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  1. Look, I'm not offended, but reading through this thread for the first time today I felt bad for some of the posters - they're discussing the real issues and frustrations they're experiencing and they probably don't appreciate being compared to 4 year olds who have to ride a tricycle. There's a distinct hint of "you'd love this phone if you were skillful and intelligent, but as you're a clumsy oaf you're having problems."
  2. Of course I'm aware of that. The mechanism chosen is not superior. The superior one is the one that works really well with zero problems and doesn't cause loads of complaints from users. Your bicycle metaphor is condescending. Please don't belittle people for having a different view. The Desire Z did have a hinge mechanism by the way, it just wasn't a problem because it was well implemented.
  3. I have been able to replicate the Moto Z shake to enable/disable torch fairly successfully. Profile: Event -> Sensor -> Shake ->Left Right -> Sensitivity Very Low, Duration Long Task: Torch set toggle As I was having some accidental activations, I added to the task: Wait 1 minute Torch set off. For this to work you also have to set the collision handling on the task to 'Abort Existing Task', otherwise you can't shake to turn off until the 1 minute expires. Edit: Forgot to mention, you need to go to preferences -> monitor and make sure you have
  4. Couldn't disagree more. I had the HTC Wizard, Hermes, TYTN, Xperia X1, Xperia Pro, Desire Z and Galaxy S Relay. All of the keyboards were very easy to open and there was no 'learning' required. The Pro1 is a PITA to open due to poor design choices. It's also annoying to type on.
  5. The first issue listed - 'no sticky modifiers' is not fixed IMO as changing the keyboard type to ALPHA only makes shift sticky, and does not make the function key sticky. I think we still want a proper fix for all the modifier keys. (Not sure if I should be editing the sheet.) Also, 'speakers - left and right switched' - workaround: 'invert head'. 🤣
  6. Is there actually a concise list of bugs being kept somewhere or are we just using this enormous thread? I am experiencing the issue with all learned fingerprints being forgotten. On build QX1000_EEA_20200106110245 .
  7. J_P


    I have Switfkey installed already. I can confirm that editing /system/usr/keychars/Vendor_181d_Product_5018_Version_0001.kcm and changing type from FULL to ALPHA does make the shift key work as 'sticky'. However, the behaviour of the function (diagonal arrow) key is not changed. It would be great to change this to sticky also. Any ideas?
  8. J_P


    No, I'm totally and utterly out of my depth! Possibly this: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/inputmethodservice/Keyboard.Key.html#attr_android:isSticky ...but I'm not sure that even refers to physical keyboards or recent versions of Android.....
  9. J_P


    My reading of that was that ALPHA keyboards CAN have sticky modifier keys, not that they automatically do - so presumably the keyboard type would be changed to ALPHA, but then some specific paramaters would also need to be set to change the behavious of those keys.
  10. J_P


    To type symbols or capital letters I have to hold down the function or shift key while pressing another key. It seems to me that it would be far easier if you just tap the shift key and that makes the next letter capitalized, or tap the function key and the following keypress is modified to type the symbol. This is the way that the shift key works with on-screen keyboards. Is there any way to make the physical keyboard do this?
  11. Combined with internal storage - not the 'portable storage' option.
  12. Finally got Magisk installed properly. The issue was that I had an SD card in the phone, and Magisk manager automatically installed to the SD card which makes it not work. Hopefully this info saves someone else some trouble.
  13. Makes me wonder why it's recommended to patch the boot.img on your own phone as everyone appears to be ending up with exactly the same file.
  14. Thanks for that @daniel.schaaaf - my checksums match for both the original boot.img and the magisk_patched.img - so I'm flashing exactly the same file as you and it's reporting successful but I still get 'Magisk is not installed' I'm starting to think there's something wrong with my device. A bit of a stab in the dark but would you be able to do a fastboot getvar all and post the result? I'd like to see if there are any obvious differences. I've attached mine in case it's of use to someone more knowledgeable than me. Also - you posted on Monday that you were
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