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  1. Well, others have since proven your suspicion wrong, but maybe you mihgt be the only girl here in the forums who already received their Pro1?
  2. Dont punish yourself. Unless you're also laughing at yourself! 🙂 Hubby however has the right to laugh his ass off... as you'll have the right to do so when he does something similar. I had a red Nexus 5 and it was my best Android phone ever. That thing just worked. But I used Lollipop in it from the beginning. Now the Priv I'm using since 2015 is acting up. I'm sure it's just spite towards being replaced by the Pro1. It would be easier to tolerate if the Snapdragon 808 in it didn't just get so damn hot for no apparent reason causing the system to heavily throttle the CPU and eve
  3. Tha is both sad (for you) and encouraging (for the Pro1); and also, forgive me, a bit amusing. Before you get mad at me let me explain: I read the whole thread from the beginning just now so it seems the change of heart was almost instant. On the bright side, thank you for spreading the word about the Pro1 and bringing new buyers aboard! By selling it to someone else you have actually expanded the circle of influence that will be reached by your former Pro1, this can only be good for business and we all want Fxtec to succed, don't we?
  4. whoa, forgot to mention that. Well remembered. Thanks
  5. Yeah yeah, I interpreted his reply in the wrong way. I am not a native English speaker - even though I think I do quite well, sometimes the more subdued meanings of things can be "rost in tlansration". What I read -- when he mentioned "I was late", in my mind it implied he did it, though late. Turns out it means he is still running late. Ah the subtleties of spoken language!
  6. You can try contact cleaner spray. Despite being a 'wet' method it dries out pretty quickly as it is volatile stuff.
  7. I am sincerely hoping your future telling skills suck. haha 🤣
  8. Thanks, I had read Eske's stand-in for Erik's future message. It's just that Erik said: "I was late with the update yesterday", so went looking for any news but found just Eske's post which I had already read. Sorry
  9. Sorry, didn't find the update over at the pre-orders updates thread. Am I missing something? Cheers
  10. Yeah, kinda makes me jealous as so far no stock assigned email for me. Now, with selfish mode off, I am also satisfied to see things keep moving along.
  11. Thanks for getting back quickly. Makes me feel cared for as a customer. Most of us are supporting F(x)tec through and through in the best way we can which is holding on to our preorders and to the edges of our seats. We are rooting for your continued success even if it is against all the odds.
  12. That is good news. Any stock assignment emails to be sent soon? That way I can keep hopes up that mine is contemplated in the next round. Order in the #150XX's. Thanks
  13. What a relief. I was also thinking that this could turn the phone into an autobrick if the owner doesn't turn out to be careful enough to avoid fully discharging the battery.
  14. I understand you. In fact many of my old High School friends did the same. Chch is already plenty big for me (my city in Brazil is just 33.000 strong). I went back there last year -- 17 years after the first time and it was a shock. Even though I saw all the news, seeing such an empty CBD / downtown brought me to tears, as if I felt the horror of the quake days. All the best to you in your UK venture!
  15. Since we are already wildly off topic - what did you think of it? Mind you, I'm from south Brazil where everything is quite different from "standard Brazil" (or the classical image of Brazil that is known worldwide).
  16. Oh man.... why oh WHY did you move from the Best Place on Earth™️ to cold old UK? Don't get me wrong, the UK is nice, but nothing beats my beloved Aotearoa. I am Brazilian but could have been born and bred in NZ. I just love that country to my bones. Especially the South Island -- lived in Christchurch for a year a looong time ago.
  17. I don't work in software 🤣 I'm just a fan of HW keyboards. As much as I am a fan of physical buttons in the dashboard of my cars (the more buttons the better! hehe. I just despise the "Tesla" way of programming a car's "interface"). Of the 10+ smartphones I've had since the dark old days of Windows Mobile, the ones that made me the most satisfied were the HWKB ones. HTC Tytn, HTC Touch Pro (silly name for a HWKB device!), the original Droid (I had 2 - actually Motorola Milestones as they were GSM) and now the Priv. Come to think of it, I have fun playing with coding. But I really suck a
  18. I have to repeat my old man's motto. "Never compliment! It'll just make people f*** up." That didn't take long. People are losing their chill -- what a coincidence!
  19. Aaaaaaah! The wait is killing me! OK, venting about it is helpful. Sorry all and thanks for letting me vent. hahah
  20. True, but my point was that in respect to China or Hong Kong Customs, everyone (except HK and Chinese customers) would fit in the "rest of world" pigeonhole. Given that for any other country there are export formalities that must be dealt with.
  21. My view on this is that production (factory) batch size ≠ shipment batch size. Makes sense because the larger quantities you ship, the greater the savings. If you consolidate, say a whole 20' container full of Pro1's, you will pay much less for shipping (from Shenzhen or wherever the factory is to the first warehouse - Hong Kong?) than if you keep sending small batches every day. Given the now-current deadline of Dec 20th, it does make great economical sense to consolidate as many (production) batches as possible and ship at the latest (or, to be on the safe side, second to latest, maybe
  22. That still leaves you in the same group as every non-US customer.... waiting for them to sort out the "export customs" nightmare.
  23. Well, I work with International Trade and can fully understand this. Even though it seems that they are experiencing every setback on the book... It is totally possible (and even probable if you don't have any previous experience). Add to that the current US Customs rules' hardening... That surely didn't help at all either.
  24. Being a south american client, I wonder if my pro1 will be shipped directly from Hong Kong..? Or will it go through the US first? Order# in the 15XXX's, but no Indiegogo and took maybe a couple days to make payment. Thanks
  25. Go Wallabies! LOL (Although I'm more of All Black fan. South American that did a High School exchange year in NZ waay back then - 2001).
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