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  1. Hi All @EskeRahn, maybe this should be merged within the general LineageOS thread? Where it might get a better visibility. Thanks
  2. I have also been facing focus woes with the camera. Unfortunately didn't have time to test as @Jacob_S did., I only really use the camera when my wife's phone isn't available (battery died or left phone somewhere) and she wants to take pictures. Other than that only the odd document or work things, with some effort I can focus (involves distancing/approaching the phone to the object instead of relying on the camera focusing). Thank you @Jacob_S for the effort. Maybe your observations will help solve this issue!
  3. Being a former Priv user, I had gotten used to spontaneous reboots. Fortunately 17.1 has been rock stable these couple days. Even better than 16.0 (wifi connections are way more stable). Only problem I had is I ran out of battery completely yesterday, and when I plugged it in it started but the screen digitiser was not working i.e. the phone wouldn't register my tapping, swiping etc. I manages to use the keyboard to restart the phone, it started to work again. If anybody need to do this: open the keyboard, push the power button for a couple seconds to bring up the poweroff / restart
  4. I believe this sort of is the norm in the tech industry. Started all the way back with the IBM PC - a "disjointed mess" of ready-made components. Oh what a success it was eh? 😁 Most times companies prefer the fast-to-market path, rather than the "perfect product" path. I'm not one to judge which way is the best, we have examples of both approaches that could be deemed to have failed... Windows Me (time-to-market) and GNU HURD (pefect product) come to mind. The HURD could be ressurected at some point and find a successful path, wheeras Windows Me is already buried and forgotten.
  5. I did it with Magisk. on 16.0 I always flashed addonSU first, then Magisk next. Turns out Magisk has all you need for root.
  6. I did it from the SDCard, via recovery. It worked flawlessly. Mind you, I didn't even flash the recovery via ADB first. In my case, I flashed the 17.1 image direclty, rebooted to recovery, automatically the new recovery was there in place of the old one. Perhaps to be safe, you could flash the recovery via ADB, boot to recovery, and then flash 17.1 from SDcard.
  7. I flashed with 16.0 recovery. It worked. I'm not saying anybody else should do it, but in my case what happened is: after flashing, I remembered from when I first installed LOS, that a reboot should be done to switch between slots (A/B). I did that, and booted to recovery -- voila! A new, purple themed recovery UI appeared. From there I flashed OpenGapps and Magisk. All worked perfectly. It really was a total non-drama upgrade. Thanks!
  8. By the way. What keyboard driver is LOS 17.1 using? @tdm 's one from 16.1, the stock one, or the new one that was being developed by @tdm ?
  9. Hi all, I'm back here after about a month. I've downloaded the 17.1 image. Do I also need the 17.1 recovery? From what I read at this thread, I am thinking the answer is no, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Thanks EDIT: By the way. I am thinking of putting the LOS 17.1 image into my sdcard and flashing it from the sdcard via recovery as I'd been doing with the 16.1 updates. Will it work? Cheers
  10. I have already turned off my Router's 5GHz signal. Or you mean forcing 2.4 on the phone? And, another suspect of mine is the phone module itsefl. Network has been below crap-quality here in this last year!
  11. Whoa. No screen time on that chart. Look at my screen usage (yellow bar on bottom)! But still I think it is spending battery way too fast. The graph below is today's, during this period the peak current draw registered by 3C (recorded between percentage change of the battery) was 1489 mA, between 35% and 34%. But other days I got up to high 1800's. EDIT: I have now turned off NFC as per @raymo's suggestion. Wifi signal has been an issue. Maybe it even IS the culprit for such battery usage as the conecction keeps dropping/reconnecting...
