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  1. Could somebody please share Sailfish OS image for F(x)tec ProΒΉ? Google Drive link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tIyq1DgnwIR9533-qze2KKlUhy6-2npt/view?usp=sharing is apparently broken. I have recently turned my device into a brick by software updates - apparently, fixing ca-certificate issue, after many months of being unable to contact repositories due to curl error 60, is liable to bring problems. See https://irclogs.sailfishos.org/logs/%23sailfishos/%23sailfishos.2022-01-29.log.html for details. I will likely have to reinstall Sailfish altogether - after I adb pull all my ph
  2. After several attempts at zypper refresh & update, my Fxtec Pro1 got stuck at splash screen. So, I did: ./qfpkg_cli --flash base QX1000_user_20191028_base.qfp ./qfpkg_cli --flash nodata QX1000_user_20191028_base.qfp #Yes, I missed that it is the wrong file to use ./qfpkg_cli --flash base QX1000_user_20191028_base.qfp ./qfpkg_cli --flash nodata QX1000_user_20191028.qfp #Now with the right file It is still stuck at default splash screen, the only difference being that it is now default splash screen, and not my own splashscreen. Any idea how I could possibly back
  3. Pro T9 looks nice. Vertical/T9 sliders are even more rare than qwerty sliders, in the ongoing race for larger and larger mobile phone displays. It's quite difficult to find a 4G (will have to start looking into 5G soon) phone that can fit into, say, pocket-watch pocket of jeans. Or any front pocket of jeans, for that matter, without falling out, or being snapped in half during cycling. And preferably nice and silver-metal-looking, not black or plastic-y (to be fair, Pro1 is not plastic-y). And lady-oriented, fashionable, instead of just a rectangle. Thank you. Best wishes.
  4. My issues with call quality, under Sailfish OS, are as described below: 1) without loudspeaker mode: while my voice can be heard loud and clear on the other side (I speak into the tiny microphone hole of Fxtec Pro1), the interlocutor's voice is quiet (at least, clear) and I find it difficult to hear; 2) with loudspeaker mode: interlocutor hears lots of echoes, words are overlapped, difficult to hear me; I hear interlocutor at moderate volume, clear, but their voice can be garbled a bit, as if they are under water. I have tried to install patch to Increase Speaker Volume. Is it f
  5. Thank you! FxTec doesn't have to change it, but users being able to change it is a nice option to have - just like unlocking bootloader πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the link! I should have searched for the app in the Storeman before asking the question, but then, I wouldn't have guessed that it's called splashscreen. Just installed it πŸ™‚ Sailfish wiki, is it this one? https://sailfishos.org/wiki/SailfishOS Will read up, thank you πŸ™‚ Ah, the post ending is something I usually type manually, in lieu of signature. Sorry, didn't know it could be annoying πŸ˜• Best wishes, anyway!
  6. I am wondering how to change the boot-wallpaper. The "Fxtec Pro1 powered by Android" one. I like Fxtec Pro1 logo, yellow looks fairly good on black... But, I don't like the "powered by Android" bit. Even if there is a mini-Android running inside modem (and I am not going to look into that anytime soon), the phone itself is now running Sailfish OS, and I would appreciate a visible reflection of this. I think the boot-wallpaper shows up when booting into OS itself, so it's probably post-ABL. In fact, I have found bootanimation.zip under /system/media/ - it contains lots of images, from "bla
  7. Is it just me, or is the "notification light" a group of three separate LEDs? Why not one combined RGB LED? Then there would not have been such an obvious need for a diffuser... Either way, I am wondering how to control notification light on Sailfish OS. Not particularly important - PDF reader is more important. But, interesting... Thank you. Best wishes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Per aspera ad astra...
  8. Australia, New South Wales, Sydney Have already installed Sailfish OS on it. My phone seems to have unreasonably quiet speaker during phone calls (quieter than Geeksphone Keon); and when I switch on loud-speaker mode, the other party gets echo on their end of the line - but that's likely just my device having some mis-configuration. Music plays fine, loud and clear. Thank you. Best wishes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Per aspera ad astra...
  9. In my experience, phone calls on Fxtec Pro1 are unreasonably quiet, and the volume keys don't seem to affect that. Speaker button helps a little, not much. Music player, SirenSong, has no problems - plays perfectly fine, can play loudly, and volume controls work. I think Android had quiet calls, too, but haven't tested music on it - installed Sailfish right away. Thank you. Best wishes, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Per aspera ad astra...
  10. Hooray! The problem seems to be solved, after flashing some of the partitions, as described in thread of Factory Restore Tool, with command-line tool qfpkg_cli . Apparently, Sailfish OS makes it very easy for user to format internal phone partitions, under mistaken belief of them being memory card partitions... In short: don't go and format a partition just because GUI recommends to do so - it is not necessarily a good enough reason. Thank you! Best wishes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Per aspera ad astra...
  11. Yes! Thank you πŸ™‚ It went beautifully. I tried with qfpkg_cli --flash base --nodo ../QX1000_user_20191028_base.qfp first, just to see how it goes, validates the file and verifies the package... And then qfpkg_cli --flash base ../QX1000_user_20191028_base.qfp which restored the device excellently; don't know what the white LED light stands for, but it booted into OS automatically (as promised). Battery was at 3%, by now, so I plugged it into the Qualcomm charger right away. Going by my ambience at login screen, the files and settings are intact πŸ™‚ So, not using
  12. Thank you! I have created the /etc/udev/rules.d/99-qcom.rules file, downloaded the programmer for Linux, checked that libjpeg.so.62 is available, and am downloading Factory Firmware - 2019-12-03 should be good, right? Will try Base Only, for start. Thank you. Best wishes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Per aspera ad astra...
  13. Alright. How do I do EDL flash (with phone reporting to be in QDL mode)? Is it possible to flash partitions separately from each other? Like, flash partition A, try to boot, if it doesn't boot, flash partition B, try booting again, if it doesn't work, flash partition C? Or, even better, check which partitions, exactly, are corrupted and require flashing, and flash those and only those partitions? I am also quite worried whether the phone has sufficient battery left for operations such as flashing, because my laptop is ~10yo, and its USB port is not USB3 - would not deliver lots of cu
  14. What is xbl partition(s)? The device(s) in question were bricked (unresponsive?) due to corrupted xbl(_a) partition(s)? Is it possible to flash only the corrupted partition, and restore the device, without having to overwrite any other partitions (with OS and personal files)? [Overwriting is an option as well, but only as last resort, if nothing else helps] The instructions at http://files.nwwn.com/android/pro1/factory.html speak of EDL mode. My device appears to be in QDL mode - how different is that from EDL mode? I have initially thought that the phone has run out of battery to the ext
  15. Thank you for the recommendation. It seems there are lots and lots of tricks with these buttons... Wish there was a full list somewhere, with detailed instructions. However, it seems that there is no change: fastboot devices doesn't give a single line, lsusb says Bus 006 Device 076: ID 05c6:9008 Qualcomm, Inc. Gobi Wireless Modem (QDL mode) As for marshall's similar experience... Yes, it does sound quite similar - discharging from 21% to entirely flat battery within a few hours does sound implausible. Nevertheless, I don't know why warming up could make a difference, except for
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