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  1. Personal testimonial, I have been using this phone which only supports bands 2, 4, and 12 for around 3 years now (too many in my opinion) on T-Mobile. I don't have experience with phones that use bands 66 and 71, but my phone works great throughout the cities and the northern part of Minnesota, and I don't remember having any issues when traveling around the states. Of course, this is my personal experience, and your area's coverage will very. I'm just saying I personally haven't have any problems while using my phone on their network.
  2. This. It would probably be easier to say "consumer repairable" or something along those lines, just because I (not speaking for everyone of course) would assume easy access to replacing the screen and battery at the very least if I saw that term.
  3. Huh, wasn't aware of this. Seems like even the voices and post numbers are unreliable as well. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Termux is pretty good. Advertises itself as a terminal emulator and a Linux environment that works off of a modular system to keep itself lightweight. I personally like root support and the ability to have multiple terminal sessions. Plus, it's open source. Used it when troubleshooting my network a while ago and it has stuck around ever since.
  5. Is the payment email sending staggered, or should we have all gotten it around the same time?
  6. For those who can't see twitter links
  7. Glad I have a really inaccurate memory. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. I just checked and that's what it says. Could be that I caught it right when it changed. Edit: Unless it always said that there, but I thought it said summer 2019 in that box. If it always said that, I'll just go back to reading and be quiet from now on :D
  9. It seems the release date has been changed to "at a future date." Hopefully this year, and I still believe in Fxtec, but I do have to say the people who have seen this pattern before are probably feeling pretty anxious right about now.
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