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  1. Thank you for that info! That's interesting... and unfortunate. I hope someone figures it out, though in that case, I probably won't wait for TWRP. It's looking like I should just put Magisk and get on with life. It also looks like the Fxtec community (maybe Fxtec themselves, too?) has me covered in terms of stock ROMs, should I ever need to reverse the process. I'm still not sure how anyone got those or if Fxtec is providing the stock ROM images, but at least such things seem to exist out in the open and are easy to obtain. It's awkward that I can't get everything to be th
  2. Thank you for those links and the advice! I might do that soon. What operations would modify the system partition? For clarity's sake, here's how I understood it: It's fine to modify the system partition when done with the intent to restore stock images or perform updates, but if anything like magisk/root ends up relying on something that's stored on the system partition, then an OTA update could wipe out that stored something and disable magisk/root/whatever. Please correct me if I misunderstood. (Even if I understood correctly, I still don't know what kind of activities/p
  3. Thank you Rob. I noticed the decryption was a problem. It sounds like that's an issue for backups, whether TWRP or not. I'm still wondering... why is decryption not handled? Is there a private key that Google/Fxtec isn't revealing, or is this just "a small matter of coding"?
  4. In the "Team Win Recovery Project [TWRP]" thread it sounds like TWRP can maybe-work sometimes, but can't be used for flashing Magisk. In the "Got my Pro1, any ideas on root access?" thread it sounds like flashing magisk is possible without TWRP. So, is it possible to have TWRP and Magisk on an Fxtec Pro1 at the same time? Has anyone done this? (And I'm mostly looking for a situation where this is done on stock Android, but I'll grit my teeth and install another OS if it is 100% compatibile with the apps/games/utilities/Google-Fi/etc that I can use on Android.) TWRP is impor
  5. Hello, How do I obtain root permissions on my Fxtec Pro1, using only stock OS and no custom recovery? I saw the "Got my Pro1, any ideas on root access?" thread already. It doesn't help me because I don't want to flash anything with fastboot until I have backups of my stock recovery and stock android image. Getting those backups seems to require root access: https://android.stackexchange.com/a/220324 https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/how-do-i-backup-my-stock-recovery.2798853/post-53770286 In the aforementioned thread, `Linkandzelda` seemed to have similar end-goals to
  6. I managed to get fingerprints on the adhesive WHILE USING GLOVES. Guh. I must've used the wrong gloves. Or brain. Or something. Next time I will apply it in a more clean and open area, and will just wash my hands with really aggressive soap right before I take risks. So, uh, I'm with @Adrienspawn, where do we buy these things?
  7. Ordered: 2019-Nov-07 Shipped: 2020-Jul-29 Delivered: 2020-Aug-03 Shipped from TUEN MUN HK Delivered in Ohio, United States Delivered by Fedex with tracking info. #41xxx; QWERTY; Ah, it's finally here. What a relief 🙂
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