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  1. the last dump is where it just would not charge, slow charging displayed... and power still going down. It seems to have sorted its self somewhat.
  2. This is the sort of behavior it is exhibiting, you will note glitches on the graph, this is when it stops charging all together. The flat or slight up or downward slop is when it is in slow charging mode, can barely maintain power. Then when I finally get the charge to work it comes up at its normal rate.
  3. My USB-C has full reach, even cleaned the port.
  4. Stange thing is the 500mA is what works most reliably at the moment. I am in airplane mode all the time, with Wifi Activated and sometimes Bluetooth. On the lock screen it comes up it states (Charging Slowly)
  5. I applied the latest update QX1000_EEA_2020082531443_2020_0825-2316. Security Patch 5 April 2020 My phone now seems to randomly enter a slow charging mode, which does not charge the battery at all and barely maintains the charge level. This can happen as soon as you plug it in or an hour or so later. When charging overnight, wake up in the morning and 20% battery. I have tried multiple different mA chargers, 3.5, 2.1, 1.5, 0.5. Powerbanks and AC Adapters with random result for each. Seems like the phone is struggling to recognize AC and USB current,
  6. Yes agree being there the whole time would be great. It is never present if text cursor is not active.
  7. Have you tried the little keyboard icon and selecting gboard? only pops up when in a dialogue entry.
  8. They are sending me a new screen, will take some time with COVID but emil support.
  9. The phone is fine as it is hardware wise. People that have had no choice but to revert to a touch screen only phone seem to be the ones struggling the most. I have been QWERTY only all the from Symbian on Nokia. I have never developed the habits a touch screen only phone user has. So no real issue here. But yes USER CHOICES you suggested could work. Deep customisability at the ROM level is what the 'tweaker' purchasers of this phone requires.
  10. lmao Thicker. Could be made thinner by cutting card holder out but folds around phone without modification.
  11. Sometimes pops up blank and sometimes it works. Definitely plays up most in chrome.
  12. I wont be trying the fix, my phone is still functional, just have to be careful where I touch the screen to scroll. I also never use on screen keyboard, this is why I waited for a Pro1. I am patient, F(x)tec have promised to send me a replacement screen and have indicated the issues with COVID-19 and delays that could be caused. I am happy with this.
  13. F(x)tec has promptly replied within 7hrs and has offered to send me a replacement screen module. A+ for service and support.
  14. I remember the post, could not find it. It was using a piezoelectric igniter to fix the issue. Real fix will be F(x)tec sending me a new complete screen module, I will then just swap out.
  15. Sorry it is in Tasmania where Ilive and I am locked down at work in Western Australia, It is reasonable quality, probably not real leather but pretty good for the price.
  16. Camera lines up perfect. Does need small hole for the rear mic. But you can take the phone out of the flipcase with the magnetised back.
  17. This One Works Perfect: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/153298929217 Wallet closes perfectly (No Mods required). A little thinker than some other cases. Phone is removable while still protected in removable case. Cutting required to access charge port, finger scanner, top speaker and headphone jack. No cutting required for power and volume. The raised buttons on case are slightly mis-aligned but work perfectly.
  18. I have been getting weird behavior when scrolling in landscape since I got my Pro1. Turns out part of the screen digitiser is dead. The left edge of the dead spot is directly in line with the phone speaker slot in the screen, the dead spot is not quite as wide as the speaker slot. The Letter 'T' is also nearly impossible to use when using the on screen keyboard in portrait mode. usually always selecting the letter either side. I thought I would post here first prior to requesting a new screen module on warranty.
  19. If the screen is scrolling while shutting the keyboard, this seems to be factor as well
  20. Seems to be happening when entering text, from chrome browser, even as I am typing in here. Also happens from messenger. Not all the time though.
  21. strangely no at this moment. I have been playing full screen you tube for my son a fair bit. I will try take note of what is open when it happens.
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