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  1. Those look good. Boy are we hanging on to the edge of our seats to get the phones in a few days! Keep up the good work. Takes nerves of steel to put up with the huge pressure that's upon Fxtec right now. Cheers
  2. My understanding of the text: they have two locations for "order fulfilment warehouses", both the UK and US. Devices to the whole world will ship from there. Not only UK and US devices but all devices will be sent out from these two locations.
  3. If you really put your phone (and the good "foil" protectors) to the test, you will be surprised. The somewhat substantial "thickness" of the film and also the materials "silicone-like", soft, shock-absorbing texture, is brilliant. I assure you I drop my Priv at least weekly. You wouldn't believe how intact it is. I firmly believe the "silicone foil/film" protectors are way better than the tempered glass ones. They absorb more shock energy thus protecting not only form scratches but also from shock (dropping the phone). Ever since I first tried this kind of protector (that Copter tablet prote
  4. I thought a little and remembered the brands. I used both Armorsuit and IQ Shield. Both were great and lasted quite a long time (1 1/2 year - Armorsuit; now currently using an IQ shield for ~ 8 months).
  5. My personal 'peeve' with glass protectors is that they shatter or crack quite easily. The best kind of protector I could find is the kind of rubber/silicon film. My Priv wears one of those and the thing is really tough. Having shattered my previous Priv's screen within 2 weeks of use (it fell totally flat on its screen, on a concrete ground), I never used the new Priv (found the whole phone for cheaper than the replacement screen only!) without a screen protector. The first one I used was a Copter tablet protector which I then cut out myself to fit the phone. Later I found specific ones I coul
  6. Well. The Milestone/Droid 2 was harder to get here, plus the original Milestone I had lasted for quit e a long time. When time came to replace it, the Droid 3 was out but not officially sold here, and I ended up with a Razr Maxx. Since no qwerty's were available in Brazil anymore, at least the the big (for the time) battery won me over.
  7. Doesn't seem to be very popular around here, but I used the original Motorola Milestone (a.k.a Droid 1). It was my first Android phone, and I loved it. I now use a BB Priv which is also quite good. But am eagerly waiting for the Pro¹ as my Priv is getting slower and slower and its Snapdragon 808 does heat up quite a lot and when it does, the phone's performance grinds to a halt for a few minutes before getting back to normal. Which is quite annoying. Am trying to postpone the headache & hassle of a hard-reset and fresh install for the day I get the Pro¹.
  8. I find it easy to use the Priv's "US" layout for writing Portuguese (primarily), English, German ans Spanish. I usually don't have to 'hunt' for diacritics because of the builtin dictionaries for each language, so speed typing with a Priv comes from a combination of hw keys + autocorrect and word suggestions. Works fine and is quite productive. Since with the Pro¹, however, keyboard real estate will be increased... it is really a good idea to map the most used diacritics (which will vary with each language) to easily accessible keys. And also keep autocomplete and autocorrect working to achie
  9. Whoa that was a quick reply. Sorry I had a hard time figuring out how to properly quote a post, here goes. EDIT: I had at some point already made this setting! It is already set to use the right shift key as ctrl. I just forgot it was so... thanks
  10. I have a Priv but don't know (maybe don't remember anymore?) how to do it. Since there's no 'ctrl' key, which key do you use instead? Anyway, it will be nice to be able to use as many shortcuts / combinations as possible and make the keyboard ever more worth the wait!
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