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  1. The funny thing is I do actually have do not disturb set to go on from about 23:00 to 8:45. That somewhat falls around my sleep schedule. The issue is (as far as I know) you can only set one DnD time, and I'd much rather have that be on while I'm sleeping then while I'm at school.
  2. For me it ended up being the opposite. I would usually just leave my phone on the charger when I woke up and only pick it up when I saw either a text or call color flashing (I always have email notifications turned off). Ever since I lost the LED, though, I could no longer just leave it on the charger and glance over at it to see if I had a notification. I have to check it by at least turning on the screen. Made me really notice how little attention I used to give my phone. And then there are the times where I completely forget to check anyways and miss something that was time sensitive b
  3. I will now never take the notification LED for granted again after switching from a Blackberry (RGB notif LED) to a budget Samsung (no notif LED). Took me a while to actually get used to unlocking my phone to check things instead of just leaving it somewhere and glancing at it every so often. I really appreciate this phone having an RGB LED.
  4. I like to pretend to be a girl online for attention if that counts at all...
  5. The info on the pre-order bonuses were posted to their facebook page, and I thought they made it very clear that the promotion was only up to a certain date (I believe the promotion was even extended a bit past their cut-off date). Unfortunately, that post seems to have vanished entirely, and I can't find a snapshot at archive.org. Until someone can back up or dispute me with evidence, you'll have to just take my word for it.
  6. You may not have the time to waste, but I do and can say that I'm very impressed that you were within 23 containers of being dead on.
  7. If I'm viewing the forum while not logged in, I get this box at the bottom: I would take a guess and say it's supposed to be a cookie notification, but it just says that at the moment.
  8. Its not that it's isn't always visible as much as it really blends into the background when you're not mousing over it. It could just be that I sit pretty low compared to my monitors. I would agree that it could do with being a bit darker when inactive, though.
  9. This was asked a while ago during the New York event they had. Source I don't know if that still stands today due to the time between that event and now, but I'd still say at the very least the earphones will be shipped later.
  10. I really wish you the best in getting these sold, as it would make emulators on staggered keys amazing IMO. It might be worth sending a direct message to either Erik or Waxberry here on the forums to see if you can get a more direct line to Fxtec. The messaging feature is new, so you probably won't get too lost in a sea of messages.
  11. I guess this is what I get for using firefox. πŸ˜„ Can't wait to play around with that beauty.
  12. Sorry for being kind of off topic, but is that yellow address bar a color set by the website, or is that your own personal touch?
  13. That's what I was kind of suggesting against. It makes it harder to find what emails are registered on the forum if the message is the same regardless of if the email is found or not. Could just be a personal thing though. Overall, I'm really liking this new forum. It's fantastic to see things moving in real time again.
  14. Less of a bug and more of a suggestion, but when an email is entered into the password reset field, the same page should be shown whether that email is found or not. Helps prevent against email aggregation using the reset password field. Once again, nothing major, and probably not worth fixing if it'll take too much time.
  15. One more huge thanks to EskeRahn for keeping things moving as smoothly as possible during the required moderation period. Seems like you'll finally be catching a break. :D
  16. I'd be really interested to know what's preventing that implementation. My guess would be the charging port itself, but I know literally nothing on the topic. It does seem that one addition between quick charge 3 and 4 is USB-PD, and since Google now makes that a requirement (https://www.xda-developers.com/google-new-android-devices-type-c-support-usb-pd/) I wonder if it would become a possibility? Mind you, this is all just speculation on my part, so please take it with a grain of salt.
  17. This is the original statement. (Thanks for the transcription, netman!) I feel like the key word there is "again". They've been in production for a month now, so I'm guessing they're using the term "ramping up again" simply to say they're going to start production back up after the holiday. Of course, it's hard to know without hearing the numbers, but I'd still say they probably have enough data by now to make a call on when shipping will happen, hence why they gave an exact date this time. We still don't know whether that date is referring to shipping from the factory to the distributi
  18. Well, yes. It holds on to messages and logs your ip, stores pictures you send though the service, ect. You use it at your own discretion, but it doens't do anything different then, say, facebook messenger or any number of the programs on your phone. If you use an email service like gmail, anything that passes through their servers are saved and can be reviewed at a later date. Even if you use your own private mail server, emails sent to others with gmail accounts will still be held on to. Your data is already out there, it's just a matter of who has it at this point. If you don't want discord
  19. Hi, all. This was mentioned in passing in another thread about the forum, but it seemed easy to miss, especially if you're here due to recent IFA coverage. One of the members set up a discord channel in lieu of the current speed of the forum. It's essentially just a place for chatting while waiting for the device. I do wanna make clear that this is an unofficial channel set up by members of the community. There will be no info there that isn't already known, and F(x)tec staff are not involved with it in any way. Despite all that, we do hope you stop in to say hi and share our excitement for t
  20. I'll scrap my old list, because this just gave me the one thing I truly want for the Pro2... ...a Memory Stick Duo slot.
  21. I personally would enjoy an input method for a cursor and scrolling, maybe like what Blackberry does with their keyboard (although I'm sure the arrow keys will function for scrolling). Probably the least practical ask, but something for me personally. Other things I would wish for include: Updated SoC, preferably flagship, but a gen behind would be fine by me. (I don't even really mind 2 gens behind, but with how fast things move its only a matter of time before devs stop supporting the 835) Support for more cellular frequencies, 802.11ax WiFi, and 5G compatibility. Removable back compartme
  22. Hmmm... That could work. I don't know enough about what specifically would happen if that state were to be triggered in Android, but I do see a few promising options if that doesn't work. One is a hardware state for "Keyboard Out" and the other a "Display Orientation" state. As much as I would like to be able to have the dedicated "Phone Slid Open" option, I think there are a few possible options that might work.
  23. Hi all. I enjoy automation, and use Tasker for most of my phone automation. I'm already salivating just thinking about everything i can do with a slider and a full keyboard. I just kind of wanted to drop this thread here for people to share their ideas and any tasks they made. For example, I'm already thinking of a task that will close messages and lock my phone when I slide the phone down while in messages, just to bring back the UX I had with my older flip phone. I just hope there's some way to get Tasker to recognize opening and closing the slide.
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