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  1. I remember reading you explaining about the closed source driver for the reader somewhere in the forum (maybe Lineage test builds thread?). Thanks for the effort. Maybe just needs some fine tuning?
  2. I only got the phone on wednesday, so had two full days of use with stock - thursday and yesterday. With stock the issue was quite the opposite: always too eager to detect a print from my palm when picking up the Pro1 to the point that when i finally touched my finger the sensor had already got too many wrong readings from my hand and I had to "try again later" or unlock the standard way. But on stock the sensor never became "insensitive". Stock also did a stronger haptic feedback when it read a print, which is useful to know if you actually got a reading. One pulse for a good (autho
  3. Along the day I´ve been seeing an issue with the fingerprint sensor. Sometimes the phone is locked and no matter how many times i touch the fingerprint reader, with any or all the fingers I configured, nothing happens. It is almost as if the sensor was not being "polled" or as if it was being ignored. When this happens, after I unlock the phone via power button and pattern, if I immediately re-lock the screen, the fingerprint reader works ok. It behaves like the sensor is turned off or ignored after the phone has been inactive for a certain amount of time. Has anybody seen
  4. I can confirm this solved Pro1 with LineageOS 16 not connecting to a wifi network. In my case router is a MikroTik RouterBOARD 951Ui-2HnD. Not using the stock firmware, i got it with OpenWrt already flashed into it.
  5. Thanks. Did the same exact configuration change (enabling WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK mixed mode via router options), after that the Pro1 and the router made ammends 🤣
  6. In my case, by flashing OpenGapps-stock, AOSP SMS app got replaced by the Google version. Which so far didnˋt show any issues with permissions.
  7. I have successfully flashed LineageOS on my recently arrived Pro1. People here were right, it really is more polished than stock. Good job devs! A few issues have arisen. Here's what I can remember off the top of my head: * An app from an airline points program doesn't work. I suspect it to be SE-Linux/Privacy Protection related. Confirmed working on other phones (Moto One with stock firmware, Priv on stock FW) -- App is called "Smiles" from "Gol Linhas Aéreas" - com.pontomobi.smiles * Choppy graphics do occur. Curiously enough, happens exactly after I run the aformentioned app
  8. Can confirm Pixel Launcher has the same issue.
  9. I installed the Stock flavour of OpenGapps. The experience with Pixel Launcher, the Gapps dialer, SMS etc. is nice for my taste. GCam seems to be working well (still didn't test it enough). So, if anyone prefers OpenGapps, try it, it's working.
  10. By the comments from others I expected it to be bigger. On the lines of a really thick Galaxy-Note-whatever that would not fit well into my hands. Guess what? I think they nailed it on the dimensions. My Priv, despite thinner and shorter, is much wider and thus a PITA to hold in one hand (I am a smaller than average).
  11. Great abridged version of the instructions! For those somewhat used to flashing but maybe didn't do it for a fewa years now (my case with a Priv), these quick simple stpes helped a lot. Flashing now! Is OpenGapps still not working? I like their concept of "choose what you want" from GApps. I've downloaded MindtheGapps as well just to be on the safe side but would prefer the larger "stock" collection from OpenGapps as I understand it'd come with the Google Camera app as well..?
  12. what a good feeling. right? right? 😅
  13. I agree. There's a saying around here - While many are crying, some are selling tissues. And this is the kind of product that will be useful for companies not only during the pandemic - our world will be changed forever after Covid-19. Expect to see such contraptions in airports, government offices and facilities, factories, offices, etc.
  14. Stupid me. Was thinking about the other kind of tablet. Those you take in your mouth and swallow ie. medicines 🤣😂🤣 Talk about the kind of product that would be groundbreaking! How much nanotechnology would have to be involved into a face-recognising PILL? Think I let my imagination run a little bit wilder than I should have. And also gave it little thought, after all there's another kind of tablet around for ages now, which would fit into the description and make so much more sense. But, are they serious with this product? No joke, or former April's fool page? I haven't visited fxtec's ho
  15. Sorry. Sarcasm intended? Or have the Chinese invented such a contraption for real? 😅
  16. I definitely ordered inside the window for the earbuds. You're right, I read about them months ago right here. I'll go through the topic once again. But I'm 100% positive my order was during the earbuds offer. EDIT: I ordered in May. More precisely 2019-05-17.
  17. On a side note. Just remembered now. Anybody from this latest batch got the earbuds? Any word on when those will be sent? @Erik Thanks
  18. It's in the plans. Just thought I'd see how far I'd get with stock. What do you think are the highlight advantages of LOS over stock?
  19. I am glad to say that the day has finally come. When my Fxtec Pro¹ has arrived. Even though I followed the forum for a long time now, I am still surprised by the quality designed/engineered into this phone. Maybe I should be less surprised but the thing is cooler in the flesh. I am positively surprised. Here's hoping I won't face any of the hiccups and difficulties other people have! For now... Let me get to know this little beast better. And Fxtec - this phone's a job well done and I can see it's a dream come true for those who dared believe they could achieve making somet
  20. It is nobody's fault. But when I bought the phone I knew I would have to pay Customs in Brazil. 100% of our imports are like this and there is no way the sender can even estimate the amount of duties that will be imposed. That is upon the Customs officer's interpretation to decide. Maybe I can ask Fxtec for a feimbursement of the estimated duty amount that was included into the full price of the phone. That means, whatever fee Fedex ended up not being able to pay here and thus ended up not charging their account. If they would reimburse me any amount, I would expect of them no more than w
  21. I think I would only be requested for additional docs if I had ordered as a business.
  22. The guy that does Fedex deliveries for my area has just called. Since my order was for an individual, and not a business, the "simplified" Customs procedure was adopted. Turns out all I have to do is pay an amount which corresponds to roughly 280 euros to Fedex. They have already paid the governement. Business as usual here in Brazil. In my more than 10 years experience with international trade, never had I come to know of a successful DDP import arrangement into Brazil. Mainly because there are so many variables at play, that the final duties and taxes amount is an unknown quan
  23. The waiting game is going on here too. But in my case, as we deal regularly with international trade, it was expected. The package has reached the final point where a Fedex branch exists. From there on it will be handled by a local transport company, which is normal for my somewhat remote area. Of course the ETA from Fedex's system was partly correct - the package reached the final Fedex branch on time all right. I suspected it will be so. This means in my case, everything is still going as expected. No hiccups until now. Keeping fingers crossed! @Swond, @N-Mi, would you mind sh
  24. regarding the problems/bugs including the screen turning off. Has anyone tried flashing LightningOS to see if it solves the issues?
  25. Good idea. I'll follow your suggestion while also making sure i put a soft thick rug under the sofa!
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