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  1. Random question, would your wife happen to be @sequestris by any chance?
  2. Hey, thanks for choosing one of my photos! Really glad I could contribute to such an amazing product. Now I rarely (never) use twitter, and I can't seem to find the DM button. I started with following fxtec (thought I was before, but oh well) so I'll see what happens from there. 😄
  3. I don't know how I feel about going after your nails with a pair of scissors... but you do you 😄
  4. Here goes nothing... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hffh8qtsljmfa7x/AAAu0ozxcIQ--kZY31nZmA_Ya?dl=0 All photos by me, and I may add more if time permits. That is, if I have anything else that crops okay in portrait and landscape.
  5. I just played a game of TGM2 on MAME4droid and had no issues. Try going into input and rebinding all your controls again. It might register as a new controller due to the driver change.
  6. That does indeed work, but it installs into system. I just uninstalled it so I wouldn't have to remember to uninstall it before taking a later OTA.
  7. Anyone who's unrooted, can you check your safetynet status after taking the OTA? I'm rooted, but I failed the check when I passed before.
  8. Thanks for being the guinea pig here. I got this notification about the ota, and the part about it restarting to recovery to apply the update made me think this update would force a restart before installing. Glad to know that isn't the case.
  9. That one might prove to be a bit harder. Based on my research (let's be honest, I read through some threads), it seems T-Mobile needs to add a profile on their end for this device. See this thread here. From what I gathered, after enabling native VVM, it gets an sms from T-Mobile to complete setup. This contains a config file thats device specific. If no config file is found, it responds saying as such and the setup cannot complete. I doubt they'll do this, but if they copy a Pixel's config file to apply to the Pro1, that would probably be enough to get VVM up and running. Anot
  10. First, I'd like to apologize for my laziness. I'm just copying and pasting a part of my post from another thread, and I accidently cleared this the first time I was working on it. Hope this helps.
  11. Glad I could help. Now I need to find a time to call them and ask them to set up a profile for native voicemail, but I'll probably talk about that in a new topic if need be.
  12. I'm on T-Mobile, but if you do try the bait and switch with an activated phone, it could be of use. The wifi-calling option actually seems to be in the phone app itself. If you tap the dots and go settings > calling accounts > [your sim card name] > wifi calling, you should get options there. Of course, your experience may differ because different network and all that. That's just where I found the setting on my phone. And I did confirm it worked, complete with the person I called saying I cut off a bit at the beginning (a hallmark of wifi calling it seems :D).
  13. I think the primary issue is they don't have the necessary version of the boot.img to fall back on, unless magisk makes an image of the active boot.img when you flash, instead of the one you actually flash. Restoring the image before updating does still give you the error though, so I'm guessing the restore point is the flashed image.
  14. Here's another data point. The second time pinging the gateway is consistantly low, in the 2ms range for me. I could be misreading it though. Also, this is initial testing on my work network. I'd be more confident in my home network where I know how traffic is routed.
  15. My best guess is that the boot.img from the previous update was used in that update. I wouldn't know, though, so take that with a grain of salt until someone with actual information replies.
  16. I guess that does. Probably my first "first" in life as well. 😄
  17. Ah, yes. I had this one as well. You flashed the 2020 boot.img over the 2019 boot.img, and now patches don't work because you've entered some weird state the updater doesn't want to mess with. What I did was uninstall magisk (restore image) but didn't reboot (doesn't really matter if you do, you'd just lose root for the time being afaik), flash and install the proper boot image (the one that matches your version number in About QX1000), and proceed with the update from there using the "update on rooted OSes" guide you quoted. No issues after that.
  18. Here's one I just found. I'll try and give as much detail as I can remember. After setting up my phone, I input a longer password. Didn't want a longer password, so I changed it to a shorter password. Now, I didn't select secure startup. So I do the OTA, and secure start up happens, asking for my password. To unlock it, I had to use the password I set before changing it. I'm now unable to remove the secure startup password, and will have to factory reset. Have tried selecting yes on secure startup and changing the password that way, clearing credentials, removing password altogether,
  19. Indeed I am. Now we'll have a small sample size for how the Pro1 does in the bitter cold we've been getting as of late. As for you being the only one in the state, there's a good chance of that being true for a bit. Mine hasn't moved from the sorting facility, and I live in the suburbs. But hey, I'll know who it is if I happen to hear a random clack in the wild. 😄
  20. You and me both. I just hope they aren't planning on having it sit in the Minneapolis sorting facility until Tuesday...
  21. Stock assigned, USA QWERTY, order #15xxx, no IGG, paid August 2nd
  22. Hey, what's that quote doing here? (Fun fact: ctrl+enter posts to the forum, which is why this is split into two parts, and also why this is being added in as an edit...)
  23. Give me a device and time. I'm sure I'd have an answer for you whether I wanted one or not...
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