQaAmqOEALw_wcB
  7. In comparison you can see: Both Apps in Auto Mode; (Point and Shoot) Photo's "FV-5" Very clear and sharp images with right light settings Software is handling WB, Focus, Exposure, ISO, or light metering perfect for my liking. Photo's "A Better Camera" (Usually good on other devices I have owned) Very Grainy and artifacts Too much brightness Software is not handling WB, Focus, Exposure, ISO, or light metering very well. i.e. controlling camera hardware.
  8. I have not used open camera. It may take as good a photo. I have used FV-5 for many years as I do event photography normally with a Canon DSLR camera. FV-5 has controls very similar to to a DSLR which I prefer, it enables me to adjust the picture to my liking quickly. Out of the box when comparing "FV-5" with "A Better Camera" (My other go to over the years) All photo's taken in auto mode in both apps FV-5 produced richer and more correct photo's in multiple lighting scenarios. The washed out brighter pics are "A Better Camera" The richer more colour correct pics are FV-5 FV-5 works with Camera Button with tweaks on stock, but you can also set the volume buttons in app for this purpose. See bellow pics:
  9. I will give it a go, I am familiar with 'Developer Options' 'Rooting Devices' 'Tasker' 'Re-flashing devices etc. Just never tried ADB with an unrooted device. I will work it out and thanks for the info. As far as the original post goes, Camera FV-5 is the best quality results I have seen, also as I am a DSLR user the controls are very familiar as well. Point and shoot on auto works very well. 4K video really impressed me as well.
  10. I have not done much through ABD previously, Is anyone willing to write a step by step on this process, to save myself blundering through. When disabling the Snapdragon Camera app, is the pressing the hardware Camera Button going to bring up something like "could not find application?" I tried disabling permissions of Snapdragon Camera. It come up with an error when pressing the Hardware camera button. See below.
  11. Yes it seems it does half and full. I am unrooted and when using the camera button snap dragon camera pops up on the full press. May have to root if an OTA is not available soon. All soft keys work perfect though.
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