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  1. This seems to be the antenna design of the German Personalausweis:
  2. As it seems to be hardware issues i wonder if it has something to do with missing connection springs. Is it only my device looking like this? Can't find a seller for these, the closest contacts i can find are these: OGSC-T-302020 https://www.kitagawa.de/wp-content/uploads/OGSC-TB-302020-1.pdf
  3. Not sure how to do that... The chip itself is at the blue rectangle, the antenna though surrounds the whole card with four parallel loops less than 1mm apart. Inner and outer loop end right at the chip (coming from above). There are two more lines going down from the chip and ending without any connection. I only once was able to read it. Seems like also apple has some issues with German Personalausweis: https://communities.apple.com/de/thread/254517935 They recommend to align the chip and the phones chip as close as possible. Edit: Here is an image of the NFC Ante
  4. I don't think so. As they still have orders to fullfil I assume "out of stock" is the only correct way to list the phone on their page. When talking with their support they told I would get a replacement unit, but as shipment is (and has been) so slow it will take them some time to replace my phone. I do believe that to be a honest statement, so they will still fullfil their orders (slowly).
  5. Same for me... I did it twice (before and after upgrading one of the beta versions). No errors for me so far.
  6. No even refreshing AGPS Data does not help. I already tried leaveing it at a table outside for half an hour and only once got 4 sattelites locked for a few minutes. I attached a picture of pro1x and Redmi note 10 pro right side by side. While pro1x finds more sattelites it wont lock them.
  7. I also have very bad to no GPS accuracy. GPS Status App and Locus both show many found satellites (more than my Redmi Note 10 Pro) but it never gets more than one or two locked, so no positioning via GPS. I'm in contact with fxtec since i got my pro1x and can confirm that they are not sure if it's hardware or software. I tried Beta firmware and there it seems like many more do have the same issues. Seems like everything support related is on hold until they found if it's hardware or fixed it in software.
  8. No, i didn't use backup at all and haven't used nova for a while so it was a clean fresh install for me. Though to me it appears only to happen after system boot. But also could be after deep sleep? Not sure if i tested that while having nova set as launcher. On stock launcher and nova just installed it only asks on reboot.
  9. Do you mean root or boot? Today it was back on my phone, just the popping sound was much less noticeable. As the phone wasn't warm my theory on thermal expansion vanished. I didn't test yet, as i don't have headphones available here, but shouldn't it also be on headphones if it's a software bug? Though while i'm thinking on that, i remember my Macbook M1 Max also had popping sounds while playing music and doing intense tasks via roseta... It only had those popping sounds while using the internal speakers, never while using headphones. It too was fixed in software.
  10. Thank you! That sounds promising to me. Hope to hear from the support on Monday. Would be great if that's the case on my phone and they allow me to open it so i don't have to send it in. Meanwhile I rooted the phone to have a look at /sys/class/leds/button-backlight/ max_brightness has a value of 255, so that should be when backlight is on from software. While closed brightness has a value of 0, while open 255 so software seems to work as supposed.
  11. Have the Same problem only to me it seems to be temperature related or something even more uncontrollable... First tried the speaker while charging and didn't get any sound from the right/bottom speaker than some popping. Moving the cable or pressing on the case didn't help. Some hours later the speaker worked fine, the next day while getting warm outside it stopped working again. Also have a problem on the keyboard backlight (already opened a thread on that). Maybe you could help as you opened your Pro1 X. Can you remember how the keyboard is connected? Is it only a single connector
  12. Something like that would have been nice, only can hope i'm the last one to experience this. Only backed up my data but nothing else as there were no instructions on how to backup any of the partitions. As there still seems to be some hassle on sensor data when reverting back to stock, i'll just wait on the support to talk to their dev-team. Tried to figure that out on their videos https://vimeo.com/user124749107. It seems like there is only one connector for keyboard input, backlight and caps lock led, but it's hard to tell based on that footage. I'm tempted to open it,
  13. Don't think it's your fault, most likely it's just the forum not sending notifications. Waiting on Franciscos reply on what to do next, but i expect to send it to fxtec. Most likely i could fix the speaker issue by myself as it seems to be a contact issue, but i'm not opening the phone before they fix the backlight.
  14. Thank you for your tips. Wondering why i didn't get any info on your posts... The screen goes to landscape as soon as i slide out the keyboard, also the caps lock led works and the onscreen keyboard won't show up. I contacted fxtec Support on my issues (no key backlight, right/bottom speaker only occasionally working and poor GPS). I was supposed to try the android beta version and than to flash a generic persist img (without any advice to backup before). Both steps didn't help. So i'm stuck with more problems than before. Hope the Support will help on my first problems and reverting
  15. I just received my pro1 x, while using it in the dark i missed the keyboard backlight. Is there a trick to turn in on or is it defective?
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