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  1. This is a recommendation I make to all my friends irrespective of the brand/model they buy. Especially because for a while now almost 100% of new phones come with QC chargers. These are a great way to make the customer wnat to switch phones after a year's use!
  2. I haven't made any measurements but can confirm that being positioned in the very same spot of my desk as the previous phone (Motorola One), the Pro1 has a weaker connection to my office's AP/router. To the point that sometimes the connection drops and it starts consuming my cell plan's megabytes. The Moto never dropped the conection while in this exact same spot, and always had a strong signal (the wifi status icon would always be 75% full at least).
  3. Thanks! I downloaded the APK right from Netflix's website. But when I launch it, it tells me "your device is not supported" and closes. Not a big issue for me. I mostly use Netflix with my Roku & TV anyway. Having it on the phone is most useful for when travelling which is not a thing right now with the pandemic. As for the Magisk trick, thanks. I am not sure I'm brave enough to try Magisk right now (in fact I still have to learn what it really is!). Maybe this weekend. Is it fairly simple to use? Is it straightforward to install? Does it break other stuff, or increase battery dr
  4. Netflix doesn't even turn up as an app when I search it on Google Play. Probably because of SafetyNet? I'm still to try with a Netflix .apk smuggled from another phone. Haven't tried Disney+ as I'm not a subscriber. UPDATE: Definitely must be SafetyNet. With LOS my phone fails the test. Didn't test it with stock before flashing. Sorry about the giant picture. I can't seem to be able to resize pasted images!
  5. Yes, indeed it feels like so. Talk about remembering the Priv! That phone also liked "hanging" for a while, I read somewhere (maybe on a post by Eske or in his website?) that it was caused by aggressive clock throttling in order to avoid the SD808 CPU from overheating, that chip and its brother 810 got famous back then for being "hot-headed".
  6. Your experience is consistent with mine. When you talçk about "eaten inputs" you mean on the physical keyboard? As in, the first few (2 or 3) keypresses get ignored, then the very next one gets repetaed 3x or 4x. I got this a few times too. I don't wanna come across as complaining. What I'm really interested in doing is help iron out these small wrinkles as bes as I can.
  7. Exactly. I couldn't find anything related to network access. But maybe could be storage-related. Ie. the app contacts network, does what it needs (creates a hash for example) and then fails to save it.
  8. Tks, do you use the paid version? I can see it looks a bit different from what I got. And it pulled a music ad on me right in the middle of the office, audio volume was on max. Got a few funny looks 😆
  9. Now this was a trip down memory lane for me. Such a long time I didn't see this UI design on a phone!
  10. Thanks, I haven't installed anything of that type (actually could be a good idea). For both apps I've granted full permissions, but when I use the airline app the "Privacy Guard" keeps a notification stating that my private data will be protected from the app. I wonder if I could give this app a little more access. But I don't know how to configure "Privacy Guard" / SELinux on LOS. In the settings area, the entry for Privacy Guard is only sort of informative. Not many settings available.
  11. Another thing. Google (the app) keeps telling me it is trying to download my "voice model" for the "OK google" command but it always fails download. I have disabled this voice command but the app still keeps trying to download this so-called "voice model". If I try to enable the option and re-record the voice model, before I have the chance to make a new recording, it tries to contact something over the internet and fails. Could be an OpenGapps issue, don't know for sure. But it is somewhat consistent to what I've been getting from the "Smiles" app which is an app for a brazilian airline
  12. Hi. After another day using LOS, I think there might be a cumulative delay between accepting fingerprints. This is a wild guess, but maybe your code is adding up the delay intervals instead of resetting them after a successful unlock? I'm no programmer but can help you with testing, I'm willing to install another version of this code that would provide logging for your analysis if you think it's necessary.
  13. May I ask how to make such a chart? Is this from settings, or a specific app?
  14. Caffeine mode! Love both the digital and the real life caffeines. 😁
  15. 4 days after getting the phone and it's already fading. I gather they just slap it on to abide by some country's regulations. FCC or their counterparts in any one country? I'm just going to peel off mine right now and stick it to the box or manual. Oh wait, already did it before submitting this post 😁 Now I have a different-coloured rectangular patch on the back of my phone. Sort of a lighter shade of gunmental black. Maybe it'll even out with the rest as time goes on?
  16. I remember reading you explaining about the closed source driver for the reader somewhere in the forum (maybe Lineage test builds thread?). Thanks for the effort. Maybe just needs some fine tuning?
  17. I only got the phone on wednesday, so had two full days of use with stock - thursday and yesterday. With stock the issue was quite the opposite: always too eager to detect a print from my palm when picking up the Pro1 to the point that when i finally touched my finger the sensor had already got too many wrong readings from my hand and I had to "try again later" or unlock the standard way. But on stock the sensor never became "insensitive". Stock also did a stronger haptic feedback when it read a print, which is useful to know if you actually got a reading. One pulse for a good (autho
  18. Along the day I´ve been seeing an issue with the fingerprint sensor. Sometimes the phone is locked and no matter how many times i touch the fingerprint reader, with any or all the fingers I configured, nothing happens. It is almost as if the sensor was not being "polled" or as if it was being ignored. When this happens, after I unlock the phone via power button and pattern, if I immediately re-lock the screen, the fingerprint reader works ok. It behaves like the sensor is turned off or ignored after the phone has been inactive for a certain amount of time. Has anybody seen
  19. I can confirm this solved Pro1 with LineageOS 16 not connecting to a wifi network. In my case router is a MikroTik RouterBOARD 951Ui-2HnD. Not using the stock firmware, i got it with OpenWrt already flashed into it.
  20. Thanks. Did the same exact configuration change (enabling WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK mixed mode via router options), after that the Pro1 and the router made ammends 🤣
  21. In my case, by flashing OpenGapps-stock, AOSP SMS app got replaced by the Google version. Which so far didnˋt show any issues with permissions.
  22. I have successfully flashed LineageOS on my recently arrived Pro1. People here were right, it really is more polished than stock. Good job devs! A few issues have arisen. Here's what I can remember off the top of my head: * An app from an airline points program doesn't work. I suspect it to be SE-Linux/Privacy Protection related. Confirmed working on other phones (Moto One with stock firmware, Priv on stock FW) -- App is called "Smiles" from "Gol Linhas Aéreas" - com.pontomobi.smiles * Choppy graphics do occur. Curiously enough, happens exactly after I run the aformentioned app
  23. Can confirm Pixel Launcher has the same issue.
  24. I installed the Stock flavour of OpenGapps. The experience with Pixel Launcher, the Gapps dialer, SMS etc. is nice for my taste. GCam seems to be working well (still didn't test it enough). So, if anyone prefers OpenGapps, try it, it's working.
  25. By the comments from others I expected it to be bigger. On the lines of a really thick Galaxy-Note-whatever that would not fit well into my hands. Guess what? I think they nailed it on the dimensions. My Priv, despite thinner and shorter, is much wider and thus a PITA to hold in one hand (I am a smaller than average).
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