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  1. Alright, thanks for moving and sorry for polluting the other thread!
  2. FYI, the lineage OS for microg project now included the pro1x to their supported devices. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to test it, but maybe this is something for the ROM's thread @EskeRahn? For anyone not knowing this project, it offers a lineage OS built with included microg as spoofed system app, so you don't have to root your device in order to be able to get the microg support and microg is the only app which is spoofable, what increases security. At least, as far as I understood the description. As I said I unfortunately was not able to test it yet, since I seem to be one
  3. Nice, thank you! That's something I have to test :-) Didn't know that is possible, wished I would have known back in October.
  4. My question aimed at the "make apps believe the phone is not rooted" part. The rest I think Ihave already been able to do. I did a quick search on that but couldn't find an answer which I understand, so I thought I may just ask.
  5. Hey @Benni did I understand this correct: with your mod I am able to root my phone, spoof for example microG to be the actual GMS and then make any app believe that my phone is not rooted, so apps that don't allow my to root my phone would work?
  6. Ah, good to know, so I will try longer words in the future, thanks for the info!
  7. thanks for the link, didn't find the first one on my own and the second seemed not the right place for my request. I will try to ask there, although I'm not very optimistic, since some of the requests for device supports ar from august last year... When I try to install the docker windows desktop app it allways fails, no idea why. When I install it in wsl und try to run the 'hello world' example it says that docker could not be started or somethin like that...
  8. thanks for merging and sorry for not finding this post, seems the search on this forum is not very powerfull, since I didn't find this thread. it's sad to hear, that this seems to be a not so easy to fix bug. I just bought an yubikey 5c so I can use it over the usb port. I was actually able to get it to work with two otg adapters, on from usb a to micro, and one from micro to usb c, so the otg bug seems to be fixed or noneexisting in the gsm free version of the stock android. thanks also for the lots of research @EskeRahn I always enjoy reading your answers.
  9. Hey there, I was one of the lucky ones, receiving their pro1x with the first batch in late August. Using it as a daily driver since October or something with the Stock android GSM free version. However I just came across a strange behavior of my NFC sensor. The first thing I tested it with, was my German identity card, which is read by an specific authentication app, which worked fine. Then I tested several other NFC devices like tags, credit cards and an yubikey. None of the later got any response from the phone. Does anyone else have encountered similar problems or do your NFC-sensors
  10. Nice to hear, that the linage is finally official! Has anyone yet heard of the lineage os for microg implementation? I can only find the pro1 on their downloads page, but nothing from the pro1x: https://download.lineage.microg.org/ I already tried to build it on my own, but for some reasons I'm not able to install docker, neither on wsl, nor on windows :-/
  11. Then you have to wait for it to arrive, you can't backup your phone, without the phone itselfe 😉 You may be able to start downloading all of the necessary software. However I recomment to wait with setting it up until the device arrives.
  12. I suppose you have a pro1x? so all you need is the phone, a usb cable to connect it with a computer, and a computer. But I highly recomment you read the complete threat befor starting, since I belive this is no longer a problem. check espacially the comments from @EskeRahn
  13. What type of glue did you use? I don't use it either, but I don't like it, if it does not look good ^^
  14. Hey there, I just noticed the same with mine, although it is not that bad yet, but it's just a question of time until a strand or something else will tear it completely. Do you have already a fix for it? Or a response from someone official?
  15. Okay looks like it was my fault, I used as a vpn which seems to have caused the problem. I disabled it this morning, and haven't had any wifi problems since, apart from it didn't reconnect when I came home. But that is not such of a big problem for me, I guess. I also briefly tested mobile data connection today, didn't encounter problems while normal texting via signal and telegram. Telephone call was okay, the other side said it was no good connection, but I didn't got kicked out, and was able to have a normal conversation. But this was at home, could have been over wifi.
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