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  1. For the sake of fairness and good order, I received an email confirming my refund yesterday and the money has just arrived in my account. I wanted to look at getting Gentoo up and running on the 1-X but that will go on hold until something else comes along.
  2. Perhaps unsurprisingly, no! I emailed exactly what their terms dictate they require. This was by return to a support ticket on 2nd Feb and a fresh email to info@fxtec on 3rd Feb just in case. I'll send them a reminder in another 7 days before I change my game up.
  3. Air duster? Worth a try before going for 'full penetration'.
  4. As @Hook said, I ordered the phone from their store as a consumer. It's sad because I want the phone but the incessant delays and horror stories about shoddy customer service were the final straw.
  5. Last email was 18th November 2021. I also received an email on 3rd February which was a carbon copy of the IGG 'update'. Full disclosure - I emailed them to cancel my order within hours the latest IGG post on account that I no longer trust their ability to provide a quality handset with anything reminiscent of decent aftersales or servicing.
  6. I completely sympathise with the sentiments on IGG! These people invested in a company that has so far delivered nothing in return. Crowdfunding has always struck me as witchcraft so I just bought my 1-X as a consumer last April with an advertised August shipping. When I chased them late last year, apart from the blatant spin, one of the things I was fobbed-off with was to follow their updates on IGG. In production or not, unless I get an update that is to my liking by the end of this week I'll be getting my money back and walking. Whilst I still want the phone with a keyboar
  7. On asking when my device was likely to ship, I received this response on 18/11/2021: Thank you for reaching out, we expect deliveries to be fulfilled by the end of this month - worse case December. Sorry to not having a specific ETA for you. Keep a look out for our news and updates specially on Indiegogo.
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