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  1. Just get another phone now and the see later what i do regarding the Pro1. This is more of a principal issue for me at this point. This Pro1 is a "nice to have" not a "need to have" so since i only really have negatives to think about the whole project, ill just walk away.
  2. Requested a refund today. I have not enjoyed the journey these last few months with fxtec. The misscommunication, moving timelines, and defensiveness when called out on it instead of correcting have soured me on supporting them and the project. I will buy another (non-hardware keyboard) phone and hope the market receives more alternatives, or ill pick up a used one down the line perhaps. All the best to you all, hope you get yours for Christmas and it is worth the wait for you.
  3. @Raksura i agree it would be a great help but giving consistint information is very hard to do for a startup, and to much is out of there control to give an estimate within a reasonable time frame. So i have been told numerous times. They can post to social media on the official account though to encourage sale daily, but keeping already paid customers up to date is to much to reasonably expect it seems. There seems to be a lack of interest or ability in providing this information, so one just has to wait and it will be a nice surprise when you receive the tracking/phone
  4. @Popanz thanks a lot for the update, will be trying as well when mine arrives, but as you say there are a few major areas needing to be fixed before it's stable as a primary phone. And i agree, just to darn sexy to resist πŸ™‚
  5. How is it going with using Sailfish as a daily driver (if you are)? Any update on getting the Jolla store working, or Mobile Data? Those seems fairly keys first step.
  6. @Parhelion have you had a chance to flash and if so how is it going?
  7. Great news! When you say "It is not yet suitable for daily use" is there a list of working and non working areas? Just so have a better idea of the current status before future updates.
  8. This was very informative and reasonable, thank you.
  9. Very well said, and where i am at as well.
  10. I guess that my expectations have been high. As Liangchen Chen is now focusing and deflecting with comments about them not being in control of Logistics (which you can control/mitigate by choosing the right carrier, and sending products in good time) and why give updates as people are calling us liars and demanding to much, instead of addressing the reasonable complaints people have (communication, slipping dates, removal of hardcase) I feel bad for Erik being left alone to deal with the community. I know he is in a difficult position with limited information. No blame on you. I
  11. You are defending them, maybe not regarding communication directly, but even right above you are defending them in the fact that they are stuck in customs, and implying people expect delivery straight to tem. People expect when a company gives a launch date they have bought about risks and built in buffers and have they papers in order to meet that date. If there's a delay let people know and either give a new date you are sure of, or wait until you are sure then give a new date. They have fail at this multiple times, and do not need defending, they need to improve. Nobod
  12. Fxtec are lucky to have so many people defending their shortcomings. That's the power of brands i guess.
  13. This has nothing to do with hurting anyone. It's to highlight that that are doing a poor job in a key area I also think it will be a great device, but that does not mean that all the other failings are not there, or that are not continuing to ignore them. There are many ways these failings can and will effect them, if all the talk on the few places talking about this phone are negative, that will have an effect. I've already paid and have waited for this long and am lucky enough where i can wait it out without issues. But if in the future if this goes well, and a few of the
  14. It not even being possible for them to do better is the worst case for me, and if that's the case id be embarrassed and just say "it will get the phone to you when we are done" and admit incompetence But they are using the current tactic most people do and just ignore people until they stop asking or it goes away, and i guess it's proven to work so why not do it
  15. Customer presure has been shown to work many times. There is no reason they can take action and improve their communications and transparency now, and not just ignoring the community that should be their greatest cheerleaders at launch, with vague and in some cases misleading information. They have all the power to stop people complaining, and either choose not to, or dont have enough control over their delivery process to give us correct estimates. Both are worrying.
  16. No real reason other than i paid for this year's ago and am still happy with it πŸ™‚ I'll have a look at Magic Dosbox though, didn't know about it. If there is a free equivalent then go for that for sure
  17. 8. Kiwi Browser Chromium babes browser that lets you install Chrome Extensions. Will be using Vimium for added Vim based browser navigation with the keyboard, among others Done now, sorry for the ever extending list πŸ™‚
  18. I think the issue is there is little trust left for a lot of people. When most companies say "shipping on 29th" people think shipping worldwide and at a decent pace Here it might mean sending 100 phones to some Asian countries, then when other phones arrive in EU and US days/weeks later they will start shipping there in small batches. This might not be what is happening, but there is not a lot of hope for a best case scenario it seems. Always better to just be transparent and and say when you are sure of a delay for most people to give that information. If the had said
  19. Had that for ny N900, worked great! +1 from me too would love this
  20. 6. Type Hero lets you define key combinations to auto expand into stings, i use zze for my email, and zzl for my last name as examples 7. Pimlical Advanced Calendar/PIM Old school Calendar/Contact/Memo/Journal software based on Palm classics, far to many options, the way it should be
  21. Under more options, does the Simulate Key Codes help at all? You will need adb shell and it resets when rebooted, but i thought that can give more options for combinations (maybe im misremembering)
  22. Will initially install 1. Button Mapper as very happy with the use on the Key2 and give a lot of options for programing every key on the device (just hope it works). 2. DosBox Turbo for playing older dos games 3. Termux for all terminal needs + Frotz for z-machine games like Zork and A Mind Forever Voyaging 4 supertype a typying based puzzle game 5. Retro Winter Sports 1986 a remake/reimagining of the old winter Olympic games for PC But mostly looking forward to the full keyboard and even the Key2, with a lovely keyboard is limiting in its form-factor and basic key-set
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