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  1. I also sent my Pro1 for a screen replacement and got it back last September or so.
  2. As in the title. The standard method is TWRP, but, as far as I know, TWRP for the Pro1 only supports SailfishOS and doesn't support LineageOS or /data decryption (aka device lock). In a nutshell, I want to try be able to clean flash a ROM and be able to revert to my current setup without hassle.
  3. I'm currently running LineageOS 18.1 on my Pro1 (19.1 has always had broken dual SIM support). Camera stopped working for me about a month ago. The flashlight applet is grayed out and says "Camera in use". The LineageOS camera only uses the front-facing camera. GCam crashes. There are some camera-related errors during boot: 05-01 06:29:44.568 0 0 I iommu : Adding device soc:qcom,cam_smmu:msm_cam_smmu_cb1 to group 14 05-01 06:29:44.569 0 0 E CAM-SMMU cam_smmu_populate_sids: 2331 __debug cnt = 8, cb->name: :vfe sid [0] = 3072 05-01 06:29:44.569 0 0 E : ,
  4. What do you think about providing two variants of the print, one with the headphone jack covered and the other one uncovered? For me the availability of the headphone jack is quite important, even if it comes at the expense of the grip.' /edit: ah, I didn't realize that the new design isn't a a TPU-first design. This might change a lot. I really love the TPU case
  5. Thank you very much, it's awesome! I sent the ticket number by DM.
  6. Thank you very much for the reply! What would be the approximate cost of both options?
  7. I've happily used my Pro1 for over 2 years. I can't help dropping my devices, but the 3D-printed TPU case saved the screen from cracking throughout its life. However, a week ago, the screen suddenly stopped working, with no clear cause. A week earlier days ago I noticed a weird issue: the screen would turn off while it was being touched at one place (the place was around 50% vertically, 25% horizontally counted from the left). When I removed my finger, it would turn itself on again. I supposed some weird driver bug, so I rebooted and the problem went away. That day, it was a rainy da
  8. FWIW, the OnePlus 3 that I'm using for GPS is running LineageOS too, so it's not an issue with LineageOS (i.e. the common base) per se
  9. For me the "next fix" usually works. But sometimes it doesn't and getting a fix takes tens of minutes. This is why I carry my old OnePlus 3 whenever GPS is crucial... 😞 It's been that way ever since, I guess it's yet another bug that will never get resolved.
  10. I tried to upstream this "fix" for gps fixes and it turned out it never really worked for me.
  11. Magisk seemed to work fine, but I decided to downgrade (and reinstall) because dual-SIM was broken. See my previous post in this thread.
  12. I created an issue: https://gitlab.com/LineageOS/issues/android/-/issues/4841
  13. I did a full reflash and I still have trouble with dual SIM. Only one of my SIM is detected by the device after reboot. If I reinsert the SIM tray while the device is running, both cards are detected properly and displayed in the UI. This means that the secondary SIM is always used for mobile data, etc. What's even more interesting, I can receive the calls from the non-detected SIM. Does anyone still have the image lineage-18.1-20220425-nightly-pro1-signed.zip? Dual SIM is currently crucial for me and 19.1 is broken in this aspect.
  14. Does anyone still have a copy of lineage-18.1-20220425-nightly-pro1-signed.zip? Dual SIM support seems to be broken in 19.1, I need to revert to 18.1
  15. Yeah, I guess so. I have more fundamental issues than the broken UI after the upgrade. After the reboot, only my secondary SIM is detected. I need to reinsert the SIM tray so that both SIM cards are detected. Moreover, after I boot the device, there is no information It looks like the system configuration is not properly picked up by the new release. The large UI was due to the system picking some absurd font size. My home screen configuration (widgets and shortcuts) were gone. /edit: clearing the data for phone seems to fix the data issue at the very least - but given the numbe
  16. Sorry for the rant. Oh my goodness, LineageOS 19.1 is such a downgrade compared to 18.1. The whole UI is so gaudy: the icons, the animations. The large UI widgets that are everywhere resemble a UI I'd build (with all due to respect) for an elderly person with a hindered eyesight. This reminds my why I hate Android. On a proper Linux distro, I'd just install a different DE of my choice.
  17. int thanks. I was confused by the fact that their webpage still mentions the IMX363: https://fxtec.com/pro1x
  18. I remember reading somewhere that the Pro1x was supposed to have a massive camera upgrade (to a 48MP sensor) but I can't find it on fxtec.com. Was the plan eventually abandoned?
  19. Sounds plausible. I left the phone overnight at 63% and plugged in (but not really charging) and it remained precisely at 63%
  20. I'm on the Nov 15 update right now, I'm connected to my display using a USB-C hub and an HDMI cable and it works much more reliably than before. I used to get random disconnections and now it works like charm.
  21. Oh my goodness, I didn't realize I had the ACC daemon running! 😄🤦‍♂️ (the app had reported an error while finalizing installation so I thought it wasn't)
  22. I can charge in the LOS recovery, so it's limited to chaging in LOS.
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