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  1. Because they aren't fixing anything. Its been 2 months since there was a software update and its 6 months behind in security patches. Telling people something is going to get fixed when nothing is getting fixed is extremely dishonest. You do far more harm then good in these forums with posts like this.
  2. That seems pretty unlikely considering how long its been disabled for
  3. So I "agree" with both of these just want to point out its not the curved screen, its the touch recognition parameters my Priv never had these issues. I am constantly activating the camera via the physical button, really not even sure how, bugs the hell out of me. The screen activating while on a call is also never an issue I have had with any other phone but happens every call with the Pro1. Also likely a software issue where they aren't interpreting data from the sensor correctly.
  4. Has not happened since at least not that I have noticed, it spends most of its life in my pocket of course
  5. Not anymore at least haha going from 6 to 9 is a big jump for me in many ways
  6. Thank you Thank you That didn't do quite what I was looking for but its significantly better, Thank you
  7. Does the slider ever get easier to open like can you do it with one hand? Mine doesn't slide so much as a I have to use both hands to be able to lift the screen off the keyboard. It may be the most awkward keyboard phone I have ever used. Is there a double tap to wake option I have missed somewhere? Anyone found an option in the launcher to change to the "app tray" button instead of the slide gesture to get your full app list?
  8. I had a random reboot before I even got through the initial configuration wizard
  9. I got an email saying I had stock assigned, then an email saying my order was complete but never received an email with the tracking number. I had to email their support and they gave me my number. Just in case anyone has the same issue.
  10. Stock assigned email received USA, QWERTY, Not IGG, Order #64**, Paid 7/31/19
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