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  1. Oh, dear... I had multiple broken screens myself until I modified a case... this worked so good that the screen never broke again, even though I regularly throw it on the ground. I don't have a screen protector. This is the case I use: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07BQQ8JCC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 You only need to cut out the credit card storage case that's inside the case (then it has the perfect size for the thickness of the phone) and cut a few holes in the silicone so you can access all ports.
  2. Https://www.dragonbox.de if you want to get it from Europe..
  3. Aaaand done! Here is the replacement display: https://www.dragonbox.de/en/spare-parts-tools/lcds/fx-tec-pro1-replacement-lcd And here the service, in case we should do that for you (display included in the price): https://www.dragonbox.de/en/repair-mod-services/after-warranty-repairs/fx-tec-pro1-display-replacement-service
  4. Yeah, I've got around 20 - but didn't put them in the shop yet. Will do that later today. II'm based in Germany.
  5. Anyone else here having a very bad reception with LOS18? I can't even do phonecalls inside my house (I do remember last year I had similar issues, probably with LOS17). With AICP it works perfectly fine even deep inside the house, LOS18 doesn't even work reliable standing right at an open Windows.
  6. I am having that issue as well - and it drives me insane. On lineage OS, the call screen appeared, I could see who's calling and pick up the phone without any issues. On AICP, most of the times the screen stays black and I need to press the power button to make it appear. If I press the power button too long, the camera comes up without any way going back to the call screen... I missed quite a few calls because of that even though I had the phone right in front of me... Does anyone know how to fix that? Maybe it's a setting? Otherwise, I hope AICP R won't be too far away and ma
  7. Hm, weird indeed. Maybe it has something to do with the Bluetooth protocol used... Which one age you using?
  8. I noticed one issue, but I'm not sure if that's an easy one to fix as it seems to be common with other Android versions as well: The microphone of a Bluetooth headset only works for phone calls. Whenever you use some other app (audio recorder, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.), the microphone is not available - it only works with normal phone calls. There's an app called "Lesser AudioSwitch" which can force the apps to use the bluetooth microphone - but it's a bit flakey (doesn't work all the time) and it seems to switch back to internal speakers as soon as the microphone is enabled. It'
  9. Yep, I'm a retailer and will offer replacement screens and repairs ;D
  10. I'm not sure if it's for newer systems, as the driver is dated from 2019. Maybe it was too sensitive for the screens they got while it works fine with the ones that have a bit more insensitive edges? I don't have an older display here so I can't test right now if it still works. It probably works but might react even more to edge taps than the current one. Probably not a problem if you're using LineageOS or AICP, as there you can set you own margin, but that's just my guess. I'm not using stock, but I don't think it will break SafetyNet. To me it sounds like it's installed inside t
  11. Thanks - the screen was fine. I had 20 of those, so I could test a few 😉 But an update: A fellow member sent me the instructions and files he received from F(X)Tec - and it worked fine! And the best thing is: It's really painless if you have a rooted OS. No debug firmware needed, no reflash, no wiping of data. Just one single APK, a firmware file and access via adb to change some permissions for the touchscreen driver files. So if anyone has the same issues: With a rooted OS, it takes 2 minutes to fix it 😄
  12. Heh, and here I am... unbootable state and I need backup my userdata before reflashing. Sooo... yeah, TWRP would be nice here 😕 EDIT: Okay... managed to get it back into working state this time... phew 😕
  13. Has there been any news here? I would also love to have the possibility to decrypt my userdata if the system is in an unbootable state. I like to experiment a lot, so this could easily happen :)
  14. Hmm, and it seems the haptic feedback for the virtual keyboard keys can't be deactivated. Or it has a hidden setting for that which I didn't find yet.
  15. Has anyone found out how to enable the keyboard backlight? Or is this a missing feature?
  16. Just flashed it and can confirm that Magisk works fine as root 🙂 Now, onto restore all my apps... 😄
  17. Well, I did send them my email over a week ago 😄 So yeah... not that fast 😕 But thanks, I'll try the support section as well.
  18. Ooooh... nice 🙂 I prefer AICP to LOS as well, just found the thread 🙂 I wonder how a dirty flash from LOS16 would turn out... I'd backup everything before that, of course 🙂
  19. Sure, unless I forget it, I can do that within the next few days.
  20. As I have some apps that need root: Has anyone tried rooting 17.1? If yes, how did you do that?
  21. Unfortunately not. They look exactly the same, the silk on the PCBs is also the same. They have different batch codes on them, but that's pretty normal.
  22. I don't have a problem wiping everything, though it would be weird, as the driver should sit on one of the internal partitions and you should be able to reflash that one without touching the others. The bigger problem seems to be to find out what's wrong and how to get the fix 🙂
  23. Well, it's not a single screen, it would be a batch of screens. The ones I bought in March worked fine - but the new batch I recently bought has that issue. All of them, so it's not just one that is defective. Seems like this is a new revision - and the distributor told me it works fine on the Elephone U Pro. That seems to confirm that more recent batches have that behaviour. Maybe the screen was updated as it was oversensitive at the edges and that's now on top of the Pro1 own driver code to make it less sensitive. About dropping: I'm using a slightly modified leather case f
  24. I would be happy if it would be just that 😄 However, the edge is way too far in here. I can't even press the record button on What's App anymore. With the old screen, I had margin set to the middle setting which was perfect. Here, even on setting 0 it still does not react on about 7 - 8mm at the edge of the screen. I can make a video to show this. As soon as I connect an original screen, the issue is gone. So I do know that it's a hardware change in the new screens I have, though they look identical (even the electronic parts and silk on the FPCs are the same).
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