  12. 20200914 worked out of the box for me. Just as a precaution I let the updater download the package, then used the updater's "extract package" option, this created a update zipfile on the phone's storage which I then copied to the sdcard. The idea being that if the automatic update didn't work, I could use the recovery to update from the sdcard. But it was unnecessary. Mind you, I only had opengapps (customised aroma option) installed. I now am downloading 20200921, this time I will try OTA'ing it but now I have Magisk and addonSU installed. By the way. After 20200914 m
  13. Hi all, I just updated to 20200831 by downloading the zip file from LOS website to my sdcard, and then applying the update via Recovery. This time around I tried opengapps 'aroma' flavour so I could tweak which google apps I really want. Turned out installing not much, and especially ommitting gboard so I could take advantage of LOS's AOSP keyboard (sticky Shift, SYM shortcut, etc.). So, if anyone is wondering whether they can use opengapps-aroma? IT WORKS. Oh, by the way. The Lineage stock apps seem to be cool. I ended up installing a minimal set o Gapps and feel good I did it
  14. Perfect, no use ordering the "frame included" version then. Thanks
  15. The one with the frame, includes the black "bezel" the glass is attached to. No frame: With frame: This is the Aliexpress link - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000523673519.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.69b03c00X4Hbs9&mp=1
  16. (Posting this on the screen protector thread and also the case thread because relevant for both). The quote below is from the screen protector thread: Here's a crazy idea. Maybe you could modify some existing cases for a fee? In my area (Brazil) the best fit I could find are cases for the MotorolaOne Vision (XT1970 is moto's code for this device). The back openings for the Moto One Vision case are a match for the Pro1 (even the Fxtec logo is visible as it is in the exact same place as the fingerprint reader on the Moto). What isn't right are the openings on the sid
  17. EDITED TO LINK BY MODERATOR: (to avoid having replies split in two threads..)
  18. Hi, I'm thinking of buying a couple Elephone U Pro panels as well. In AliExpress I found two options. One is the panel/screen only, and the other includes a frame. Which one did you order? From the photos on the listing it seems the Pro' does indeed use not only the same screen but also the same frame as the U Pro.
  19. agent008

    Spare Parts

    After about 20 days use, today my Pro1 got its first "baptism". I dropped it on to the ground outdoors. I was standing on a concrete floor with a rough patch nearby. Needless to say, Murphy's law at work, the phone hit the rough patch . Nothing broke (phew!) but the aluminium back case got two ugly dents. I'm thinking of ordering a spare back shell for a future replacement (later on when it's more damaged from daily use). A screen replacement (Elephone U pro) is on the plans too, just to be a bit future proof, and if I found a battery I'd get one too. Does anybody know if F
  20. Any way to debug in case it fails next time? I'd be happy to provide any logs or data for a better insight on the problem. Thanks
  21. Thanks! Wasn't my first sideload (I had already flashed LOS) but it felt like the first, I got really nervous after my beloved pride and joy Pro1 refused to boot, and kinda got lost as to what to do next 🤣
  22. SUCCESS! I managed to install the update by flashing via Lineage Recovery / ADB sideload. For anyone who might be in the same pickle as I was, the procedures I described a few posts above were the solution. The most difficult part was getting to boot into recovery, I don't know why. I am sure I chose "Boot to Recovery" a few times at the bootloader but it never worked. What worked for me was the Power Button + Volume Up button method. Talk about relief..! 😁 TL/DR: 20200824 OTA broke my LineageOS setup. Fixed it by: 0) Downloading the latest (20200824) Line
  23. Is a reboot between sideloading Lineage and opengapps mandatory? I still havent sideloaded anything else than 20200824, waiting for latest opengapps to finish downloading (stock flavour is huge - 877MB).
  24. I got this a couple times too. Disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable a couple times solved it. Sideload is now going about its business (39% so far and counting). UPDATE: Apparently, sideloaded succesfully. ADB on the PC (linux) hung at 47% for about 2 minutes but the phone was going on about its business (Step 1/2, then Step 2/2, then finished). There might be hope for us? I still haven't booted because I'm waiting for opengapps download to finish. I'll sideload it again as per @Hook's recommendation. UPDATE 2: Sure-fire way to get to recovery for me turned out to be via
  25. I couldn't even get to the recovery. After trying a few times to reboot to recovery via the bootloader, I succeeded and got to LineageOS Recovery. I am now sideloading the 20200824 build via Recovery, will do the same for opengapps too. I dared not try to switch the slot because wasn't sure how I managed to get recovery to appear because it was refusing to at first.
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