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  1. oof ... I am torn I was frustrated to be left out for so long ( Jan 2020 ) ... but my biggest drawback was the age of the 1st gen chip ... yay! I have a working phone , so I am not in the same boat as most of you ... here's hoping that they have a better than expected 2021! -Chris
  2. I ordered in Jan of 2020 ... Put in a support ticket before the holidays after getting some movement in another thread. Response from support: hopefully another batch sometime Q1 2021
  3. @Pete I was afraid of this same issue and just changed my service to T-Mobile ... which other folks had recommended
  4. I have since created a support ticket ... but it seems that @Erik gets results as well. Please help, you're my only hope! 😄
  5. lol ... yea ... I'm contemplating opening my own support ticket ... but in the past, they do some public post when its a full batch, not a single user thing Just trying to cover my bases before I start rattling cages! 😄
  6. Where did you see that they had a new batch?
  7. Well ... since my order date was Jan 22nd, I'm sure i'll get my tracking info by Wednesday!! 😄
  8. @Ivan Raiskiy what did they say !??! lol ... I havent opened a support ticket yet ... just sitting here with my fingers crossed
  9. Same, Jan 2020 qwerty ... still waiting
  10. @Ivan Raiskiy I am in the same boat as you ... ordered Jan 22nd ... was hoping I would get notice in the next batch ( end of Oct ) ... but they have focus'd on new product release instead!
  11. Last I heard ... end of October was a target ... unsure if that changed with the indiegogo campaign
  12. Don't get too hasty ... the order numbers aren't being processed sequentially, it seems Order number - #50901 Placed Jan 22nd, QWERTY Status - processing
  13. I'm just curious how big this batch will be 😀... I placed my order in January ( so I know I can't complain yet ) ... but I am a glass half full kinda person, so I'm kinda excited that the factory is getting back to work ( hopefully everyone is staying safe )
  14. Thats insane! ... hope it arrives with no more issues ... I ordered 2 weeks ago, still waiting (which I know isn't too bad compared w/ pre-orders)
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