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  1. If I have some time at some point, I will print it out of PLA. If it fits and it's good, I'll try it in elastic material.
  2. I have a very similar problem at home with my current Xiaomi device. But only at home. It works fine anywhere else. I will be curious if you try it elsewhere several times, then what will be the result. Regardless, I would try to turn on VoLTE.
  3. I understand. Mine is 8/256GB in blue with SD662. Yours may be an early piece. Maybe the main components and SoC are the same.
  4. That sounds good, because most of us have it (or will have it). Doesn't it have 8GB of RAM? The picture shows only 6GB.
  5. In the current situation, it seems that the problem will be that VoLTE is not turned on.
  6. If someone is really interested, I might sell it too. EU. If it remains, I might use it. For now it's in its box and I'm waiting because I have too much content on my current device.
  7. In the stock ROM I've been testing radio connections a lot in these days. I have LTE, WCDMA and GSM. I have a perfectly working Mi 9T Pro. Comparing the signal levels, there is no significant difference (maximum 5%) on any of the networks. I noticed that with LTE (B20 for sure, B3 I don't know yet) the Pro1X randomly drops the network for a moment (about half a second) and reconnects. This happens roughly every 20-100 seconds. I don't know if anything has an effect on it. Sometimes the upload and download arrows next to the 4G icon on the notification bar disappear for a second and then return
  8. I found a screen protector that probably fits the device. Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design. Unfortunately, I only found one with a black frame. The problem with this is that the sensors are not located exactly next to the speaker, where the screen protector is transparent. I couldn't find a completely transparent foil anywhere, it was out of stock everywhere. I found another glass film that will almost certainly be good, but it doesn't have a curved edge. I will try them all.
  9. Is there no way to post-load the modules into the kernel to run on the device? (e.g. with modprobe)
  10. I ordered this one. I don't know what it will look like and whether it will fit on a rounded side or if it is just a flat sheet. Not yet arrived. I plan to cover the bottom of the device with heat shrink film to prevent scratches and sand particles. I cut out the necessary parts and then put the device in a rubber or silicone case. (maybe P20 Pro)
  11. I opened this topic because we already have SailfishOS and Ubuntu touch topics, but I don't really consider them Linux. I'm interested in operating systems that are perhaps closer to Linux than Android. It's hard to talk about this while knowing: Android is Linux. That's why I prefer to write examples: Plasma Mobile PostmarketOS Mobian (Debian) PureOS (Librem) Kai OS Anyone have any experience with these?
  12. I have the same problem. The signal level on the mobile network jumps, the Wi-Fi is weaker than on other devices, but it is perhaps more reliable. However, it was very difficult for bluetooth to find my smart watch.
  13. The speaker seems fine to me. However, the mobile data connection fluctuates continuously even where the signal level is stable with other devices. To solve keyboard problems, I recommend AnySoft Keyboard with its accessory (Hungarian for AnySoft keyboard for me). The Hungarian keyboard differs from the English one in many places, e.g. not qwerty but qwertz and there are many accented characters. AnySoft keyboard has the option of qwerty-Hun keyboard assignment. Thus, the basic keyboard layout matches the hardware. Accented characters can be entered as, e.g. if I want the letter "á",
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